Work style that’s still YOUR style


Once in a while someone I know requests a special blog to help them out with style issues that we all face, and I’m more than happy to oblige.

This is one of those time and the topic in particular is something that has taken me a while to figure out – work style.

The dreaded sea of pant suits a la Hilary Clinton, flats and (dare I say it) un manicured nails. However, once I graduated and started full time work, I realized that it is almost exactly the opposite. Sydney has some of the most amazing work style I’ve ever seen, Fridays here are anything but casual.


For me, work style and interview attire doesn’t need be boring, and doesn’t need to “hide” the real you from your co-workers. I think it should be a celebration of sumptuous textures, fabrics and patterns. Work doesn’t have to mean BORING. It’s about picking the pieces that feel like you without being tacky or comical.


Tailoring is essential! A well tailored dress, skirt or blouse can be the difference between a wilting ensemble and a WOW one. This doesn’t mean all your pieces have to be dry clean only either, there are tons of great pieces nowadays that are beautifully crafted and easy to wear.


Play with different patterns and pops of bright colour, try pink with red and khaki, or navy and black with emerald green.

color blocked dresspants2

I also love a good trouser top combo as it gives length to the legs (short girl holla) and looks polished and professional. A blazer in the right fabric can take your look from corporate to work appropriate cool and edgy.



Accessories are always what help an outfit grab my eye, and while my usual heels aren’t “office appropriate” I love a good d’orsay pump, a drool worthy bag or a classic granddaddy watch (check these two) that can add some of your individual personality to your overall look.


Try a classic tailored pant in an unusual print/fabric or a blazer in a color that makes you happy in the morning. Work style is all about starting with the basics, pussybow blouse, crisp shirt, pencil skirt, or trouser and picking the unique ones which still say “I’m alive in my cubicle.. and I’ve got style!”


My own little secret is having a dramatic coat. A statement piece that can flow over all of your ensembles but still has it’s own flair. It makes me really sad when I see a woman with a great figure in a schlumpy coat. It just ruins the whole look. Try some of these options with a great cut, great hue and great details, you’ll never dread putting yours on again!

So my words of wisdom are these: Fit, Fun, and functional. Pick things with colour, weight and great patterns that keep true to classic shape and tailoring lines and you’ll always head to work feeling like a million bucks.



Written by Ishtar Schneider