When it comes to holiday dressing, the options are endless. In the end it all depends on what you are doing, where you are going and what you want to project. On top of that, everyone has their own personal style, body parts they love and some they want to hide, as well as a budget. Here are some typical occasions for the holidays and inspirations on how you could dress for them. I know there are much more things to do in this magical season but that would require another post. After all, I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with 20 style boards. 🙂 Color wise, red would be the obvious choice and I will most certainly rock it as well but I wanted to think outside of the box and these are the results:


Keeping it cozy and comfortable for the holiday market and brunch.
These looks would also be great for a movie or date.


You might own a stripped dress already, transform it to a holiday look by adding some faux fur.
Over-knee-boots are super trendy right now. If you don’t want to be cold add thick tights to both looks.


Decide which look will fit your occasion! Extravagant or chic, they can’t be more different!


Ahhh, the day you open your presents. Quick and easy is the moto here but that doesn’t mean we are loosing style.


Fancy occasions call for fancy outfits! You will definitely be noticed in both of them!


Have fun with your NYE outfit! Bring out your inner fashionista! Lace, embroidery, glitter, the old time favorite LBD.. sky is the limit!



Written by Marina Ignatyev