The Pearl Crown

free people necklacesRecessionistas, please pause for a cheap and chic alert. Wandering Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto yesterday, in search of a plain skinny black belt (not as easy as you might think, but that’s another blog), I wandered past the Free People Boutique on my way to J. Crew.

I usually just walk on by FP, they have a definite hippy vibe and are a great resource for teen’s and 20 somethings, and I currently answer to none of those descriptions. But as I was zipping past, bling hit my eye. And not just bling my friends, but funky, funny, of the moment statement necklace bling.

So skidding to a halt, I came upon the delightfully named “Pearl Crown Necklace” pictured on the left. The necklace comes in several color combos and absolutely gives off that Tom Binns vibe that I have coveted for a while now, even more so since our First Lady has also shown herself to be a fan.

You do not have to be a beach-chic teen to rock this little darling. Picture it under a suit for work, with a T and jeans or maxi dress on a Saturday, with a cocktail dress on Saturday night. In fact, take a look at the site, I found many variations on the chain and sparkle look that is so hot right now, ranging from the stunning “Spirit Dance” choker by Erickson Beamon (at a rock your credit rating $628.00) to the simple Lanvin-esque “Tear Drop Gem” necklace at a recession friendly $32.00.

Oh, I forgot to mention one of the best things about my favorite Pearl Crown– it’s $38.00. That is one crown this princess can afford.

Written by Tanya Roth