~ Virtual Styling ~

Affordable, Professional Styling At Your Fingertips



Whether there isn’t a Darling in your area, or you’re just not up for an in-person session, virtual styling is a convenient way to get the help you need without having to leave your house. The method we’ve devised is proven to be effective, even though your stylist may be across the country (or the globe)! The Darlings who offer virtual styling have been precisely trained to dress you from afar. Once you schedule a service, your Darling of choice will be in touch within 24 hours.

Here’s what your customized style recommendations might look like!

Virtual Looks

Five Hour Comprehensive Session / $300

Our hands-down most popular option.

This service begins with a one hour face-to-face video chat session during which you discuss your precise style needs. Your stylist will spend three hours creating Style Inspiration Boards and compiling recommended shopping links. The style boards will encompass a variety of looks from casual to workwear to eveningwear, so you have solutions for every situation. The shopping links will include clothing and accessories specific to your budget. This service concludes with a final hour of video chat to cover further questions and recommendations.

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Three Hour Capsule Collection / $180

This service begins with a one hour face-to-face video chat session, with specific attention devoted to establishing your ideal capsule wardrobe. Your stylist will determine your closet essentials based upon factors like body type, personality, and lifestyle. She will then have two hours to create a Style Inspiration Board and compile a list of recommended shopping links for clothing and accessories that fall within your budget. You’ll be left with the perfect core wardrobe to mix and match looks for day and night!

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Three Hour Beauty Consultation / $180

An Urban Darling exclusive beauty service.

Did you know some of our stylists are also beauty experts? Select stylists are available to offer this exclusive new service! Your beauty consultation will begin with a face-to-face video chat lasting up to one hour. You’ll have time to discuss all your skincare and makeup needs. Whether it’s the best face mask for clogged pores, the best moisturizer for dry skin, a perfectly pigmented blush, or the perfect no-flake mascara, our stylists have you covered! Once your stylist has an understanding of your concerns, she will spend the remaining time (approx. two hours) compiling 100% customized beauty recommendations. Products will be selected from a limitless variety of brands to suit your exact needs and budget. All of the info will be emailed to you in a simple, shoppable lookbook that you can reference and purchase from as needed. It couldn’t be easier to transform your beauty regime!

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Two Hour Event Styling / $120

Eliminate confusion when prepping for a special occasion…let one of our stylists do the work for you! This service includes a face-to-face video chat session plus time for your stylist to create the perfect look for your event. Your stylist will consider all the details of your event when fashioning your head-to-toe outfit. She will then provide links to recommended wardrobe options including accessories to complete the package.

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One Hour Teaser Session / $60

A one hour face-to-face video chat session wherein your preferred stylist answers your most pressing style questions. This exclusive mini-session is specially priced to afford you maximum value. Whether you need advice on how to step up your professional dress, or you’re wondering which colors are most flattering for your complexion, this session gives you the opportunity to address your highest priority style concerns in a quick, convenient forum.

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