Vacation Style: Tour Of Europe

I know a thing or two about touring Europe because my hubby is British.  We’ve been allover the UK and parts of France (including my favorite city Paris)!  I learned one of my most important packing lessons on my very first trip…it was summertime and I planned lots of cute outfits with very high heels (mostly wedges and platforms but even so).  It’s pretty much impossible to tackle Europe in heels!!  First of all, no matter what, you will do a lot of walking. Furthermore, cobblestone.  Heels are no good.  I wound up barefoot in Paris after trying to navigate 5″ platforms down a steep cobblestone hill.  It was a disaster – people were looking at me and I’m sure my husband thought I was ridiculous.  It wasn’t cute.  That being said, a comfortable low heel is surely doable.  I wouldn’t mess with anything higher than the wedges pictured here or you’ll regret it.  Since sneakers aren’t exactly fashionable, I recommend chic flats and sandals.  I also wouldn’t go overboard with color when you pack.  Europeans favor a lot of black and grey, and I like to emulate the European flair while visiting.  This capsule is perfect because it’s mostly neutral with one pretty accent color.  Pack comfortable items that can be mixed and matched with ease, but also bring a few dressier pieces for a snazzy night out.  Whatever you do, don’t underdress for such an exciting trip!


Left to right: striped tee / plaid shirt / gold earrings / sunglasses / lipstick / embroidered dress / scarf / jeans/ snakeskin flats / floral skirt / handbag / perfume / wedges

That does it for our summer vacation style series.  Which destination wardrobe was your fave?  Please let me know – I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Xoxo, Luisa

Written by Luisa Lucia