Vacation Style: Outdoor Adventure

From camping in Yellowstone to hiking the Grand Canyon, there are tons of options when it comes to spending your vacation surrounded by nature.  I love exploring the great outdoors – though I prefer a cozy hotel room to return to at night (no camping for me thanks)!  When we visited the Grand Canyon (years ago) hubby and I stayed at this lovely B&B in Flagstaff, and when we did Zion (a stunning national park in Utah) we stayed at this fabulous lodge.  We more recently visited Yosemite (for our honeymoon) and stayed in a little cabin in the woods at Tenaya.  Though that was a winter trip and we spent our days skiing Badger Pass inside the park.  That being said, I’ve experienced my fair share of outdoor adventures!  Here I’ve featured some of the clothes and accessories I think you’d benefit from during an outdoorsy trip.  The black Nike Legend Pants are a staple in any active wardrobe, and I’m obsessed with these adorable cross trainers too!  Most of these items can be mixed and matched with ease.  This capsule is the perfect combo of sporty and cute.


Left to right: windbreaker / tank top / tee shirt / cap / scarf / dress / backpack / pants / sneakers / sunblock / shorts / flip flops / water bottle

Don’t forget to check back on Thursday for our final summer vacay destination!  Xoxo, Luisa

Written by Luisa Lucia