Looking at the spring trends 2014, don’t you feel like you have seen them before? Everything is kind of rotating. What’s new are the silhouettes, prints, and the way you style them. Peaking into my closet I can find several pieces that are hot right now without going shopping. Today I am focusing on TRIBAL. Now I know that this trend is not on the top 10 list, but it’s there and I chose to mention it because I feel like a lot of us can relate to it!

When I think of tribal, what comes to my mind is: touch of boho, relaxed, earthy, vibrant colors, bold prints, stitching, and handcrafted. This trend is great for all the free spirits out there that like a casual, down to earth style. But it’s up to your personal style on how far you want to take it. Head to toe or just a touch. The easiest way, like with any other trend, is to play around with accessories. You can also incorporate the fringe trend if you like. Depending what you wear it with, you can take it from girly to edgy!




I shopped my own closet to show you two of my tribal inspired pieces and how I am wearing them. First up is my dress that I got from a boutique in Heidelberg, Germany years ago. The contrast of the dark  and bright is fabulous. The halter-neck with ruffles is flattering and adds a touch of romance. Second, my Rachel Roy vest. Absolutely love it, I can through it on with everything and I feel instantly stylish. I also have these handcrafted necklaces that would be great with  a jeans & T-shirt look.

IMG_1957 IMG_1152 IMG_1968


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  1. Lillyan David says:

    TRIBAL FABULOSITY Marina!! You’ve inspired me to look through my Spring/Summer closet and look for some tribal! Love ya!

  2. Kathrine Eldridge says:

    I adore the Rachel Roy vest. Such a fun piece for almost any time of year. Those boots are awesome with it. I guess I need to shop my closet for tribal too!

  3. Marion Campisi says:

    You’ve done it again, Style Sister. I’ve go a new tribal dress hanging in my closet just waiting to be worn. I love the black and white shoe, and the little handbag. The colors are great. Another success, Marina!

  4. Thanks a bunch ladies!
    Hope you will share your tribal looks via FB ones you wear them!

  5. I am so happy you did this post, but so mad at myself because I gave away a super cool pair of tribal print heels a few months ago, LoL. O-well reasons to go shopping right? :) I really like all the pieces in the pics and the hand crafted necklaces are my fav, I love any jewelry done by hand they are always such unique pieces you know no one else will have that! cool post Marina :)

  6. TRIBAL PRINTS are so much fun. I love all the color patterns and prints and most of all the culture they add to a look. You are rocking that vest! Love it!

  7. This trend always comes around, like animal prints it always cycles back. And I fall for it every time!!!
    It’s pretty timeless, and it’s fun to see how designers interpret it. You RR vest is adrobz!

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