Trend of the Week: Pleats!

New York Fashion Week has come to a close – on to London! – but one of the trends is more a revival of a classic rather than a fleeting fancy: Pleats!  They have come and gone for decades, but  today’s pleats aren’t the dowdy, unflattering looks of the past.  New fabrics help, of course, but so does placement. Pleats can add bulk to the hips – no one except a French school-girl needs that! – so look for pleats that are strategically placed.  Airy, sheer fabrics help, along with angled pleats or panels between pleats. Micheal Kors has nylon in his silk georgette pleats, which fives lightness and permanence to the pleat.  If you are going for the skirt look, choose a shorter length if you have long legs; at or just below the knee hides a multitude of sins, and can great a fluid silhouette.  Pair a pleated skirt with a chunky platform or a sharp-toed stiletto for a grounded look. (See Urban Darling Stylist Sasha’s lookbook post for a terrific pleated skirt look!)   For a truly fresh take, look for pleated dresses or tops — check out Chloe and Suno for some great inspirations on tops that provide a fresh, flowing look incorporating pleats.  Two of my favorite pleated looks this spring come from Etcetera — the tunic top Coal has a smooth front and a pleated back (shown below) – a real wow factor that can be worn over a pencil skirt or jeans — lots of mileage!  If you don’t have a basic pleated black skirt, their Accordion is a must-have basic – check it out below.  The exposed zipper pulls keep it current and fresh!

 A classic pleated skirt.Pleated-back Etcetera top.

Left: Etcetera Accordion Pleated Skirt                       Right: Etcetera Coal Pleated-Back Top

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  1. Alicia Howell says:

    I’m happy you posted this Rhoda. Last October I found an amazing brown knee length pleated skirt, have not worn it yet, so it’s looking like this is going to be the perfect time to pull that baby out of the closet! I know I am in the right place to ask this question from you amazing Urban Darlings :)……Anyone have any suggestions for what color shirt to pair with a brown pleated skirt?

    • Rhoda Wheeler says:

      So great that you have a pleated skirt! How about a top in the Color of the Year – Radiant Orchid? Divine with brown. Any bright color to make it spring-like would work!

  2. Kathrine Eldridge says:

    Love the Etcetera skirt with the zippers. Great detail!

  3. Alicia Howell says:

    Thanks so much for the advice on what color top to put that pleated skirt with Rhoda :)

  4. Great trend! I am totally participating in this one!

  5. Marion Campisi says:

    Love the skirt Rhoda. The zippers add just the right amount of edge to the pleats.

  6. Pleats are wonderful! And I’m happy to see them again in full force. You’re absolutely right about finding flattering placement on the body. Thx for mention Rhoda :-).

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