Flare Jeans From Day To Night


The 70’s are trending this spring and flare jeans are back in style, even if only for a brief moment.  Growing up a child of the 90’s, I’m no stranger to big, flowy jeans.  I have ALWAYS loved flare and wide leg styles, and will wear them whether they’re trending or not.  I own far more flares and bell bottoms than I do skinny jeans if you can believe it.  The great thing about flares, is they balance out your body if you have wider hips or a bigger booty.  They enhance and flatter your curves at the very same time.  Contrary to popular belief, they’re also leg lengthening.  The key with flares is where the hem falls – ideally just skimming (but not quite touching) the ground.  This creates the illusion of a longer leg, versus skinny jeans, which stop at the ankle.  If you’re going to wear flares, definitely make sure they’re long enough!  On the other hand, be sure to hem them to the perfect length if they’re too long.  For someone like me, who’s super short, I hem my flares to wear with wedges, not flats, which is how they look best anyway.  The addition of a wedge with floor grazing denim makes my legs look wayyyy longer than they are.  You should really only wear flares with flats if you’re unusually (super model) tall.  Here I’ve styled the iconic J. Brand “Love Story” flare for springtime, keeping in mind the 70’s influence, and showing you how to wear it for day or night.

4425_storm_l_zThe J. Brand Love Story Flare   

Sooooo what do you think??  I know people either love them or hate them.  I’m obviously a lover, but what about you…will you be wearing flares this spring?  Xo

Written by Luisa Lucia