My V-Day gift is already on the way.  It just so happened I was asking my hubby’s opinion on some sunglasses the other day, when he said, “I like those, order them from me as your Valentine’s gift”.  I was planning to order them for myself, so when he offered I certainly didn’t complain!  That being said, if he wasn’t given that perfect opportunity, he probably would’ve been stumped.  Women aren’t easy to buy for, because we tend to have very specific preferences.  Then again, it’s not always easy to figure out what your man wants either, sooooo I decided to post this handy gift guide.  I specifically asked my hubby what a man might want for V-Day, so all the recs are his, though I was definitely thinking along the right lines.


As for hubby, he wants an iWatch for Valentine’s Day, but of course they won’t be released until April, plus they’re kind of pricey $$. So I’ll be scooping him up an Apple gift card to use towards his iWatch when the time comes.  Annnnd let’s not forget the ladies’ gifts…(I’ll take one of each please, in addition to my sunglasses, wink wink).


Written by Luisa Lucia