To Tuck or Not to Tuck

As a stylist, one of the questions that I’m asked over and over again is “Should I tuck my shirt in, or not?”  As with all things style, in the end, it’s always personal preference.  I’m not a big follower of “rules”, but there are three things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to tuck.  They are proportion, desired aesthetic and comfort.  Keep in mind where you’re going, and how you want to be perceived.  Some outfits look more polished if a top is worn tucked in.  Wearing your tops untucked creates a more casual, modern look.  I’m going to demonstrate the three different ways to tuck in your shirts that all over the streets of style for Fall 2013.


The Full Tuck

When you tuck your shirt in all the way around, you instantly pull together your outfit into a professional look.  To begin, tuck your shirt in completely.  Raise your arms over your head.  This will untuck the shirt with just the right amount of fabric.  This look works with all kinds of shirts.   If you’re concerned about your midsection, be sure to pair with a longer sweater or jacket to avoid cutting your body in half and drawing attention to your middle.






The Half Tuck

When you want to create a cool, undone look, go with the half tuck,  A button up blouse will work best here.  Starting at the bottom, unbutton your shirt up to your waist.  With the button side, tuck your shirt in and bunch up a little bit of fabric for a laid back look.  Complete this look with slim bottoms and heels to prevent looking disheveled.










The Front Tuck


Business in the front, party in the back:  This tuck will let you define your waist without making it the focal point.  Simply grab a small section of your shirt and tuck it into your waistband.  Finish the look by pulling down the sides so they fall over your waistband.


Written by Marion Campisi