I’m a huge fan of tonal dressing, both for myself and my clients.  I find it visually pleasing and sophisticated.  You can create an attractive tonal look using pretty much any color as your base, though for this particular post I chose white.  It’s a great transitional color from winter to spring, and though it’s still technically winter, temperatures are beginning to rise here in So Cal.  White is chic and breezy, but with slightly heavier fabrics (and closed-toe shoes) you could easily emulate this look in a cooler climate.    DSC01509DSC01512DSC01516DSC01520The most important element of a tonal look is choosing the right shades.  The point is not to make your colors match, but to make them blend.  White is an easy one because it’s neutral and pairs perfectly with cream and nude.  The only bright white in my look are the trouser pants, which have a subtle gold pinstripe.  The jacket is more of a creamy off-white and of course my tee is a simple nude color.  For an all white look, any pop of color would ruin the effect, so I stuck with the same neutral tones in all of my accessories.  Also of note…a tonal look creates a taller, slimmer effect as the eye reads your whole look as one flowing piece.  Mind you, I’m wearing wide-leg pants here, but I’m only 5 feet tall (and I’m not even wearing heels with this outfit)!  I might not look like a glamazon super model, but I probably appear taller than a 10-year-old (lol).  I’d like to post more tonal looks in the future, so let me know in the comments if there’s anything particular that you’d like to see.

Photography by Jessica Kircher

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Written by Luisa Lucia