Tide Laundry Muse

I am a hunter. If you are anything like me, I am on the hunt for the best of the best. Today we are revisiting the topic of laundry detergent. We have actually talked about Tide in the past.. (Product Plug: Tide Total Care) remember that one darling??While some of you are rolling your eyes at this blog – I ask for you to take a second look at an old stand-by: Tide.

If you are anything like your mother, you are definitely like her in this way: you are buying the laundry detergent SHE bought and used. Laughing a little now?? Ha! I bet. There are tons of options in that Target aisle and quite frankly, the choices are freaking endless. How do you decide? The peeps over at Tide have come up with a nifty (throwback word for “cool”) way for you to decide: take the My Tide Challenge.

My washing habits are as follows: cold water, no perfumes or dyes, high-efficiency. As wardrobe stylists, we suggest washing everything you own in cold water. The life of your clothing will last much longer and save you lots of moola. If you just can’t do it, at the very least, wash your jeans in cold. Wash your premium denim in cold water, inside out and hang dry! I am sure you have heard is ad nauseam and there is a reason why we say so… today’s denim is made with a smidge of lycra. Lycra breaks down and becomes weak with heat. So DON’T DO IT, please.

I took the Tide Challenge and (drumroll…) I was labeled:

Tide with Acti-Lift. My concern was that I don’t use bleach and I wanted my whites W H I T E

Good thing I took the challenge because I had been using a different one! Now that I know how Tide fits into my fashionable wardrobe (of laundry) my whites will stay bright and last longer with the cold water wash.

So darlings… take the Challenge and find your Tide Laundry Detergent Muse.

Tide has a cleaning solution designed specifically for your laundry needs.
• Tide Sport: Helps eliminate tough odors from athletic wear OR tackles tough stains and odors
• Tide w/ a touch of Downy: Provides outstanding clean and extra softness
• Tide Coldwater: Get brilliant clean at lower temperatures or Save up to 50% of energy per load by switching to Cold Tide Free + Free TSR Booster: A Tide clean that’s free of dyes and
• Base Tide + Base TSR Booster:
o Helps remove even 7 day old stains
o TSR is design to work with Tide detergent for an outstanding clean

The Challenge

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Written by Corinne Phipps