The Scent We Send

With Valentine’s Day anticipation all but palpable in the air already my mind has been wandering to what makes people attracted to each in the first place.  Obviously there is the superficial physical stuff, personality traits and yes of course, great style, but what else?

Then it hit me.   As my roommate would say, “when a guy walks by smelling clean and fresh we break our necks trying to see who it is.”   SO TRUE.   There is something innately basic about a person’s unique scent that attracts others to them and becomes a way we remember them (ever heard of scent memory?).   While we might have dumped the frump from our closets take 5 minutes to inventory your scent stash.  A little change could make a world of difference!

Hence the subject of this article: what are the hottest, sultriest, sweetest and most tantalizing fragrances to try out this year?   I’ve picked some of the top rated nose-pleasing fragrances for your enjoyment.   Spritz on a few pulse points like your collarbones, inner elbow, back of the knee and behind the ear for a smell that seems to come from you, NOT like you bathed in it!

A few fan favorites include-

  • FEMININE- Sarah Jessica Parker’s LOVELY perfume has a great mix of lavender, orchid and a hint of a sassy apple martini.        
  • FIERCE- Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (also my absolute favorite)- with notes of jasmine, freesia, bergamot and sultry patchouli this is guaranteed to break necks.
  • SWEET- Miss Dior Cherie.   Clean, fresh and totally irresistible. A Go-to for special occasions and/or everyday.
  • SULTRY-Christian Dior Pure Poison.   This is the perfume version of its name in the best way possible.   Side effects include a pile of broken hearts and skyrocketing self-confidence
  • SEXY- Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. Both clean and totally addicting, this has been a fan favorite for years and will continue to help you exude confidence in 2011.   Try the lotion for an easy transition into the scent.

And these are just a few of MANY MANY options.  Try Sephora for a no-hassle place with TONS of variety.

So my Darlings, while you’re prepping to celebrate either V-Day or Single Awareness Day, don’t forget that the scent you send can leave an impression that lasts longer than chocolates, roses or stolen kisses.   This is one aspect of your wardrobe that may be lost but certainly not forgotten..

Choose wisely, because Cupid’s right around the corner!

Written by Ishtar Schneider