The Darling Dozen: E’beth

The Darling Dozen: The Stylists at the Soul of Urban Darling and Why We Love Them

This post is the second in a series of twelve features designed to put the spotlight on one of our extraordinary stylists and to offer a more in-depth look at what makes each of them unique. As each Darling is featured, we invite you to engage them with questions and comments and make these pages your go-to resource for posing queries and starting discussions! As we progress through this feature, these pages will be linked to each Darling’s profile and remain accessible.



Urban Darling’s warrior spouse is a veteran when it comes to paring your wardrobe down to the essentials and maximizing the versatility of your core pieces. Her methodical appraisal and precision purges hint at a history defined by survival of the fastest.

“The second you get that phone call telling you you’ve got two weeks to pick up your life and move to another continent, you figure out that ‘permanent change of station’ uses the word permanent a bit loosely. You learn to adapt and prioritize the things that you value the most, including the core items in your wardrobe.”

While E’beth’s talents have broad appeal, her advice for her fellow military spouses is invaluable. Between her experiences with exchange rates, travel restrictions, shipping costs and product availability, E’beth’s expertise is certain to spare other warrior-wives from emotionally and financially staggering oversights. What’s more, few settings are as sensitive to style as military bases and their surrounding environs.

“E’beth really made me aware of how marrying into the military is a shared sacrifice. Preparing to be uprooted on short notice is only half of the battle; the other half is adapting after you’re repotted in this tiny bubble of familiarity, outside of which is an alien environment. How you dress becomes more than a matter of style; it’s a matter of safety. If you’re donning something too expensive or patriotic, you may be endangering yourself, and if you’re not versed in your host-country’s etiquette, you may unwittingly step over the wrong cultural lines.

The social ramifications of what you’re wearing on-base are also significant. Everyday fashion is a lot different on a conservative military base than it is in your average U.S. city. You don’t want to make the wrong first impression in your new environment, as military communities tend to be close-knit and you’re going to be living in that space for a long time. It’s fashion with consequences, and it’s a minefield E’beth knows how to navigate.” –Brandon Esposito, Urban Darling’s CEO

Even more than her knack for decisive purges and her mastery of the etiquette of elsewhere, E’beth’s expertise is crucial for military spouses looking for ways to keep their closets and cosmetics stocked.

“Until you actually settle in and get accustomed to life on base, you don’t really consider just how many options the average U.S. consumer has when it comes to clothing and cosmetics. If AAFES or the exchange doesn’t have what you’re looking for, it’s time to start looking for something else. Even when you’re ordering items online, APO/FPO/DPO addresses limit your options, and depending upon where you’re stationed, shipping costs can be prohibitive. It’s important to know which brands you can rely on.” –E’beth

“Cramming your whole life into a few suitcases is stressful enough; throw in a strange environment with limits on what’s available and you’re facing a major challenge. Having someone on tap to help you avoid the confusion and pinpoint exactly what’s needed for your journey is beyond helpful. Furthermore, E’beth’s advice on what to expect when you get there stems from years of experience, and you’d benefit leaps and bounds by knowing it upfront.” –Luisa Lucia, Urban Darling’s CCO and Los Angeles Darling

E’beth’s efficiency makes her a top-notch choice for a virtual styling experience, though she’ll also be available for in-person styling on-base when she settles in at Okinawa. While she has a lot to offer for clients across the style spectrum (say farewell to your vacation-packing woes!), she has a soft spot for her sisters in arms.

“When your spouse is deployed, your whole family is deployed, whether you’re shipping out with him or you’re left behind to manage the household on your own. I know what both of those adjustments are like and I just want to say to my fellow military spouses, I’m here for you. Whether you’re struggling with keeping it together at home or even with something as simple as finding the right hairdresser after a move (which, trust me, is not so simple!), I’ve been where you are and I want to help. There are some sacrifices you can’t avoid, but there’s a lot you can do to make life in general a lot easier.” –E’beth

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Written by Urban Darling