That’s IT…we’re buying a full length mirror TONIGHT!

IMG_0574I was visiting my husband over the weekend and those were the exact words that came out of my mouth – of course they were preceded by me saying, “How is it even possible that you’ve lived in this apartment over a year and don’t own a full length mirror?!”.  He allowed that he didn’t really see it as something that was necessary.

Over the years, he’s become accustomed to me going out and purchasing a new mirror before our household goods are even delivered.  I make the list of move in day items – toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, solo cups, and a MIRROR – it’s just common sense to me.  He’s also witnessed me (probably too many times to count) standing on a chair in the bathroom, or teetering on a mattress in the bedroom to get a full length view of what I’ve put on for the day, so I’m not sure why it had not occurred to him to purchase one.  I guess it’s that Mars vs. Venus thing.

As you can gather, I feel very strongly about full length mirrors.  So much in fact, that when I have a consultation with a client, I ask if they have one.  If they don’t have one, I give them an idea of where they might find an expensive one so that they are properly prepared for when we meet.  I even have a long time client who I gave some tough love to recently telling her that I would not be coming back until she purchased a full length mirror.  Fortunately, we’re great friends so she laughed and responded with a salute saying, “yes Ma’am!”.

Full length mirrors give us just that, a full length image of what we’re wearing from head to toe. We are better able to see how something works together (or doesn’t) when we have the FULL story.  As much as some of us dread seeing our backsides (I’m also in that camp!), it’s important that we see that side as well.  We can’t just pretend that if we look good on top that perhaps no one will notice what’s on bottom or back to front.  I hate to break it to you, but we are, in fact, 3D creatures.  You’ll also begin to feel more confident knowing that you’ve gotten it “right” from head to toe.  I was working with a client who really liked to wear her pants rolled up, but they just weren’t working for her body type.  It wasn’t until I showed her the difference in a full length mirror that she could see how much that small change made in her overall appearance.  As cliche as it sounds, seeing IS believing.

So how did it turn out for my husband?  We purchased our new mirror on Friday evening at Lowe’s.  Saturday evening we were getting ready to attend a ball.  He had just put on his dress uniform, surveyed himself in the mirror, and realized that his ribbon rack was askew and needed to reposition it on his jacket.  He said, “I really like that mirror we bought”…I said nothing, but smiled and in my head said, “YES!  I told ya so”.

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Written by E'beth Goad