Jet Set Packing


It’s my favorite part of summer…time for VACATION!  The hubby and I are off to Cambodia and Vietnam for a week.  While we all have different ideas/priorities about what it means to pack for vacay, I’ve got to be practical for this trip.  We’re limited to 44 lbs, and will not only dealing with the heat […]



It’s a rainy dreary day here in Okinawa and my beach plans have been foiled by mother nature.  Rather than let it ruin my weekend, I decided to bring my day at the beach inside.  A very wise woman once told me that what Mother Nature doesn’t provide us can be bought! I threw my hair up into […]

THREE WAYS TO WEAR: Pearls Pearls Pearls!

Pearls So Many Ways

I’m not exactly sure where my love affair with pearls began.  Perhaps it’s my Southern upbringing?  Or maybe it’s my admiration of the classically elegant fashion of Audrey, Coco, and Jackie?  Could it be my love of Asia?  I’m guessing it’s ALL of the above, not to mention the fact that pearls can be worn for just […]

FREESTYLE FRIDAY: Rice Balls, Candy Bars & Skin Care Products

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 9.45.40 AM

You never really know where you’ll find the next latest and greatest product, and sometimes it will take you by surprise.  They say that what is one person’s treasure is sometimes another person’s discount find.  I found this to be true several years ago when cruising the aisles at our local “Family Mart”.  (Family Mart […]


Me as a child

The other day I was picking up my boys from their after school program when I overheard a group of little girls talking about how one of them was going on a diet. All these girls were I’m guessing 8-12 years old and all average in their weight. Then they continued to discuss diets that […]

Trend of the Week: Patterned Skirts

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.48.43 AM

In addition to being a wardrobe staple, skirts are all over the runways and stores this spring. Geometric prints, lace, stripes, florals, take your pick. Digital prints are my favorites; many of the florals have a breathtaking three-dimensional depth.  The beauty of fashion today is the wide array of skirt styles to choose from –A-lined, […]