Stiletto fans rejoice: DREAM HEELS

Design your Dream Heels Win $2000 and free shoes! Yes, you read that correct!

The Tudors, Henry and ALL His Wives

Welcome To Persephone: The Instant Gratification Bit. I just stumbled across this site today thanks to Wickedly Chic‘s post on Facebook! The rest of this post was copied directly from Persephone’s page on Etsy. We hate to do that, but once you read it, you’ll understand why. It is soooo good, couldn’t rewrite. This is […]

Plaid and Ruffles

There are many trends embarking upon this Fall: animal prints, long cardigans and slouchy boots, but one of may favorites is plaid. The best part about this trend is the combination of plaid with ruffles, a great way to play with hard and soft or feminine with masculine styled.