E’Beth Darling / Okinawa & Virtually


styling Okinawa, Japan for $75/hour
or $300 for a five-hour custom styling package

Available For…

Closet Audits / Closet Organization / Personal Shopping
Event Styling / Virtual Styling

Personal Highlights…

Veteran military spouse
Graduate of The Lisa Maile School
Style for Hire trained by Stacy London
Experienced professional speaker
Passionate about empowering women
Works with all ages and lifestyles

Style Statement…

As a little girl, I loved dress up, make up and anything to do with fashion. I began “studying” in the 6th grade when I received my first beauty book, “A Year of Beauty and Health” by Vidal Sassoon. I spent hours pouring through the pages trying to commit to memory all of the elements involved in putting yourself together – makeup, skincare, and body image, I would practice makeup application on my Barbie Beauty Station and developed my own unique sense of style – a fashionista was born and the seed was planted.

Later, I had the opportunity to study Image Development at The Lisa Maile School in Orlando, FL. It was there that I learned about how to make a positive first impression, social and business etiquette, and how to wardrobe on a dime by shopping my own closet. Never could I have imagined how invaluable those lessons would be later in life.

My passion for fashion became more of a necessity in my later years and I have relied heavily on the tools that I had learned. I am a former plus size and a current military spouse. My life dictates that I relocate often and at a size 26, if I was to be a success in the professional and social arena, I had to put myself together so that colleagues and perspective employers and new friends saw my ability rather than my size.

Over the years, I have moved over ten times and am no stranger to being physically, fiscally, and geographically challenged in the wardrobe. I began doing workshops teaching women how to stretch a wardrobe on a dime, to adapt current trend to the climate where we live and to dress for the events we attend. I also began working one on one to assist clients in personalizing their own style.

I know first hand just how empowering it is to look and feel your very best – there is nothing more incredible than witnessing that ‘A-ha’ moment when a woman looks into the mirror and fully sees herself and her potential for the first time.

I believe the key to your success may already be in your closet, and I am here to help you find it.

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