~ Marion Campisi ~

Styling Silicon Valley


$125/hour or $500 for a five-hour custom styling package

Available For

Closet Audits / Closet Organization / Personal Shopping / Event Styling 

Style Statement

When a woman feels good about the way she looks, she feels more confident. With a little help, I believe that this is something anyone can achieve.

I have loved fashion all of my life. My earliest memory is walking down the street, holding my mother’s hand, wearing a little sundress, and looking at my shoes. I could not have been more than 3 years old. I can clearly recall that the shoes were white leather sandals, and feeling very happy looking at those shoes. Fast forward many years, and it turns out dresses and shoes still make me very happy!

My specialty is working with women who want to look hip & happening, while staying appropriate to their age and lifestyle. A good way to do this is to “participate” in trends. You don’t necessarily want to wear every latest style from head to toe, just throw in a funky scarf, some great jewelry or a new pair of shoes to elevate your style. I love to mix pieces that are unexpected. If I’m wearing something that’s really feminine, I’ll throw on an edgier piece to balance it out. I always encourage women to be adventurous, go a little outside of what they’ve done in the past, and be willing to try things on that speak to them. You’ve got nothing to lose, and that’s an important step in keeping your look current.

The key is in knowing which styles, colors and accessories work best for you. I can work with you to figure out new ways to utilize what’s already in your closet, help you rid yourself of pieces that really should go, determine what you are lacking, and shop for some new items. My goal is to help you achieve a wardrobe that you not only love, but one that fits into your lifestyle and budget.

Client Testimonials

“I thought I’d cleared my closet of clutter before I worked with my Stylist, Marion, but she helped with me to audit everything to make sure it’s either current or timeless. Some things had to go, others got altered and now it’s so easy to get dressed because I LOVE what I see.

If you haven’t audited your closet lately, I highly recommend Marion; She’s gentle but very candid, has great taste and will identify new wardrobe combinations with her Closet Remix.

The remix showed me new ways to combine my wardrobe favorites and identified new things I need to purchase.

Marion is great at sourcing the remaining items I need.  She is discerning, has helped me step out of my fashion ‘comfort zone’, she works within my budget and has made the process so much FUN!! I plan to work with her throughout the year for seasonal pieces and special events.”  -Nancy