~ Luisa Lucia ~

Styling Los Angeles & The Inland Empire


$125/hour or $500 for a five-hour custom styling package

Available For

Closet Audits / Closet Organization / Personal Shopping
Event Styling / Menswear Styling / Virtual Styling
* also available for commercial styling including fashion shows, lookbooks, etc * 

Personal Highlights

Style savvy since childhood
Studied fashion design at Santa Monica College
Trained as a wardrobe stylist with the renowned School of Style
Experienced with celebrity and entertainment styling
Endorsed by Fitness Magazine as one of LA’s go-to personal stylists
Competed in an on-air reality style competition sponsored by Macy’s
Experienced with all ages, lifestyles, and body types!

Style Statement

My undeniable love for fashion developed at an early age – largely the influence of my mother and grandmother, who are both to this day very stylish women. I also believe the inclination was innate within me. When I was young, I would sit at the dinner table and sketch for hours… usually women in elaborate outfits, straight from my imagination. There’s a home video of me at age seven. My dad is holding me and he asks, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I answer coyly, but without hesitation, “I want to be a clothing designer.”

Though I’ve not yet entered the realm of design, I believe style itself is a form of design. Individual garments are one thing, but the way you piece them together and accessorize, that’s something unique and different. It’s an exciting, creative process. Some people have a knack for it, while others struggle a bit. But that’s not to say it can’t be taught! I love to teach all the tricks and tips – color pairings, print mixing, layering, the value of a waist belt, the importance of statement jewelry…the list goes on and on. I also think it’s vital to know what’s best for your body type. Different bodies favor different fabrics, silhouettes, even prints. In my case, I’m exactly five feet tall on the dot – wayyyy petite! I haven’t always loved being so short, but over the years I’ve come to embrace it, because I’ve learned to master my petite frame. I know exactly what works for my body and what doesn’t, and I keep a tailor close at hand. As a stylist, I can help you overcome challenges and highlight assets, whatever they may be. Ultimately, I believe that understanding fashion and embracing your personal style is an invaluable part of feeling fulfilled and being the best you can be.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re curious about the path to style serenity.

Client Testimonials

“I am so happy I contacted Luisa to assist me with my crazy closet! She also helped me put together an outfit for an upcoming work holiday party. The pieces she chose I would have never imagined to put together!

She is extremely innovative, creative and professional yet personable simultaneously so I felt I received the best of both worlds. Someone who could effectively get the job done but with a sweet personal touch. I was very comfortable with Luisa. Her personality is outstanding! She is also up to par on the current trends, so be confident knowing you will look great!

In addition, she sorted my hand bags and identified which ones were dated and thus should get the boot. She put together outfits for me and snapped photos so I wouldn’t forget the look. She also assists in personal shopping which is something I will definitely consider her for during our next session.

She also provided some tips on what to do with clothing that I didn’t want anymore, how to sell it or modify it. She also is extremely knowledgeable on fixing clothing that isn’t fitting quite properly with some nifty gadgets or minor adjustments. Luisa, truly has many tricks up her sleeve.

She is reasonable in price and will work with you and your budget, I highly recommend and endorse Luisa for all of your wardrobe styling needs! Thank you Luisa!” -Gina

“When I searched for help on my wardrobe after giving birth for the second time, I searched on yelp and chose Luisa. She was the perfect sweet soul to assist me. I was able to use all my existing clothes and be me! It was like going shopping w/ all the outfits that I love! Thank you Luisa for helping pull together 20 outfit for my project. She’s truly passionate and great at it.This has been a blessing!” -W.L.

“I recently started to update my wardrobe after years of stagnation. I quickly came to realize that my fashion sense had disappeared and I wasn’t sure how to dress myself without looking like I threw on the only clean clothes available. A friend of mine saw me and my state of confusion and recommended that I go see Luisa for styling tips.

Luisa looked over all of my clothes and helped me figure out how I should wear them. She taught me about what colors I should and shouldn’t wear together, how to layer my clothes, what I should buy the fill gaps in my wardrobe, and what the current trends in fashion are. It was an overall positive experience that I learned a lot from.

Since then, for the first time that I can remember, it’s become common for people to compliment me on what I’m wearing. One of my favorite outfits that she helped me with is a pair of black pants (which I bought at her request) that I wore with dark leather shoes and a royal purple sweater layered over a polo with the coller relaxed on the sweater. I’ve received dozens of compliments for that outfit alone and it makes me feel great to know that I’m dressing well.

Luisa’s personality is very amicable and welcoming. She treated me like we were friends trying on clothes at a mall. It made our meeting a lot of fun.

In summary, I had an absolutely delightful experience. She helped me, someone naive in the ways of fashion, create a new style for myself that I adore. I highly recommend Luisa to anyone who wants to learn a thing or two about fashion or styling.” -Ted

“I worked with Luisa to come up with a look for my engagement photo session. It was a great experience and in the short time I spent with her I picked up tons of invaluable styling tips that have served me well ever since.

Luisa has an incredible talent for pulling items out of your closet and making them feel like something entirely new. She remixed the items I already owned so that I felt like I was going shopping in my own closet!

Luisa also took me out shopping, but before we left we made a solid game plan. Once we were in the stores, I didn’t get overwhelmed like I normally do, and Luisa taught me how to shop with a careful eye and buy pieces that I actually need and that are made to last. The two items I purchased for my photo shoot have turned into wardrobe staples.

My fiance also worked with Luisa to create a look for him to wear for the photo session. He has never looked so polished and handsome! With both of us, the finished look was a combination of our favorite old items and some carefully selected new pieces.

Most of all, Luisa is extremely sweet, positive, and supportive. She has an easygoing nature but she is also efficient and works quickly. It was an absolute pleasure working with Luisa and I now understand the importance of wardrobe styling. I highly recommend Luisa to anyone who needs to look fabulous for an event, job, or just everyday life!” -Andrea

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