Urban Darling Presents Marina Ignatyev… Military Wife, Mom, and Super Chic D.C. Stylist

What makes you special? I have been asked this question many times and to be honest this is a tough one every time. Can I just say being ME makes me unique? In my opinion, people who know you can explain it better than you can. Don’t you think saying something about someone else is easier than describing yourself?  So where do I go from here?


I describe my style as feminine/cool.
I like to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.
Beauty is my finishing touch but I have no problem giving my skin a break.
I am a bargain hunter and very rarely pay full price.
I am a casual kind of girl but like to dress up from time to time.
I feel like a kid in a candy store while shopping.
I have my good and not so good days. Normal, right?
I try to do everything perfectly but have to remind myself that doing my best and more is fine too.
I am a mom and military spouse.
I don’t have favorites. Why choose one of anything?
I love being a personal stylist!

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Photography by Reese Studios

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Written by Marina Ignatyev