STYLE ICON: Kate Lanphear

As the former Senior Editor and current Style Director at US Elle, Kate Lanphear deserves a solo fashion spotlight for her unique take on individual style. Though quite press-shy, Lanphear’s spot-on style sense has nevertheless earned her quite a following; entire blogs are dedicated to dissecting and documenting her look!

And how do you categorize that look? While she’s been described as “Bowie meets biker chick”, it’s almost impossible to verbalize what is so special about her & somehow she manages to look minimalist, boyish, and yet totally glamorously rock & roll all at the same time.The look involves smart use of classic layering pieces, a nod to punk via ever-present leather and studs, and the contrast of slouchy monochromatic menswear silhouettes that would do Katherine Hepburn proud. Finish that eclectic mix off with a statement-y designer coat, a bold platform shoe and a pair of black Wayfarers…and you get the look that is uniquely Lanphear.

Kate has mastered that elusive “effortlessly chic” quality that is in actuality quite difficult to achieve. And of course, like most style icons, Lanphear doesn’t see herself as such. She describes herself as the “biggest fashion geek”, and says of her cult following: “I’m completely humbled by it. I mean, I am just your average redneck from Virginia.”

This Darling hardly agrees…check her out and let me know what you think!

Written by Ashley Brooks