Single on Valentine’s Day?

By now you’ve noticed the window displays decorated in Valentine’s Day decor.  How could you miss it? This holiday is celebrated and favored mostly by couples involved in relationships. For those not involved, it seems as though this is another annoying reminder and you’d like the day to pass as of yesterday. I get it.

I have an idea. What it if all you single ladies pulled together on this day and celebrate the love you have yourself? Why not? What would you do on this day for somebody else that you couldn’t do for yourself? You can buy the perfect outfit for you on this day. You deserve chocolates, flowers and all the stuffed animals in the world. You certainly can buy something feminine, silky and lacy to place underneath your outfit, or fall asleep in. Dinner with your best girlfriends can also be accomplished. Before deciding you’d like to crawl under a rock, force yourself to bed a 6pm this Valentine’s Day, choose to celebrate the love you have for you!

Although I’m in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is not a holiday we celebrate. I’ve actually skipped it the past few years but this year; I’m doing it differently. I’m doing exactly what I’m telling you all to do. This is what will be happening and you should all join in on the fun! My girlfriend Alysha will be hosting the party. We will be making yummy snacks, and baking lingerie inspired cookies. So fun! Most importantly, we’ll be celebrating in lingerie style! We even came up with a cocktail that we’re still figuring out a name for! I’m even planning on bringing an old game I use to play in elementary school called “Girl Talk” just to hear the very words, “He really like’s you!” Remember that? Haha. Ok, ok! I won’t take it that far but the rest is going down and I promise to shell out all the deets and post the party pics!

I hope I’ve inspired you women who weren’t planning on celebrating this holiday and make it about you! I’d love for you to share your story and pictures with your girlfriends with me! I’d be happy to share them! You’ve got 2.5 weeks! Prepare, prepare, prepare and get creative!

Written by Miriam Hernandez