Shoes of Prey





Photos by Melissa Leigh Hansen Photography

Calvin Klein sleeveless floral lace top here, Paige Denim ankle skinny jeans here, Shoes of Prey platform heels (my design), Milly Sydney clutch similar here, vintage layered necklace similar here

A friend of mine who works at my local Nordstrom gave me the heads up on this exciting new brand of shoes where you design them yourself.  Custom made pieces are the wave of the future and I love it because only you know what you really need.  I decided to design my own pair as a birthday present to myself in May and received them last month. With their 3D Designer you can choose the shape, colour and height of your shoes and they custom make your design and ship anywhere in the world in around 4 weeks.

I have to admit that I was slightly overwhelmed when I arrived at Nordstrom to design my shoes because there are so many choices when it comes to shoe shapes, fabrics, details, etc.  I already had something in mind so that really helped streamline the process.  I highly recommend this route because you could spend hours looking at all the possibilities.  I personally believe that going to Nordstrom and working with a salesperson is also the way to go because they can show you examples of shoes that have certain details that you are looking for and I think seeing the colors and fabrics in person is way better than doing it online.

I knew that I wanted a pink shoe so I zeroed in on that color and went from there.  Pinks can be very girly (which is not always my vibe) so that’s why went for the snakeskin texture which added a little edge.  I added the black trim, black bottoms, and black suede covering on the heel to continue with this contrast.  I refuse to be uncomforable with my heels so the platform was a must and since I am in Chicago where the weather can be tough, I stuck with a closed toe.  I want to wear these babies year round! What do you think?  I am so pleased with the outcome. Click here to go the Shoes of Prey website to see everything they have to have offer.

Bonus – Beside their gorgeous packaging, they also send you a photo of the shoe so you can put it on the outside of the box so you know what’s in the box. Brilliant!

Here are some shoes by Shoes of Prey from Nordstrom that I really love.  They are designed and ready to go if you can’t wait 4 weeks.  Patience, darling!


Written by Kathrine Eldridge