Shoes: mother and daughter

While packing for this 6 week Euro Tour shoes has been on my mind. A self-proclaimed shoenaire (shoe+billionaire) this has been the toughest part of packing.

I opted for neutrals that will go with my entire wardrobe. This way my shoes blend rather than stick out. I’ve heard that America’s are easy to spot because of our love to display our designer labels (which I do agree with). In an effort to go-with-the-flow I’m leaving my labels behind, except for the Nike’s. Nothing I can so about that swoosh.  I am a shoenaire, remember? I’ll get my bonus shoes over the pond! Here is the lot I decided to pack: 4 pairs of shoes for myself and 3 pairs of shoes for the 13 month old toddler. I’m already accepting that she will be a shoenaire too. She loves shoes. What do you think?

  1. Tory Burch flip-flops
  2. Gentle Souls Okie Dokie shoe for my dressy shoe
  3. Teva Papas Mary Jane’s
  4. Nike walking shoes  (for chasing my 13 month old in the park)

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Written by Urban Darling