Pleated Pants 2.0

When I heard about the return of the pleated pant, I gasped in horror.   As a young girl, I remember helping my mother clean out her closet, and I immediately chucked her pleated khakis into the toss pile.  

Even at that young age, I knew those pleats did nothing for her or anyone’s figure. Newer and more advanced fabric technology has persuaded me to give the pleated pant 2.0 a chance.   Softer fabric blends with silk, rayon, lyocell, and jersey cotton are being used to produce the redesigned pants.   This instantly changes the look and feel of the pleat.   No longer do pleated pants look stiff and constricting but airy and roomy.   The pleated pant 1.0 made a Crunch sound when walking but these new ones just glide over your legs to produce a seamless look.

Remember, that pleated pants look best when worn a bit looser.   You don’t want to overstretch the pleat to look like your child is tugging at your pants for your attention.   If you do decide to go for a snugger fit, make sure that the pants are in black a la Sienna Miller.   Black is always a slimming color. Also wear a more fitted top with pleated pants to balance your outfit out: loose bottom and fitted top or tight bottom and loose top, but never two of the same.   The trend right now is to show off your heels so ankle length or slightly shorter pants are the best to purchase.   An added bonus is that heels will make you appear taller and keep your posture upright.   If you are not scared to draw attention to your hips, try high- waited pleated shorts with a tank top tucked in.   This produces a retro- beachy vibe just in time for spring.

Our darling intern Priscilla Wong keeps us in the know…

Written by Corinne Phipps