Kohl's Red CoatWe’ve all seen the paparazzi shots of Victoria Beckham out and about with her sons, strutting it in her trademark sky-high stilettos and sharply tailored, sculptural skirt-suits. Yes, she truly looks amazing…but that’s hardly a realistic style benchmark for today’s busy mom to aspire to. We at Urban Darling ® are more concerned about banishing Posh Spice’s more typically seen polar opposite…you know the one…the pureed carrot-stained Packers tee-shirt paired with your husband’s baggy grey sweatpants and your old aerobic shoes? We know, we know…”but it’s easy and comfortable…”

Believe me, we understand easy and comfortable. However, multiple Urban Darling ® research studies prove that it does not take any longer to pull on a pair of sharp jeans than to shrug into those sweatpants!

A recent afternoon of mom-watching at the park prompted a list of just a few “strong suggestions” (…because we Darlings believe “rules” are made to be broken…) for easy, comfortable, and chic Mommy fabulousness!

DENIM – The SNL “Mom Jeans” skit was right on target…bad denim will date your entire look faster than you can possibly imagine. Put yourself into a pair of dark, straight or wide-leg jeans with a current rise height that suits your frame. In 99% of women, your waistband really should NOT hit at the navel, no matter how much you believe you are creating post-pregnancy camouflage! Avoid light washes and blasting…dark, uniformly colored denim with a full-length, straight leg is the most universally lengthening and flattering, and looks the most put-together. Also search for a fabric content with at least 2% Spandex, and those jeans will bend, stretch, kneel (and chase your toddler!) right along with you! Check out this choice

TallulahBALLET FLATS – Again, we get it; gym sneakers are “easy and comfortable”. But just try a pair of cute ballet flats. This season’s metallics go effortlessly with everything and fabulous trim and embellishment options instantly shift your look into current status. If you still insist on sneakers, check out some of the athletic-inspired ballet and MaryJane styles that Puma designs; you get hip style with all the comfort of your favorite tennies!

Boden Jazzy TrenchA TOPPER WITH POP – Fall is upon us, and since you spend a lot of time at the playground, ball field, or pushing the stroller around town on errands, a great jacket should become your uniform — it’s really difficult not to look smart in a buttoned up and belted short trench! Instead of a go-to (and often boring!) neutral, score an option with an unexpected pop of color, such as red, pink or green…or maybe even in a uplifting print or pattern? Don’t worry about “matching”…you’ll be wearing it with your jeans! Color and pattern instantly brings light and life to faces that haven’t seen 8 hours of sleep in months, and a belted silhouette nips the waist and adds shape and definition to your post-baby body.

Converse Scarf at targetTHE SCARF – Few accessories are as versatile, inexpensive, and easy to wear as the scarf. Artfully tossing one on instantly adds style and sass to any outfit, and can also hide a multitude of spit-up sins! Scarves are also a fantastic way to experiment with new prints and patterns if you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge and buy your trench in this Fall’s trendy animal prints or overscaled plaids.

SAVING FACE – Take the mere thirty seconds it requires to slick on a coat of lipstick and hide your tired eyes behind a pair of glamorous, oversized shades. Just like that fresh color in your trench or scarf, adding color to your lips illuminates the skin and is an instant pick-me-up. When the rest of you is pulled together, a casual, even messy, updo with a simple hair clip reads chic instead of schlump. Ta-da! Now you’re ready for the paparazzi to stalk YOU!

And yes, we know what you’re going to say next: “But I’m a busy mom and I just don’t have TIME to think about my wardrobe, or to shop and put all of this together!” That, my Darling, is why you need us! Contact your local Urban Darling ® and ask about “The Mommy Stylist” package. Let us help you rediscover YOUR OWN signature style by packing away the maternity and oversized clothes, and outfitting your post-baby body. Urban Darling wardrobe stylists KNOW what new mothers need, want and desire. We recognize that a woman’s body changes after having children and know how important it is that moms feel good about themselves. By helping mothers determine what shapes, styles and colors really work for them, Urban Darling ® transforms maternal clients from overextended moms to Cinderella for a day.

Written by Corinne Phipps