Tis the season for crazy shopping frenzies and overspending. I will not be partipating in either, I did my Christmas shopping the way I do all my shopping. With a plan.  If you have ever hired me for personal shopping you know that I ALWAYS have a plan and I NEVER go shopping without first having the outfit mostly planned in my head. Having a plan saves time, money and heart ache especially when you are clothes shopping.  You can’t always hire a personal shopper so here are some tips to help you score the perfect outfit and keep you from crying in the dressing room.

When I go shopping with a client we ALWAYS have a style board and a list of specific items. We ONLY look at things that are on our list and that fit our style board esthetic. We also ALWAYS have a budget and we NEVER go over.

The plan:

1. What occasion or event am I shopping for?

2. What will I be doing at the event? Will you be on stage? Above people? Will those people be able to see up your skirt?

3. How do I want to be portrayed when I walk into the room?

4. What is my budget? BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET

Tips before you go shopping:

5. Don’t shop when you are: tired, cranky, emotional, mad, hungry or hangry, or have an unrealistic time frame to find something.

6. Go as far to have ideas for specific items you will look at.  Pinterest is an awesome tool for this! You can check out my Pinterest board for outfit ideas.

7. Plan on trying things on. YES you have to.

8. Stay focused. Stick to your list, anything else can wait for another trip.

Trying things on:

They say that the dressing room is the lonliest place on earth.  You DO have to try things on but avoid that lonly feeling by spending as little time in there as possible!

9. Only try things on that you LOVE.

10. Be honest with yourself.

11. Phone a friend. An honest friend that will tell you if something is or isn’t working.


11.5. Don’t buy anything that you don’t LOVE. Yep even underwear.


Written by Faith Hovde