Last minute gift ideas for HIM

Ok, you still haven’t got your spouse/boyfriend a Christmas gift —  thankfully you still have a few days left to shop.  Here are some suggestions.  If you live in a cold climate, and he wears a top coat on occasion, buy him a cashmere scarf (not wool, they itch).

A silk scarf is also nice, but does not provide much warmth.   If the coat is navy, but a burgundy or navy or gray scarf.  If the top coat is camel, a burgundy also works as does a brown/gold scarf.

Way down on the romantic meter are cedar, not plastic, shoes trees; this assumes of course that he does not already have them for all his shoes.

You won’t go wrong buying him a crew neck or mock turtle neck wool or cashmere sweater.   If your man dresses conservatively, he will gladly accept a navy blue or burgundy v-neck sweater —  he can wear it for the next 20 years and be in style.   Still not hitting your hot button? — how about a long sleeved sport shirt from Facconable (exclusive at Nordstroms).  If your preferences are more mundane, and you notice his dress socks show under his slacks, then several pairs of over the calf wool, cotton, or blends will improve his appearance.

Ties are a no brainer except woman rarely buy them to match anything in the male wardrobe.  If you must, a red tie, with some blue and white, in a stripe, polka dot, or print, will probably spruce up his blue blazer/gray slack combo.

You can always get him cologne but will he like it?  Some that I particularly like in include Artisan from John Varvatos,  Acqua di Gio from Giorgio Armani,  Eternity by Calvin Klein,  and Declaration from Cartier.   (incidentally, the Roadster from Cartier for men is fabulous – Corinne’s note)

Most guys will also appreciate most anything made by Under Armour — all their stuff is terrific right down to their winter long underwear.   Now if you want to go high end sportswear,  try finding a store that carries the brand Kjus. Their tops, ski jackets, et al, are over the top.

If your definition of high end is in the stratosphere, you of course will want to shop for anything made by Loro Piana.  Their sweaters ($800) not to mention their jackets (several thousand dollars) will surely please the discerning man in your life.  On a budget, go to Costco and you can buy him a very nice sport shirt for $15 (pinpoint cotton, no less).   Probably best to avoid buying belts at Christmas – kind of like him buying you a new steam iron.  If all that fails, a gift card from REI or Cabela’s, will do the trick.

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays.

Blogged by our savvy Midwestern man Glen Sondag

Written by Corinne Phipps