Italian Adornments

While contemplating what I might pack on my trip to Italy, I always start with shoes and accessories and then try to build my outfits from those essential pieces. One of the first pieces of jewelry from my wardrobe that was placed into my suitcase was my Murano Glass necklace and matching ring that I purchased the last time I was in Venice. My personal style is against any type of traditional jewelry and ever since my first trip to Italy, I have always admired Murano Glass jewelry, as it is very different.


Murano Glass jewelry is not your typical glass jewelry as it is only created on the island of Murano, located in Venice, Italy. This special glass mixture, which often includes gold or silver foil, is mixed and then mouth-blown and hand-crafted by master glassmakers using special techniques dating back to the 8th century of the Roman Empire.

In 1291, Murano was established as a premier glass-manufacturing center. All furnaces used for glassmaking were forced from Venice to Murano to avoid the risk of fire from the furnaces spreading onto the largely wooden structures of overpopulated Venice. This gave Venice monopoly power in manufacturing and selling quality glass throughout Europe and abroad.


One of the most important aspects of purchasing Murano Glass jewelry is to ensure it is authentic. There are many similar generic glass jewelry pieces that you can find but if you do want true quality make sure it is authentic Murano Glass by the etched wording of “Murano Glass” or “Made in Italy.”

Beautiful glass jewelry has been created in other places around the world, however, none of the glass jewelry still being produced has the history and artistic value as Murano Glass. I hope to add some additional pieces to my jewelry box soon! Adornments are always more valuable when there is a special story behind where they came from, etc. Here are some suggestions and links if you are looking to add some Murano Glass jewelry to your wardrobe;

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Murano Glass Ring

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Murano Glass Necklace

Murano Glass Ring

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Murano Glass Necklace

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Murano Glass Bracelet

Murano Glass Bead Bracelet


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Written by Heather Strouse