In the Spotlight: Girl with Curves

Checking in daily to Girl With Curves has been a ritual of mine for almost a year now. Die hard fan, yes. Lover of all her fashion ideas, yes. Constantly wanting to know who is GWC, yes. Well, I got the absolute pleasure of chatting with Tanesha (that’s right first name basis now) about this empowering, ultra fashionable, plus size blog. Girl with Curves.

Who is Girl with Curves? 
I’m Tanesha Awasthi, the founder/editor of  I believe that curves are beautiful, and they should be embraced.  Far too long have curvy girls been made to feel inferior and unfashionable by the media and the fashion industry.  It’s time to show the world that a girl with curves can have just as much style, and have just as much fun with fashion as anyone!
Why do you think fashion is so important to curvy girls?  
I think fashion itself is a form of expression and art, but I think most curvy girls have a love/hate relationship with fashion as a result of the stigma of being categorized as ‘plus size.’  Through the blog, I’ve found that girls and women of all ages and sizes appreciate fashion, and want to feel amazing and beautiful in their clothes, but the media has instilled the concept of their only being one form of beauty that exists, thus, the majority of curvy girls feel as if they can’t, or shouldn’t, enjoy fashion.  For this reason, I’ve made it my mission to change lives through fashion, by promoting self-esteem and confidence, by saying it’s okay to embrace your curves and to be proud of who you are!
If you could give any advice to curvy girls out there, What would it be?  
Embrace your curves and love who you are! Life is much too short to worry about what you aren’t, or focus on changing what you cannot.  Learn to genuinely love the things you like about yourself and focus on the positive.
Where would you like to see Girl with Curves in the next few years?  
My dream is for GWC to become the #1 source of plus fashion inspiration on the web!
What are your favorite places to shop? 
How do you get inspiration for Girl with Curves?  
When it comes to outfit posts, I simply wear what I love.  As for the styling tips, how to’s, beauty tips, I take inspiration from the questions I receive from readers and answer them in the form of a post.
What are 3 essential items Every curvy girl needs in her closet?  
A tailored blazer, great pair of dark denim jeans and classic black pumps.
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Written by Natalie Davis-Castro