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Our stylists offer a wide variety of in-person services to suit your every need. Whether your closet is screaming for an overhaul, or you need new threads for a special event, we are here to tackle the task. Many of our services work well in tandem, saving you valuable time and money, and affording you optimal results. For example, capping off a closet audit with time for organization is the key to a perfectly merchandised wardrobe. And often, shopping for a special event goes hand-in-hand with targeted shopping to update your look. Whatever your desire, we can help you realize your style dreams.


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Closet Audit + Remix

A closet audit is the ultimate must-have service for any budding fashionista. One of our expert stylists will delve into your wardrobe and clear out everything that doesn’t belong. Whether clothes are damaged, outdated, or ill-fitting, they have no place cluttering your closet. Your stylist will work with you to decide what stays and what goes. The discards can be donated to your charity of choice. Most importantly, your stylist will teach you how to mix-and-match what’s left, creating a variety of outfits to maximize your wardrobe versatility.

Closet Organization

Is your closet a heaping mess? Does it cause you to dread getting dressed every morning? Sometimes a sloppy closet is the only thing holding you back from style splendor. The good news is, our stylists are organization gurus. They have professional techniques at their disposal and will group your garments by type and color, among employing other tidy tricks. Your closet will be left looking like the beautifully merchandised racks at your favorite store, and everything will be within your reach for easy wear.

Personal Shopping

Sometimes a woman just knows when she needs help shopping. Perhaps you recently paired down your wardrobe and weren’t left with much, or perhaps you suffer mall anxiety and truly need an expert guide. Shopping is what our Darlings do best! Your stylist will consider your body type, personality, lifestyle, and budget when helping you find the perfect look. On top of the gratifying instant results, your stylist will teach you how to shop smarter for all your future ventures.

Event Styling

Take the guesswork out of dressing for your special event. Whether it’s an illustrious wedding, a pivotal job interview, or a photo shoot where the pictures will last a lifetime, our stylists are equipped to dress you well for any occasion. Your Darling will consider all the details of your event when fashioning your ideal head-to-toe ensemble, and you’ll be confident knowing you look fabulous.

Menswear Styling

Many of our stylists also specialize in menswear. They offer all of the same services from closet audits to event styling, with a masculine spin. The Darlings that style men have a clear understanding of factors such as sizing, fit, and current fashions.

Group Events

Most of our stylists are available for group events such as shopping tours of their local cities, customized in-home style parties, and style seminars for businesses and other organizations.


Note that in-person rates vary from stylist to stylist, and specific pricing information can be found on each stylist’s individual profile page. Furthermore, some stylists require a time minimum of two or three hours to book a session. Most of our stylists travel within reason, though actual distance (and any associated fees) are at the discretion of the stylist.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.