Hello Everyone!

I am very proud to announce that I will be an aunt once again! I come from a family of strong women! I have 4 sisters and even all our pets are female. I am overjoyed that I am going to be an aunt to my 1st nephew! My dad is finally getting his little grandson to play catch, and my sister is getting her little prince. The first thing I wanted to do for my sister was keep her stylish while she goes through her trimesters. Her baby shower is around the corner and although we live far away from each other, I am happy that I was able to guide her on what to wear for her special event despite the distance.

Through my sisters pregnancy, I’ve realized how difficult it must be to stay stylish while the body is going through some changes. Don’t stress! Even celebrities sometimes don’t get it right. Here are three stylish looks that have worked well for my sister’s silhouette. This blog is dedicated to my sister and to all the women who are rockin’ the baby bump!


The Wrap Dress


Drapes- Layering with a Cardigan




The Mid and Maxi Dress



Question for Moms: What is your maternity look?

Much Love,

Happy Sunday!

Written by Vanessa Espinoza