Happy New Year!

Say tah-tah to the Metallics, Sequins & Animal Prints that were uber popular in 2007. What are you going to see around the water cooler this year? Styles that are a bit unoriginal and a little tired, but never the less, they are back:

  • Belts – carried over from 2007. Wear them over everything Darling.
  • Florals – yeah…is it 1986 again??
  • Neutrals – anyone who is an Urban Darling KNOWS that neutrals (aka Band-aid colors) are uninspired and washout even the most gorgeous of brunettes. Alas, they are back. Wear them with a big floral belt and you’re there.
  • Short hair – I am a fan of hair lengths, all of them. This trend I am excited about. So what if Posh and Mrs. Cruise has the short hair cuts, they look good on just about everyone.
  • Spandex, just kidding.

Here is a rule about trends that I like to follow: do not go crazy. If you are not into what is current, stay with the classics. Wear a fitted top, wide leg pants and a killer belt. Add a dash of color with your heels, lips and you are good to go.
Style is not about trends, it’s about knowing who you are and what you love.

Written by Urban Darling