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~ For Existing & Prospective Clients ~


I love everything I’m seeing, but what exactly are you trying to sell me?

At Urban Darling, we’re trying to sell you on you. We believe each person is beautiful exactly as she (or he) is and we want the chance to prove it to you. Our personal wardrobe stylists (which we affectionately refer to as Darlings) are adept at tapping into what makes you unique. They bring those qualities to the surface in a way that makes you feel confident in being precisely, unabashedly you. Whether you want to advance your career, up your appeal, or simply find your style identity, our Darlings are here to guide you.

Of course, if you’re looking to ride the latest trend, flirt with an image that’s avant-garde, or transform your fashion persona, many of our Darlings are devoted to the hautest looks and can sharpen your style straight to fashion’s cutting edge. For a detailed explanation of the various in-person services that we offer, please click here.

If you’re interested in virtual styling, we do that as well, and if you’re looking for custom styling without the time commitment or the in-person price-tag, check out StyleSprite, our new subscription offering.

How is spending money on styling services going to materially improve my life? It’s just a cosmetic change isn’t it?

Embracing your style is more than a cosmetic change, it’s transformational. Our Darlings will meet you wherever you’re at (stylistically) and together, you’ll establish a style identity that resonates with who you are. By the time you’re done, you’ll be aglow with confidence in the way you appear, and that kind of confidence is contagious! When you’re in-tune with your image you’re empowered to realize your full social and professional potential. It’s much easier to connect with people when you’re feeling good about your appearance, and relationship partners are drawn to a self-assured demeanor. In a professional setting, clean, confident comportment yields an aura of corporate cachet, making you more likely to land the job or gain the promotion. Life is just better when you’re projecting you. Whether you’re looking to ease the burden of a chaotic closet or to put your chicest foot forward, our Darlings are here to help.

My second cousin on my Aunt Millie’s side is a personal stylist, and she’ll work for days in exchange for pocket lint and wheat pennies. What makes you so special?

Our Darlings make us special. Like our clients, each of our Darlings is beautiful and unique. Even if you’re not here to book one right now, please look through their profiles, read their blog entries, browse their individual lookbooks, and check out who we’ve spotlighted. They’re a truly amazing bunch who offer everything from the trendy and the avant-garde to the elegant and the refined.

Our Darlings come from all walks of life, encompassing military spouses who can help you purge your wardrobe for a PCS, vintage virtuosos who can tailor a throwback to classier times, and women with a penchant for proving that curvy is chic. Whatever your style, whatever your identity, we’re pretty sure your Darling is right here waiting for you.

I’m poor. Can I afford you?

Trust us when we say that we can relate. Many of our stylists are not only accessibly-priced, but are pros at finding bargains whether you’re rifling through a thrift store, sleuthing for a gem at Loehmann’s, or hitting the premium outlets. In fact, if you typically buy clothes at full retail, our Darlings are (essentially) certain to save you far more money in the long-run than you’ll fork over for a styling session. We’ve got a couple of fashionistas in the group who won’t touch a garment unless it’s marked down at least 70%, meaning you might well save more on a single shopping trip than you’ll spend on your stylist.

Of course, not everyone is looking for our stylists to take them on a shopping spree, affordable or otherwise. Many clients simply want to pare down their closets. We get rid of clothing that doesn’t resonate with their style and show them how to make the most out of the pieces that survive the purge. Others are just looking for guidance on what their unique style is or how to get in touch with what makes them fabulous.

Whatever you’re looking for, there is nothing more important to any of us at Urban Darling than making you feel confident. Whether that’s confidence in the workplace; confidence for an event; confidence in how beautiful you are, precisely as you are; or confidence that you’re getting the absolute best possible value for your money, we want you to walk away from a session feeling better than you did going into it, without the faintest shred of disappointment or regret. Speaking from the management end of things, we don’t exactly rake in the dough (though don’t get us wrong, we’d love for that to change). We do this because we love it, because we love the message, and because we love the energy of our Darlings. Urban Darling is possible because our Darlings have a genuine passion for making people feel good and helping clients recognize that they’re beautiful and unique. All of us at Urban Darling are pretty much here for you, so if you’re not happy, we might as well hang it up. If you’re not sure who or what you’re looking for, or whether we can cost-effectively meet your needs, go ahead and fill out a client profile questionnaire and we’ll throw some ideas your way.

I might book something when I’m done counting this last million. What have you got for me?

We have a number of Darlings who can tastefully add mileage to your centurion card and a couple who exclusively serve our highest-end clientele. If you have extraordinary needs that call for flexibility and a custom contract, or if you simply want to drop a few grand refreshing your wardrobe, fill out a client profile questionnaire and we’ll work out a solution to meet your specific criteria.

I’m kind of a big deal. My apartment smells of rich mahogany and contains many leather-bound books. Can you assist me in helping others to marvel at my magnificence?

If you’re a celebrity / public figure / media personality, then you’re probably not reading this right now. However, if you’re a publicist or staffer interested in retaining one of our stylists for someone in the public eye, we have Darlings with celebrity styling experience that we’d love to put you in touch with.

I’m very unique. Are you sure there’s a Darling that can work with me?

Our Darlings have worked with a broad spectrum of persons across a broad spectrum of identity, physical condition, and personality. Whether we have someone that you think “gets you,” however, is for you alone to decide. Fill out our client profile questionnaire and we’ll help you find the Darling that best fits your singular needs.

I live in location X, is there a Darling nearby who can work with me in person?

Our Darlings are arranged alphabetically by state and the geographic areas they serve are listed on their individual profiles. Browse through them here to see if there’s one who serves your area. While our vetting process makes it slow going, we’re working very hard to find Darlings in areas that we don’t already have covered.

I’m located in a viciously remote area not served by one of your Darlings, or in one of the many not-at-all-remote places where your company does not have a stylist available. Am I out of luck?

Yes and no. Until we add more stylists to our team of Darlings, the areas in which we offer in-person services are limited. Since our vetting process is extensive and we’re not a “gotbucks” enterprise, finding a Darling near you is probably not going to happen overnight, though we’re doing the best we can to get qualified stylists on board who are “with” UD’s message.

In the meantime, you can pick your star from the constellation of Darlings we’ve already assembled and let them clothe you in their radiance from afar. Thanks to the internet, most of our Darlings offer virtual styling, which is available for an accessible, flat rate.

I’m skeptical about your screening process and the quality of your “Darlings.” Do you have any customer reviews to back up your claims?

First, if we (the management) were creative enough to pull all of this stuff out of thin air, we’d probably be successful novelists or at least gainfully employed. That being said, we’re glad you mentioned reviews. Every Darling has an independent page where clients can talk about their experiences with that particular stylist, including the services booked and whether clients felt they valued the service or were happy with their results. This is a vital mechanism in ensuring that Urban Darling’s clients receive service that reflects the quality of our message and we urge you to post a review about your experience, whether it was amazing or abysmal. We confirm with our Darling that you were, in fact, a client before approving a review, but what we don’t do is cherry-pick glowing feedback and toss out the rest.

We’re accountable to our Darlings, but both we and they are accountable to you. We want you to be confident in the quality of the experience we at Urban Darling deliver, which means maintaining transparency for every one of our Darlings.

I’m sold! Where do I sign up?

We’re thrilled to hear it! Fill out this questionnaire, let us know what you’re looking for, and whether you have a particular Darling in mind. We’ll be in touch with you ASAP.

Not only am I sold, I want you to style my entire office / product team / business function! Can we hash something out?

We absolutely can. Fill out this form and we’ll follow up with you as soon as we’ve brewed a fresh pot of shade-grown, organic, fair-trade coffee.

People are getting hacked left and right, plus I don’t trust you. Is your platform safe? How do I know you won’t take my money and abscond to Jamaica?

Though none of us here have been there, we hear tickets to Jamaica are expensive. These days we’re happy if we can abscond to the grocery store, and even if we tried to make a run for it, I doubt we’d get far on carrots and celery.

That being said, any transaction on this site is done through PayPal, with whom we are a verified merchant. Read more about PayPal’s security and verification.

Additionally, all of our form data (i.e. any information you enter anywhere on the site, aside from that which is secured through PayPal) are protected by Adobe’s sophisticated, multi-layered security measures, about which you can learn more here.

I’ve got a great idea / a specific concern / a suggestion for a website tweak / some other form of feedback. Who do I share this with?

Whether you’re pleased, upset, or just trying to be helpful, we definitely want to hear what you have to say. Fill out our feedback form here and, if applicable, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


~ For Aspiring Stylists ~


I love your message and I’ve wanted to be a stylist since before I was born! I’d be perfect as an Urban Darling stylist. Where do I sign up?

We love your enthusiasm, but it’s not quite that simple. Truthfully, we get more applicants in a day than we can comfortably handle. In spite of this, we still make time to carefully review every application.

Becoming a Darling involves an intensive, multi-stage vetting process and requires a significant commitment on the part of the stylist. Approximately 70% of applicants are disqualified after initial screening. Of the 30% with whom we follow-up, roughly half are clipped in the second round of screening. By the time we’ve filtered a hundred applicants through all three stages of our vetting process, we only come out with a couple of Darlings.

If you’re up to the challenge, for the time being we’re only accepting stylists from States or regions that are not currently served by one of our Darlings. If you’re located somewhere where we don’t have pumps on the ground and are serious about joining the team, please fill out our application form here.

You sound pretty selective and I’d love to maximize my chances by telling you exactly what you want to hear. What criteria do you use to determine which applicants receive a follow-up?

We appreciate your ruthlessness, particularly since that niche is currently vacant. That having been said, the initial screening process is as much about how connected you are with Urban Darling’s message and how well we think you’ll “click” with the rest of the team as it is about tangible factors like styling experience and communication skills. Just be yourself. Letting your real voice show through is your best bet for getting (and staying) on board.

You sound pretty knowledgeable and I’d love to know what you know. Are there classes you can sell me to make me a better stylist?

Check out our Darling University mentorship program here.


~ For Prospective Promotional Partners ~


I’m a big corporation with a product or service in need of shameless promotion. I’d love to cash in on the goodwill you’ve worked so painstakingly to cultivate. How much for you to sell out?

We’d love to swap out our integrity for something we can use to buy groceries! Tell us what you have in mind here and we’ll use the info to price out what our dignity is worth.

I’m a small business, radio personality, blogosphere magnate, or “VGER” from Star Trek, the Original Motion Picture. Let’s work together and take over the world!

That’s not really a question, but hey, it sounds great. Tell us your plan and we’ll let you know if we’re in.

I love everything about your company and have decided that you need to employ me. Where do I send my job application so you can hire me ASAP?

If you’re looking to become an Urban Darling stylist, you’ve wandered a bit too far afield. Scroll upward a ways and you’ll find the question you’re looking for.

If you’re saying you want to be an employee, then yes, we probably do need you. Unfortunately, we would also need money to pay your salary. Until we’ve got some cash lying around we’ll have to stick to our plucky cohort of underpaid “executives” and unpaid interns. If job opportunities do become available, we’ll list them here.

I’m an investor and am dying to throw money at you for a piece of the action. With whom may I speak to negotiate terms?

While money is great and all, we’d hate to lose the “underdog” status that comes with being poor. Budget deficits make us relatable, and that’s more important than money. However, if you insist, go ahead and give us your proposal here.

I’m a member of the press and I love your message! How can I get in touch with you for additional info, comments, or an interview?

An excellent question! We at Urban Darling love free press addressing peoples’ legitimate inquiries. If you’d like to speak with, or know more about, a particular stylist (they’re all pretty great) we’d be happy to set something up. Most (if not all) of our stylists serve their local communities in unique and interesting ways, and are deserving of special attention. If you’re looking to talk to a boring management-type, we can probably cut the WiFi and get them to stop playing Angry Birds long enough to get their attention.

-Speak with a Darling-                                                                                          -Cut the office WiFi-

I’m a member of the fashion community and you guys seem pretty fashionable. Where can I send you and/or your Darlings an invitation to hang out with us cool folks?

We would love for people to think we’re cool and are thrilled at the prospect of enhancing our coolness by standing around with you in the same room! Just make sure you send us at least a pair of invites (three would be ideal), as we like to have a least one Darling to talk with while the haute osmosis works its magic. If you’ve got specific Darlings you’d love to meet, make sure to mention them here so we can conjure them up if they’re available.


~ For Persons Trying to Sell us Stuff ~


I’ve got this amazing advertising platform that you’d be crazy not to pay me exorbitant sums in order to use. It’s guaranteed to generate as much as 10% of what you spent on it in revenue! Who can I pitch this to?

Thanks, but if you don’t mind we’re the ones who do the sales pitches around here, and unfortunately for both of us, we’re not good enough at it to generate enough revenue to afford to spend money on whatever you’re trying to sell us anyway. Now go away; your successful product is cramping our style!


~ For Persons Looking to Beat-up on the Little Guy ~


I’m a wealthy business entity with a paid attorney on staff who has too much spare time. We want him to write you a threatening message about something baseless and/or arbitrary so he stops flicking paper footballs around the office and we can feel like we’re getting our money’s worth out of his salary. How can we contact your attorney?

Oh, you’re looking for that guy. To be quite frank, we’re happy someone wants to talk to him. To put it mildly, he’s not the most relatable guy. I mean, the last time an intern knocked over a glass of tap water, he went on a five-minute rant about civil liability, which was four minutes longer than it took us to clean it up. Please try to phrase your intimidating message nicely, as we’d like for him and your attorney to be friends. You can reach him here, but be ready to slog through a ton of disclosures that have nothing to do with your inquiry when he replies.


~ For the Guy in the Back whose Hand has been Up this Whole Time ~


Spell me disappointed! For someone whose message is about inclusivity (or some such high-minded thing) you’ve left me and my question out. I demand to be heard!

Actually we didn’t call on you because we knew you just wanted to make our already difficult lives more difficult. This is a frequently asked questions section and if the several thousand words of content on this page don’t cover your particular query, we’re going to go ahead and say it’s probably not posed all that frequently.

That being said, you’ve got us all curious as to what’s on your mind. Go ahead and fill us in here and if your concern is particularly lucid, we may even add it to our FAQs.