Freestyle Friday: What Style Means to Me

Grace Kelly

Style – we all have it!  Part of my work as an Urban Darling Stylist is to help my clients find and refine their unique style. What is style?  To me, it is as Marshall Neilon, actor, screenwriter, and  producer says, “…a semi-mental, semi-physical quality…it depends not merely upon the clothes,” but also how we conduct ourselves.  Style is how we carry ourselves not only in what we wear and how we wear it, but also the confidence we convey, our savoir faire, while we go through life.

As Coco Chanel famously said, “Fashion passes, Style remains.”  This is why I help my clients build their wardrobes with classic, investment pieces that will remain in their closets for years.  The basic blazer, the cardigan, the great trousers.  Whether that blazer is wool, denim, or leather, cropped or long, bracelet-sleeved or cuffed, these are the choices that convey individual style. After the basics, we add the fun, whimsical, or trendy items that speak to the individual. My style icon is Grace Kelly – she could make a turtleneck look fabulous. My client’s style icon may be Grace Jones, and we will work to channel that energy into the client’s personal style statement. At Urban Darling, We Stylists work with our clients to help them bring out their individual style, and face the world with confidence.

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The wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling have one goal: to connect you with your style. Let us build a wardrobe you can count on™


Written by Rhoda Wheeler