Freestyle Friday: Valentine’s Day Style

I know, how predictable to post about Valentine’s today, but don’t you kind of expect it too?
No matter if you celebrate this holiday or not, if you are in a relationship or not, there is something for everyone! And of course, I am going to use the color red, as this is the top color for this day and the ultimate color of the message: LOVE

And even though we don’t need just one day out of the year to show our loved ones that we appreciate them, it has grown into a huge sensation that we can’t ignore. It’s everywhere we look at this time of the year; just like Christmas or Easter.

Blah, blah, blah… Let’s get to the main thing here:
What are you wearing? Or… “AAAAAAAAAA, what am I going to wear?”
If you read this early enough, I might have given you some inspiration.
If you red this after the fact, let me know how you styled your look today!

The first 3 looks incorporate red on a larger scale.
Look 1: Mixing prints has been and still is HUGE!
Look 2: Solid colors and the leather makes this outfit edgy!
Take this look from day to night by switching the booties for leopard pumps (wild card) or cage sandals.
Look 3: The super romantic dress! Let the dress shine and keep the accessories simple.

Valentine's Day Style

The next 3 looks incorporate only a touch of red.
Look 1: Red pumps make a statement! Perfect for a night out!
Look 2: The red bag adds a pop of color to this free spirit outfit!
Look 3: Bundle up in colder weather and stay hot with a bright lipstick!

Valentine's Day Style

PSSSS: If red is not your color, go for a burgundy or pink :-)

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  • Luisa Lucia

    Love love love all the different options here!! Very inspiring, great post :)

  • Kathrine Eldridge

    Marina – you outdid yourself here! I love all these looks. Your tips are spot on and I am dying over that black dress with the red heels. Perfection!

  • Alicia Howell

    I love Valentines Day, single or not, because I love to wear red! I love seeing all the different styles! Great inspiration for every style. I want the Alice + Olivia dress with the lips, how cool!

  • Marina Ignatyev

    Super happy that you like it!

  • Marion Campisi

    Marina, I love every look you’ve posted. It’s hard to choose but at the moment, my fave is the striped top with the red/black skirt. Oh wait – no, it’s the leather leggings with red top. Wait – no, I’m with Kathrine. It’s the black dress with red heels. :-) There’s definitely something for every mood here.

  • Sonya Forsythe

    I’d rock all of this! And I love red, it’s actually my favorite color anytime of year. Today I wore blue and jade though!

  • Sasha Maksutenko

    Loving all of these! My fave is the mixed print look. Completely agree, this combination is not going anywhere, fun to wear and has endless possibilities.

  • Marina Ignatyev

    Thanks girls! I appreciate every single comment!
    It’s fun to see what everyones favorite is and for those who can’t choose one or two or three.. I am with you! My mood and the occasion would decide which outfit I would wear :-)

  • E’Beth Goad

    This is awesome!! I love the versatility of it all and something for everyone or for each of your moods. Like you, I just can’t be tied down to one look.