Freestyle Friday: The Jewelry Board

IMG_3368I am a huge fan and collector of jewelry.  I love fine jewelry, inexpensive costume jewelry, vintage pieces that I find at antique stores, and everything in between. I have done many posts highlighting my love for accessorizing with baubles.  Besides subscribing to Jewelmint, I always check out Forever 21 on a monthly basis to see what inexpensive pieces can perk up my wardrobe.  So how can I keep all of my stash organized and kept fresh in my mind so that I can easily pair them with looks? Recently I discovered a unique find on Etsy called a jewelry board by the online shop, After the Leaves Fall.  It is a beautiful and practical way to display all your unique treasures. Because I have such an immense collection,  I chose one of the largest boards.


I think this display is so ideal because you can put all your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces all in one place. Many of my clients who I assist during closet audits could really use this item because I find that most of the time their jewelry is thrown in a drawer and completely forgotten.  Having this organizational tool will make getting accessorized in the morning much easier. It also makes a gorgeous decor statement wherever you decide to display it.  I have mine right next to my dresser in my bedroom but I think it would look perfect in a spacious closet or bathroom.


The designer of these boards is Ashley Nicole. Her business is doing so well that she is in the process of revamping her online store on Etsy.  She is also adding new products.  I’m sure you will want to purchase one of these organizational works of art after you see the many pics here.  Her store is currently on hiatus but should be up and running in the next two weeks.  She told me that she has new styles of boards that are more shabby chic.  Sounds perfect.


Each one of her pieces is handmade and can be customized to your liking if you choose.  You can add extra bracelet bars as well as a ring bar.  You can also customize the fabrics that are on the board.  I chose to go more neutral with the dark brown cork board but I had a tough time deciding!  She also uses reclaimed barn wood on all of boards so no two are alike.


I asked Ashley about her business and her experience so far with it.

” I started my shop in January 2012 when I was 20, just for fun. I never even dreamed of the success I have had.  I honestly thought that I was wasting my time but if I had a sale or two that would be cool.  It kinda just took off.  I since then quit my part-time job and am able to put myself through school doing this. It’s been a huge challenge, and it’s all just me. I do everything from artwork, to design, interacting with customers, creating, and shipping. I am now a senior and was originally majoring in Communications. But I decided with the success of my Etsy shop to add business because I became passionate about it.  My goal is to graduate next semester with both degrees.  So for now I’m full-time student and all my extra time is put into my Etsy shop. It gets crazy managing everything but I wouldn’t change the past 2 years for anything!”

She is an impressive business entrepreneur. Not sure what I was doing at 22, but it was nothing as amazing as her business. Kudos to Ashley! So if you are interested in any of these jewelry boards, check out her online shop on Etsy in a couple of weeks.  Spring is coming so get yourself organized and contact us at Urban Darling if you need some help. We are here for you!

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Written by Kathrine Eldridge