Food For Thought: Personal Style Is Personal

As a stylist, I’m no stranger to dressing in a way that the general populace might find “odd” or at least a bit flamboyant.  Working in fashion necessitates staying at the forefront of trends and wares.  The profession encourages and stimulates a fashion forward sense of style.  And as the saying goes, you have to know the rules before you can break them.  I love print mixing, color blocking, statement jewelry, and avant-garde silhouettes.  I don’t believe in matching my shoes to my handbag and I absolutely swear by mixing my metals.  I also like to go against the grain and buck trends that don’t appeal to me.  I formulate my appearance based upon all available information, and since I live, eat, breath fashion, there’s a ton of information at my disposal.  Nothing is more fun than experimentation and expression through style.

However, I’ve noticed there’s a common public misconception that because I’m a stylist, and I dress a certain way, I model my clients in my image.  Essentially, some people believe that a stylist is going to impose her (potentially unconventional) sense of style on her clients.  I can not emphasize how far this is from the truth.  In fact, my training warrants just the opposite.  The whole point of personal style is that it’s meant to be personal.  My skill as a stylist is familiarizing myself with a client’s unique needs, then assimilating that information into a solution that works wonders.  I consider body type, personality, lifestyle, and other influences when determining the best course of action for a client.  Just because my style is a tad edgy, doesn’t mean I can’t understand and accommodate a woman who’s naturally more conservative.  Although I’m 28, I have clients in their 50’s and beyond.  These are women who sing my praises and keep in touch, requesting follow-up sessions.  I also work with men, and have a keen understanding of menswear, which is altogether different, (though there is some crossover).   I wanted to address this issue because I’ve witnessed it time and again, and not just in my own experience as a stylist.  I’m acquainted with a number of stylists who’ve expressed similar frustrations.  Akin to the adage, don’t judge a book by its cover, I would say don’t judge a stylist by her outfit.  We are equipped to work with women and men, young and old, classic and trendy.  That is the beauty of personal style, it’s tailored to the individual, and to each his own (by means of a skilled stylist).


My casual style


Accessorized for a night out



Working with a client

photo 2

Casual chic client styling

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Written by Luisa Lucia