As the seasons begin to change there are some days when you wake up and you want to remain as cozy and comfortable all day as you were under your comforter and blankets. On days like this as I stand in my closet, mentally piecing together my outfit for the day, I gravitate to a vintage or Boho look. Sometimes when people hear vintage or Boho fashion they think Hippie or Flower Child attire. The vintage look can be styled for your everyday life not just for photos in large grassy field with tall spring flowers.

Vintage dress 2

 Women’s Gypsy Bell Sleeve Mini Dress

Vintage wear can encompass many things such as flowy dresses with bold patterns or colors that can be adorned with a few statement jewelry pieces or several fun items like stackable bangle bracelets. One the fabulous aspects of vintage wear is that it is cross-generational. Pieces can live in your closet for a long length of time remaining trendy and age appropriate. Quite the opposite of shelf-life items such as that adorable sequin mini skirt that you wore in your 20’s or 30’s.

Vintage Dress

 Free People Portobello Road Dress

Here are some tips to pull off that perfect vintage look:

  • Layer appropriately. Layering your pieces is perfect for vintage fashion but if you layer too many items the whimsical flow is lost and the style can turn quickly into big and bulky. You can keep your vintage style feminine and chic by mixing over-sized pieces with more fitted pieces to balance your layers
  • Look for vintage items in your closet. You probably have a maxi skirt hanging in the back of your closet waiting to be paired with some sandals for the spring. You can break out that maxi skirt now! Pair it with ankle boots, scarf, and a long cardigan sweater or kimono = cute vintage style!
  • It is ok to mix your fabrics! Don’t be shy! A pair of suede boots can go perfect with a silk dress and a felt hat. Mixing textiles is part of exploring the creative vintage look


Vintage Rose Print Tassel Kimono

If you are planning to incorporate some vintage flair into your wardrobe here are some basic anchor pieces that I would recommend to get started:

  • Leather ankle boots or tall boots in a fun color such as sage or burnt orange
  • Cross body purse
  • Breezy maxi skirt
  • Felt or floppy hat
  • Tops that are embellished with beads or ethnic detail

Lace Up Boot

Jeffrey Campbell Joe Lace Up Boot


Orion Hand Chain

Floppy Hat

Hudson Boho Felt Hat

Crossbody bag

Ecote Arc Canteen Crossbody Bag


Wardrobe Stylist, Urban Darling


Written by Heather Strouse