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On my last recent visit to my hair salon (Salon Hype in Burr Ridge, IL), I was complaining to my hair stylist Liz about how my 2nd day hair is lifeless and has no body or volume. (I have been growing out my hair for about 6 months now and this problem has gotten worse and worse.) I have thin, very straight hair but lots of it.    As my hair kept getting longer, I felt like I had to curl it like crazy on the second day to give it some style.  All that heat does tremendous damage on hair and I felt the effects.  She recommended that I try velcro rollers.  I have used them in the past but only on my hair when it was still slightly damp right after I washed it.  Liz explained that you could also use them on dry hair and get the same kind of effect.  She recommended putting the rollers in where I needed volume (don’t need to do my whole head) and leave them in while I applied my makeup. When my beauty routine is done, she told me then to take them out.  I have to tell that I was astonished when I did this for the first time.  It felt like first day hair to me!  :) No more having to always wash my hair when I have a special event to attend. Another bonus with rollers is that they are extremely inexpensive and can be picked at the almost anywhere.  (I got mine from my local Walgreens for less than $10!)


IMG_6037A couple of tips:

When putting the rollers in, make sure the ends of your hair are smooth and rounded with the roller. If they aren’t, your ends will flip around in all different directions and not have that smooth finish you are looking for.

If you are really pressed for time, use your hair dryer on the low setting to set your do’ faster. Make sure to direct the air over your rollers in the same direction that your hair is rolled, otherwise you’ll risk creating fly-a-ways and frizz.

Velcro rollers may be a blast from the past but they are definitely in my hair future. Have you every used velcro rollers? What products do you use on your hair to get volume? Let me know in the comments. Need to get them ASAP? Shop below!

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purple jacket and heels

As promised I am back with more transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring tips! I will have other exciting fashion topics to discuss over the next several weeks on my Tuesday blog but I thought it would be most appropriate to cover transitional wear again as we approach Ground Hog Day next week. According to folklore when this furry creature emerges from its winter hideaway on a cloudy day and does not see its shadow, spring will come early. If it is sunny and a shadow emits, winter weather could plague our closets for six more weeks. Or to put this more simply for the Fashionista’s out there… if you wear your peep-toe heels and your toes want to hide when you go outside, it is still time for closed-toed heels for a bit longer. As we all begin to see the new issues of InStyle, Vogue, Elle, etc. with all the colorful sandals, bags, and dresses projected to be HOT this spring we must remember to Start Slow… Here are a few tips to pace your transition:

Layer, Layer, Layer (it’s not just for great cake)…

The fabulous thing about layering is that you can do it in any area of the country. Some places require more layering right now where in others, one can certainly get away with a light jacket or cute cardigan. It is always best to layer with light-weight items such as blouses, camisoles, leggings, etc. Once you have a base outfit, you can continue to layer until you find your perfect level of warmth! The key to layering is to still have a stellar outfit in tact if you do have to remove one or two layers as the day or night heats up! I recommend a cardigan with a pop of color. You can never go wrong with a distressed denim jacket over that vintage band t-shirt and black pants or leather leggings. If you are dressing up a bit more pair that denim jacket with some palazzo pants and a blouse or a fun spring dress.

 Free People Denim Jacket

 Free People Denim Jacket

Step Away from the Solid…

I love my black wardrobe pieces as much as the next girl but it is time to mix in some color and pattern as we ease into the sunshine. Selecting a pattern blouse to wear under a cardigan or short jacket, in a light blue or a coral, is still warm enough for winter but says spring is on the way. Grass green is another transition favorite but be careful, to not go too margarita lime too early! Cobalt blue is another safe transition color as well as tangerine organge. No pumpkin organge as that should be left to the fall along with the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Floral Top

 Women’s Floral Top

When in doubt… accessorize

If you are still struggling with your current wardrobe in building transition outfits from winter to spring start small. Accessorize. Jewelry is a simple way to add some spring fling to your outfit. Try a colorful big necklace with your black worksuit or some vibrant colored bracelets with your blouse and denim jacket. My favorite transition accessory is the scarf. Whether you chose an infinity loop scarf or decide to choose a shawl or wrap, make sure that it has a vibrant color and pattern to provide you outfit with a boost of spring while keeping your neck and shoulders cozy in these final winter days. When things warm up during the day, a smaller scarf can be removed and tied around the straps of your purse for accessory detail!

Scarf 1


 Old Navy Scarf

scarf 2

Tory Burch Scarf

And my final style tip for transitioning winter to spring… Be Provocative

Provocative is one of my favorite fashion words. I do not mean provocative in the sense of wearing an outfit that is only fit to be worn after 10PM. The root of the word provocative means to provoke thinking. The winter to spring transition is a time of playfulness in your closet. It is a time for new combinations and changing up some of your staple pieces for some new spring colors. Finding new ways to make a style statement in any season can provoke new fashion that you can be confident in all day long! One of my favorite fashion quotes is by Harry Winston, “People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

Heather Leigh

Phoenix Urban Darling Stylist

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TIPS FOR TONAL DRESSING: WINTER WHITE Mon, 26 Jan 2015 19:33:10 +0000


I’m a huge fan of tonal dressing, both for myself and my clients.  I find it visually pleasing and sophisticated.  You can create an attractive tonal look using pretty much any color as your base, though for this particular post I chose white.  It’s a great transitional color from winter to spring, and though it’s still technically winter, temperatures are beginning to rise here in So Cal.  White is chic and breezy, but with slightly heavier fabrics (and closed-toe shoes) you could easily emulate this look in a cooler climate.    DSC01509DSC01512DSC01516DSC01520The most important element of a tonal look is choosing the right shades.  The point is not to make your colors match, but to make them blend.  White is an easy one because it’s neutral and pairs perfectly with cream and nude.  The only bright white in my look are the trouser pants, which have a subtle gold pinstripe.  The jacket is more of a creamy off-white and of course my tee is a simple nude color.  For an all white look, any pop of color would ruin the effect, so I stuck with the same neutral tones in all of my accessories.  Also of note…a tonal look creates a taller, slimmer effect as the eye reads your whole look as one flowing piece.  Mind you, I’m wearing wide-leg pants here, but I’m only 5 feet tall (and I’m not even wearing heels with this outfit)!  I might not look like a glamazon super model, but I probably appear taller than a 10-year-old (lol).  I’d like to post more tonal looks in the future, so let me know in the comments if there’s anything particular that you’d like to see.

Photography by Jessica Kircher

Click below to shop my look!

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OFF-THE-CLOCK STYLE Sun, 25 Jan 2015 17:35:29 +0000

There are countless times where I am out of work and do not want to be in my work clothes. When I’ve had enough of converting my work clothes to day or night wear, I turn to comfort. However comfort does not always look very pretty. Although it may be a struggle to look stylish while still being cozy, the good news is, we all have these pieces in our closets! For those that don’t, its never too late! You can find these simple and comfy items anywhere! I introduce you to the “Off-The-Clock Style”….

I decided to pick a print sweatshirt similar here to add some ‘drama’ on my comfy attire. I have a long torso, therefore, it’s important for me to make sure that I find a sweater that meets me at or below the hip. Above the hip will make the sweatshirt appear as a crop top which is not the look I’m going for.


My suggestion is to play with Hi-Lo Sweatshirts because it’s an easy and fun shape for any body type! That, AND for those readers that live in Texas its a great shape to fit the constant warm/cold temperatures that we encounter; being not too covered and not too heavy on the material either.


I chose my scarf similar here to be the item in which I would add a splash of color, considering the rest of my outfit remained pretty simple. I love the soft and bright texture of the scarf!

I much prefer longer scarfs over shorter scarfs because they use more material allowing you to stay warmer, and can help take your outfit up a notch to make your outfit look even cuter! My suggestion? Pick a long scarf that allows you to wear in many ways!

Quick Tip! If you decide to go for a print scarf versus a solid color, pick a scarf that remains in the black/grey/white color scheme similar here to pair well with the print sweatshirt.


Finally, my pants! I found these pants in the Yoga and Lounge section of New York & Company  where they have all sorts of cool and laid-back wear. Of course I encourage you to use them to workout! However, don’t forget that wearing workout clothes in a fashionable way is so on trend! I have worn these to the gym (duh, that’s a given), on a Saturday at the mall, meeting friends for coffee, traveling, and family gatherings.  They have not let me down, and neither will they to you!


Pair off this look with some stylish sneakers and a hobo bag and you’re ready to head out the door! Need sneaker advice? Read my previous blog THE BEST SNEAKERS TO STYLE ANY OUTFIT for tips!

Much love,


P.S. Don’t forget that your head deserves an accessory too! Try this Urban Outfitters Posey Bowler Hat!

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HOW TO: MAKE-UP ORGANIZATION Fri, 23 Jan 2015 13:00:41 +0000

Is your makeup well organized and you know exactly what you have and where to find it?
Couple of days ago I was doing my beauty/makeup routine and thought: “Dang, it’s such a mess!” I was annoyed that I had to dig for everything and running back and forth cause I had some things in a different room. Finally I had enough and got to the point were I took some actions. I don’t have a separate beauty station so I keep all my makeup and skincare alongside all the other stuff that’s needed in my sink cabinet. Since my drawer already come with dividers it was easy to separate hair, dental and beauty products but it still was like crazy town. My cotton balls were all over the place as well…
Let’s get to the transformation process! Before you go purchase the pretty containers that are available in todays market, you have to declutter. Everything that is not needed on daily bases can go in a box and stored some place else. Trash the makeup and skincare that needs to be replaces and sort the rest by categories. This will help you find the right storage solution. Someone who has a bunch of lipsticks needs a different container then someone who has a lot of eye make up.

It’s all about customizing it to your needs!
Check out my transformation:

befuntwork.jpgAs you can see my makeup was mainly in those woven baskets and in the beauty bags which made it difficult to have a nice flow. Now I have a great visual of what I have and everything has its own spot. Ahhhhh, it feels so good! Let the creativity begin!


I got my acrylic containers from IKEA and used an empty jam glass for my tooth bush & paste which would also work for brushes and pencils. Here are more options:

Get more inspirations via

Till next Friday,
your DC Darling Marina

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2014 STYLE RECAP Thu, 22 Jan 2015 18:03:42 +0000

A look back at my personal style of the past year is an opportunity to reflect and to lay the groundwork for the year ahead. 2014 was an uncommonly warm year and most of my looks reflect it, only deep into the winter month did it make sense to make some cold weather item investments. I really enjoyed putting these look together–mixing prints, textures, and mashing up styles. It was fun to shop the many mass retailer and designer collabs this past year, but my heart still belong to vintage–be it clothes or jewelry. As long as attention is paid to silhouette and only choosing trends that flatter can an authentic personal style be achieved.
How has your personal style evolved and what are your goals for 2015? Please share in the comments. To see the original posts click on the image.
XO Sasha
2014 style recap

2014 style recap lizard print

2014 style recap safari dress2014 style recap embellished shirt and ripped denim2014 style recap textured top and print skirt2014 style recap pajama trend2014 style recap cheongsam2014 style recap floral duster and snakeskin jeans2014 style recap dior jacket and print skirt2014 style recap patent leather jacket and lace skirt2014 style recap one shoulder dress2014 style recap  moto jacket and maxie skirt
2014 style recap camo shirt

Stylist: Sasha Maksutenko
Location: San Francisco
Vibe: Style Recap 2014

The wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling have one goal: to connect you with your style.  Let us build a wardrobe you can count on.

Photography by Jennymay Villarete 

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QUICK AND EASY SCARF STYLING TRICK Wed, 21 Jan 2015 12:34:50 +0000





Photos by Melissa Leigh Hansen Photography

Anthropologie scarf similar here, Printed Threads cardigan here, Yala knit top similar here, Joe’s bootcut jeans here, Forever 21 skinny belt similar here, Michael Kors cuff similar here, Vince Camuto suede booties similar here

Scarves are accessories that help you keep warm during this winter season but they also can add an unexpected twist to any look.  Instead of looping your scarf around your neck, try this trick which will make your outfit pop.

1) Leave the scarf long and even on each side of your body.

2) Add a belt over your top and scarf to accentuate your waist which gives shape to your look. That’s it!

Tip: Make sure to choose a scarf that has colors that will make a statement and that will contrast with the garment your wear it with. I chose this Anthropologie scarf with bold colors to polish off this casual cardigan.  If your belt is a little long, feel free to knot it which ups the cool factor.


What tricks do you use when accessorizing with a scarf? Here are some scarves that I would love to add to my wardrobe.

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Are you still loving your boots and sweaters this winter or are you already beginning to get spring fever and trying to find ways to incorporate some spring colors and weather transitional pieces? Possibly wondering if maybe the sun will be out just enough today that you can pull off a spring tank top with a cardigan sweater to keep the chill off your shoulders or even break out a closed-toe sandal? We all have a desire to be stylish in what we wear each day and as the season begins to transition, we begin to crave other items in our closet that we haven’t seen since those days of late summer or early fall.

My name is Heather Leigh and I will be providing you with fabulous insights on winter to spring transitions of style over the next few weeks on the Urban Darling blog. I reside in Phoenix and I am passionate about helping people determine what their style is and how they can become more confident in expressing their own style. Style is a very personal trait that we all have within us. My expertise is providing creative ideas and suggestions for you to find your own style and create your own self-confidence through fashion styling. When I first began working as a stylist I had no idea what the response might be overall. I was quite surprised how many people are waiting to be inspired to update, renew, or continue with finding their own fashion style! Even the most stylish of Fashionista’s may need some creative guidance to spark their style once in a while!

buckle boots anthro outfit fav

Here are a few items of inspiration for your first winter to spring transition outfit… The mini dress shouts Spring Is On The Way but can be paired with black leather leggings and ankle boots for those chilly winter days. A white suede fringe bag is a great transition piece from your winter black or holiday red purse until you are ready to jump into the vibrant colors of spring!

Free People Mini Dress

RS Free People Dress

Leather Leggings

RS Black leather leggings

LAMARE Black Open Toe Ankle Boots

RS LAMARE ankle boots

White Suede Fringe Purse

RS White suede fringe purse

As a wardrobe stylist for Urban Darling, I specialize in finding new and unique ways to use pieces that you may already have within your wardrobe or are contemplating to purchase. Through my travels all over the world I have an avid appreciation for how style transcends across cities, countries, and cultures. I have relationships with boutiques across the country that can offer you a worldly style without having to travel all over the world to get it! Over the next few weeks I will offer excellent tips and recommendations on transitioning your winter wardrobe into spring, finding a few new looks, and reveal what some of the hot new spring trends will be for 2015!

buckle boots anthro outfit 2

I have an extensive management background, which I find to be beneficial for styling large events and managing style projects. I also enjoy styling individuals to enhance their work fashion style, prepare the perfect interview outfit, etc. As a mother I can also recommend great looks that are appropriate for the school functions, etc. but that can easily transition into going out to dinner and a movie with a group of friends or that special someone. I look forward to sharing fabulous fashion tips and trends with you over the next few weeks. And a few fashion stories of my own!

Heather Leigh, Phoenix Darling of Urban Darling

480-200-9736 MST

 “Fashion is what is offered four times a year; style is what you pick out of that fashion.”

~Lauren Hutton

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DISCOVERING A BRAND NEW STORE Mon, 19 Jan 2015 18:49:08 +0000

It’s not often that I step into a store I’ve never heard of, but I recently visited a relatively new outlet mall, The Outlets at Tejon.  I stopped there to do some shopping on my way back to LA, following a road trip to Yosemite.  After popping into J. Crew I walked around a bit and spotted a huge store with trendy spring styles in the window display.  I decided to check it out and sure enough the store was expansive.  It reminded me a bit of Forever 21 at first glance, and I DO NOT like Forever 21.  However, as I started looking more closely at individual items, I noticed the quality was a bit better than expected, even though the prices were reasonable.  Looking closer, many of the items were even tagged “Made In The USA” which is unusual at a thrifty price point (note there were still some items made in China too).  There were a lot of super cute styles, some more trendy, but some classic pieces as well.  I had to try on a bunch of stuff to gauge the quality of fit.  Some of the fabrics were cheaper but the overall fit and construction wasn’t bad.  I was actually really happy with the merch, and I’m usually picky about cheap stuff.  I even wound up buying a few things!  The store, called A’Gaci, impressed me quite a bit.  Unfortunately there are only three storefronts in all of California, which is why I’d never heard of it.  FORTUNATELY however, they have an extensive online store here!  Check out some of my favorite pieces below…

Wrap Dress

Knot Front Sweater Dress $27.90


Wrap Around Surplice Dress $22.50


Always A Lady Midi Skirt $34.50


Linked In Envelope Romper $19.50

]]> 4

I am very excited about assisting in coordinating Revamp The Runway (RTR) for 2015 in Dallas, TX. Last year, I ran into a post about a local charity fashion show that needed assistance in setting up for the show. Due to my experience with being a Wardrobe Stylist and Modeling Instructor, I decided to reach out and see if by chance the RTR Team could use either of my services for their event. I am so happy that they allowed me to coordinate the model walk and teach some basic runway skills with the little time that was left before the show! With all the hustle and bustle that goes on in a fashion show as well as nerves… it was well worth volunteering my time to meet some wonderful people. It only gets better this year!

FullSizeRender (11)Revamp The Runway Fashion Show 2014 (Backstage-Dressing Room)

Who is coordinating the show?

Revamp The Runway, which is in conjunction with Fashion for Life and Peace After The Storm, focuses on their vision of helping others through fashion activities and events. In addition to volunteers such as myself, we have an amazing core group of people who are making this event possible.

What will the fashion show entail?

Aside from the entertainment that will be showcased in between the runway show, there will be different styles from LA-Zayfair Online Boutique and Langford Market . Two amazing boutiques that will sure WOW the crowd!


The team and I backstage (all smiles) after a successful show!

When and Where is the fashion show?

Date: Saturday, April 25, 2015 @ 7pm

LocationMagnolia Hotel
1401 Commerce St.
3rd Floor
Dallas, TX 75202

We will also be hosting a Model Casting Call! 


Saturday, February 7th, 2015
RockiT Lab Studios
3401B Main St.
Dallas, TX 75226
For questions, email

And Finally, WHY! Why is this fashion show being organized? 

Revamp The Runway has become an annual fashion show specifically to help benefit Peace After The Storm (PATS), a non-profit organization that assist women, and/or couples who are going through post abortion stress. They offer services to assist in the healing of those who have been negatively affected in their physical and emotional health.

Tickets can be found here where all proceeds will go to PATS. We are also selling t-shirts here in addition to help raise money for this wonderful cause!


I am so excited about this years show as it will be presented in the heart of downtown Dallas! Thank you in advance for your support!

With Love,

Twitter @ve_ne554

Facebook Vanessa Darling

Instagram Vanessadarlingdallas

Stay connected about this event!

Revamp The Runway Facebook

Revamp The Runway Twitter

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WHAT EVERY MAN SHOULD HAVE IN HIS CLOSET Sat, 17 Jan 2015 19:18:45 +0000

I was asked at a networking event last week, “what are the things every guy should have in their closet?”

Since most of my posts are for the ladies I thought the guys could use some love this week.

Here is my short list for what every man should have in their closet and some awesome weekend deals for you too!

1. A crisp, well fitting white button down collared shirt (with no stains)

mens white shirt banana republicCHECK IT OUT HERE Banana Republic Extra 40% Off: BRWEEKEND



2. A great pair of jeans (without holes in them)

Jeans from Steven Alan CHECK IT OUT HERE Steven Alan Extra 25% off: NEWYEAR25

3. A blazer (that fits like a glove)

mens blazer from jcrewCHECK IT OUT HERE J.Crew Factory Extra 30% off: TICKTOCK



4. A nice pair of loafers

mens loafers from jcrewCHECK IT OUT HERE J.Crew Factory Extra 30% off: TICKTOCK



More options….

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MOMMY DUTY IN STYLE Fri, 16 Jan 2015 19:14:40 +0000

When your kid(s) call for playground time, you must be able to get ready fast! There is no time for a step 1 to 10 beauty routine and standing in front of your closet for 30 minutes to figure out what to wear. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be stylish and look like we took an hour to get ready, right?

My recent trip to the playground involved cold weather paired with sunshine.
Perfect combination for a quick beauty routine! Eyebrows & chap stick! The glasses will hide the under eye circles and the beanie (exact as mine) is an instant no hairdo fix. That’s were practicality meets style; these two accessories definitely elevate the look.

As far as you outfit goes, you want to be comfortable so you can move around without restrictions while sliding, swinging and running. Start with basics and then opt for pieces with some kind of detail to make it more interesting. For example: My puffer jacket has a pillow collar and grained material. I also like the high collar on the Tatras jacket, the quilted detail on the LAUREN by Ralph Lauren jacket and the faux fur on the Topshop parka. Safe your dressier jackets for a different occasion. The two tone knit sweater (similar here) adds some texture while the low heel booties provide comfort and a modern touch. (exact here, same brand with a different buckle here) That’s it! Off we go!

IMG_6940 IMG_6943 IMG_6959 IMG_6963 IMG_6967

Do you have any tips on how to get out the door very quick while looking put together? Please comment below, I would love to read them! None parents are of course welcome to share their tricks as well. We all have days where we are in the hurry and need to get out the door in no time. Like waking up late and rushing to be in time for work.

Till next Friday,
your DC Darling Marina


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MARSALA: 2015 COLOR OF THE YEAR TOP PICKS Thu, 15 Jan 2015 17:54:43 +0000

Marsala: Color of the Year
color of the year for 2015 is a universally flattering red-brown shade–Marsala. The  earthy wine hue deemed versatile and sultry, but subtle by Pantone’s color experts is a departure from last year’s intense Radiant Orchid.

Pair this sexy shade with neutrals like khaki, navy, and black,  contrast with mustard or orange, and wear with metallics for a dose of glam.

Check out my top picks of this deep rich  shade.

How will you wear this new statement color? Please share in the comments.
XO Sasha


Marsala coat

Rebecca Minkoff Scotch Coat $239.20


Marsala ankle boots
Aquatalia by Marvin K. Ankle Boots $297

Marsala Sweater
J.Crew Cashmere Sweater in Colorblock $248

Marsala bag
Pour la Victoire Leather Satchel $175

Marsala Dress
Anna Sui Printed Silk-Georgette Dress $340

Marsala Nail Polish
Essie Nail Polish in Bordeaux $8.50


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5 WORKDAY MUST-HAVES Wed, 14 Jan 2015 12:53:53 +0000

A majority of my clients are looking for ways to update their wardrobe for work. (Business casual seems to be the norm now so they need something more than a traditional suit.) These ladies want to feel modern but still have pieces that will last for more than one season.  I find that when I do closet audits for this type of client, they need to update many of their basics.  Time and time again, I turn to these specific items.  My clients are always happy after purchasing these pieces and end up recommending them to others. What’s great about all of these must-haves is that they are all great price points.  So there’s no need to break the bank in order to look fabulous at work!

Basic blazers from Zara – Zara always has some type of version of the boyfriend blazer.  I love the fit of their blazers and they can easily transition from work to a weekend casual look. I really love that the lapels of most of their blazers are long.  This helps bring the eye down and elongate your frame.  This gray version is perfect to transition into Spring.


Vince Camuto ponte knit ankle pants – When I shop at Nordstrom’s with my clients,  I gravitate to this pant because it fits amazingly well on different body types.  The ankle length works for petites too.  I love that you can wear a flat or heel with this length of pant which helps in the versatility department. Almost every client that tries these on remarks on how comfy they are. I also like the modern slim style as opposed to the traditional flared trouser.


Mod.lusive ruched sleeve long cardigan (Nordstrom Exclusive) – This cardigan is the softest cardigan you’ll ever lay your hands on and is a nice alternative to a blazer. The ruched sleeves won’t get caught on your arm candy but still will cover your arms. This piece can be worn year round and comes in a ton of colors.  The lightweight fabric is perfect for layering. I recommend my clients to go with black first.  White is a nice alternative in the summer.  I find a lot of traditional button down cardigans in clients’ closets which are very dated. This cardigan is more streamlined and can be easily worn casually on the weekends.


Ivanka Trump Sophia Platform Pump – Everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of her shoes. I love the stylish and modern feel of her shoes and the quality is great with this price point.  Her traditional pump which comes in many colors is comfy because it has just has a touch of platform and the heel is a moderate height.  You can never go wrong with a traditional black, nude, or leopard pump.  I consider leopard to be a neutral and it can really liven up an all black ensemble.


Michael Kors Oversized Watch – This take on the man’s watch is a jewelry staple that can really polish off any look.  If you want to glam up the watch even more, add some bracelets.   I like doing a gold tone watch because it has a more luxe feel and adds more color to any look without being over the top.


Do you have any of these must-haves pieces and what are your go-to items in your workday wardrobe? Let me know in the comments so I can pass it along.

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A STYLIST’S GUIDE TO FABU-LIPS Tue, 13 Jan 2015 17:45:22 +0000

When it comes to makeup, I’m pretty relaxed.  I don’t like a ton of makeup caked on my face.  For most occasions I’m good with some bb cream, a sweep of bronzer, a dab of luminizer, and mascara for my eyes.  If there’s one feature I do like to play up, it’s my lips…probably because I love color, and there are so many fabulous options available when it comes to lip color.  When I was younger, I preferred glosses, but these days I’m over the sticky, shimmery gloss effect.  I prefer creamy, opaque lipsticks, which appear more sophisticated (not to mention more pigmented).  Today I’m going to walk you through some of my  absolute favorite lip products.

First things first, it’s always good to start off with a solid primer.  Because I suffer from chapped lips in So Cal’s dry climate, I prefer a primer that’s moisturizing.  That way I can lock in color and moisturize my lips in just one step.  (Lipstick can look dry and cakey on chapped lips, not to mention moisture helps plump your lips, so I highly recommend this step.)  For priming I love the 100% natural (food-grade) products from Bite Beauty.  I use their Line & Define Lip Primer, which really is moisturizing as well as priming.  I’m also curious to try their BB For Lips in clear, which I think would make a great daytime primer (with SPF 15).

So I have to say my number one favorite lipstick is Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick.  It’s a liquid lipstick in a tube that goes on ultra creamy with exceptional, pigmented coverage.  The colors are super vivid and the creamy texture actually adds moisture so my lips don’t dry out.  It eventually dries to a smudge proof-finish, though it takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how much you use.  Too Faced just added eight new colors for a total of eighteen, so there are tons of colors to choose from.  The nude is gorgeous because it provides such good coverage for a nude lipstick, but still looks natural.  I wore the ruby color on my wedding day and everyone commented on my lipstick…it’s a very beautiful, true red.  I adore coral and candy for a summery pop of color, but haven’t had an opportunity to try the new shades yet, which I look forward to doing sometime soon.

I’m recently obsessed with Lime Crime, upon discovering their Velvetine Matte Lipstick in the color cashmere.  Cashmere is a beigy grey purply nude, and it’s pillow soft (like velvet, lol).  Check out some of the incredible swatches here, and try to tell me you don’t want this color.  I was also inspired to try their Unicorn Lipstick, and settled on the shade geradium, which is described as an intense coral pink.  I loooove anything in the coral family.  Just ordered this one so it hasn’t actually arrived yet, but I’ll let you know how it goes.  Did I mention that all Lime Crime products are vegan and cruelty free? <333

Now for my favorite drugstore brand…CoverGirl.  Honestly, I love their Lip Perfection Lipstick.  Not quite as creamy as the others mentioned, but definitely not drying and it still provides excellent coverage.  Plus it comes in a vast array of colors, and at $5.99 it’s a steal!  I also dig the CoverGirl Blast Flipsticks.  Two lipsticks in one that you can wear alone or blend as you wish.  These are more creamy and totally blendable…one side is more matte and the other is shimmery.

Finally, onto some products I haven’t tried yet.  Has anyone tried Lipstick Queen lipsticks?  I love their packaging/styling and the colors look and sound cool, but they don’t seem that pigmented so I’ve been hesitant to splurge (since they’re not exactly cheap).  The Hall of Fame set is calling me, but I’d appreciate any reader input first!  Then there is Anastasia’s brand new Liquid Lips.  I love liquid lipsticks that dry matte, and this looks like it has great coverage…there are just too many colors to choose.  Which would you go for?

Until next time darlings,
Xo Luisa

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THE BEST SNEAKERS TO STYLE ANY OUTFIT Sun, 11 Jan 2015 17:00:51 +0000

I am typically not a sneaker kind of gal, however, I decided if there is something I should do differently with my daily wear… it would be to start venturing into sneakers. Especially since sneakers are no longer just for the gym. After much “research” and visiting shoe stores… the results are in! Here are my top 5 recommended sneakers to try today!



 1.     Steve Madden Ecentric Leopard Sneakers

 Leopard print is a print that I am very careful with because it can make or break an outfit depending on how it’s worn.  This sneaker is the exception and I’m proud to say I own a pair of these! The pony hair texture takes this sneaker to another level; the level of Fierce!

Styling Tip: If you are new to the leopard print game, my recommendation is to keep your outfit simple while allowing these sneakers to be your main focal point. You will not go wrong!


2.  Aldo Shoes Gimello Sneakers

My favorite part of these sneakers are the metal eyelet laces! I love the creative way Aldo Shoes represents this sneaker. I chose the black patent color over the bone, navy, or natural colors these sneakers come in because I wanted a shoe that can easily go with everything!

Styling Tip: Swap your old black and white converse for a pair of these! If you dare, purchase the natural Gimello sneaker which gives you casual and edgy rolled into one.

P.S. They are on sale! (for the exception of navy and natural)


3. Vans Hiker Authentic Lo Pro Sneakers

There was a time when suede was typically worn during winter seasons. Those days are long gone, and now suede can be worn year round! These suede lo pro sneakers are perfect for mild winters and even spring/summer seasons. The yellow hue will add a pop of color to any outfit!

Styling Tip: Best to wear with skinny or boyfriend jeans! Should you decide to wear these sneakers with shorts, dress, or a skirt during the winter season, try Spanx tights to keep your ankles warm!


4. New Balance 620 Sneakers

I applaud New Balance for adding the “lifestyle” category to their ‘type of shoes’ list. These 620 Sneakers definitely fit the lifestyle category. Not made made for running, walking, jogging…but for everyday fashion! The best part, are the color schemes that give you a variety to pick from! If your like me, making a decision will be a challenge, but the results worthy.

Styling Tip: Pick a contemporary outfit and replace the shoes you would normally wear (heels, wedges, booties) with these sneakers.
For example, Oversized Sweater + Maxi Skirt+ Booties Sneakers = One Cool Lookin Outfit !!


5. Nike Suede Blazer Mid Vintage Sneaker

Nothing like bringing back an old, vintage and classic looking sneaker into your closet. What makes this part of my top 5 sneaker craze? The Nike suede blazer sneaker is simple and versatile.

Style Tip: Pair these with faux leather leggings, a white or grey tee, and black blazer for a street style chic look.

What other sneakers can you recommend to jazz up an outfit? Please comment below!

With Love,

]]> 5
WINTER WEAR FACE-OFF Fri, 09 Jan 2015 20:56:08 +0000

While some States experience snow storms and icy winds, others have mild temperatures. Which brings me to todays post where I compare the winter wear essentials of cold and warm States. What is 100% needed in some States might be totally irrelevant in others. During the winter time a Texas girl has a completely different wardrobe than a New York girl. So lets talk about the key pieces!


What’s your goal? You want to stay warm and cozy.  Layers and the right fabrics are your main ingredients.

  1. Sweaters and Dresses: Opt for heavy knits and cashmere. For additional warms wear a turtleneck sweater underneath like I did in the How to layer a dress in cooler days post.
  2. Outerwear:  Down jackets and great quality wool coats will give you the most benefits. More affordable versions here and here. But please stay way from cropped jackets, no matter the material.
  3. Shoes: When dealing with snow waterproof boots (these have great reviews everywhere) are your best bet. If you can’t part with heels I would recommend lug-soles with a chunky heel. A rubber sole with a fully lined footbet like the Antonia wedge bootie by UGG Australia is also great but in some extreme conditions there is no way around the ultimate snow boot.
  4. Accessories: To finish up your winter look you will also need warm socks, a warm scarf, a hat, and gloves. There are so many options so choose the once that fit your climate best.

Click on the + icon to shop the pieces.



It’s a totally different story here. It’s kind off like dressing for fall in the winter States or sometimes even less.

  1. Sweaters and dresses: While you might want to layer something over a summer dress, a sweater dress (both on sale) can be worn by itself.
  2. Outerwear: The sky is your limit. You can wear a cardiganleather jacketlight utility jacketfaux fur coat… yup, pretty much anything that will give you enough warmth for your location.
  3. Shoes: From oxfords to boots, you have a much bigger range since you won’t see snow in your area. Unless it’s a once in a blue moon day. Though rain boots are a good pair to have for rainy days.
  4. Accessories: You might need or you might don’t need the accessories that a COLD State girl does but one thing is sure, you can wear a scarf to add interest to your outfit as well as for warmth.

Click on the + icon to shop the pieces.

Till next time,
your DC Darling Marina

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ALL WRAPPED UP: BOHO PONCHO Thu, 08 Jan 2015 16:11:10 +0000

I’ve been jonesing to try the new poncho/blanket coat trend, especially since the weather lately has been giving me the chills. The last time I wore one, I was around 9 years old, it was a white, red and blue number that my mom hand knit. I loved it!

The chicest ones where shown on the Burberry runway for Fall 2014. And every street style star was soon sporting the blanket coat trend with sartorial aplomb. I was happy to find a vintage poncho from Turkey just as the trend hit.

I love the idea of wearing a cozy, warm layer on top of a coat!  I’ve tried wearing it over various coats, long and regular length. But since this poncho is relatively long, the best formula is to wrap it over a trim jacket or coat that’s on the shorter side to avoid unnecessary bulk.  As the temps warm up again I’ll be wearing it over tunic dresses and OTK boots. This cozy trend can go from casual to chic effortlessly, just keep a close eye on the proportions to assure a flattering silhouette.

How you would style it poncho/blanket coat trend? Share in the comments below.

XO Sasha

Poncho over coatPoncho over coatPoncho over coatPoncho over coatPoncho over coat

Stylist: Sasha Maksutenko
Location: Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco
Vibe: Poncho love

Poncho, Vintage (similar here & here) / Coat, Vintage, (similar here and here) / Jeans, Zara, (similar here and here) / Booties, Vintage (similar here and here) / Purse, See by Chloe here, (similar here and here) / Sterling silver bracelet, Sasha Maks Vintage contact (similar here and here).

The wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling have one goal: to connect you with your style.  Let us build a wardrobe you can count on.

Photography by Jennymay Villarete 

]]> 4 A SMALL WINTER WEDDING Mon, 05 Jan 2015 16:54:47 +0000

After nearly a decade of knowing one another, my hubby and I were married on December 27th, 2014.  I didn’t want a big wedding (or any wedding at all for that matter) but my family was eager to celebrate the occasion, so we settled for a compromise.  We were married on the grounds at Pomona College, where my husband teaches chemistry.  Less than twenty people attended, which was perfect for me, as the event required minimal planning.  Given So Cal’s mild climate, we were able to have an outdoor ceremony in December.  I liked the idea of a garden wedding and crisp winter colors, so really it was perfect.  I didn’t hire a pro photographer, but my friend (and assistant) Jessica was on hand to snap some pics.  In this case, a picture speaks volumes, so here are some of my faves.


An old colonial house with a sweet little garden.

An old colonial house with a sweet little garden.

During the ceremony.  Loved my updo by Mannie at Vive Beauty Lounge.

During the ceremony. Loved my updo by Mannie at Vive Beauty Lounge.

The wedding party, including my 5-year-old stepdaughter on the left, and my wonderful cousins on the right.

The wedding party, including my 5-year-old stepdaughter on the left, and my cousins on the right.

With the parents :)

With the parents.

And with the siblings.

And with the siblings.

Little munchkins.

Little munchkins.

With our California family, including my 90-year-old Nana.

With our California family, including my 90-year-old Nana.

Just the two of us <3

Just the two of us <3

And of course my dress, from the front...

And of course my dress, from the front…

...and the back.

…and the back.

All floral arrangements thanks to my aunt!

All floral arrangements thanks to my aunt!

And let's not forget one of the cake, which was completely devoured.

And let’s not forget one of the cake, which was completely delicious and devoured.

And for anyone wondering (since a lot of people already asked)…my dress is by LA designer Sue Wong and my lipstick is Too Faced Melted in Ruby.  So glad to share these pics with all of you!  Thanks for reading!  Xo

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TWO WAYS TO WEAR YOUR LBD Sun, 04 Jan 2015 17:47:57 +0000

Day 4 into 2015! I hope everyone is doing well and are going strong with sticking to their goals. Cold weather is really starting to dip here in North Texas. While I may enjoy wearing dresses, I’ve worked on converting my dresses into winter wear. Take a look!


FullSizeRender (9)

One Dress…2 Ways!

The 2 questions I ask myself when converting a dress to winter wear are:

1) Can I wear an additional piece underneath (i.e. collard shirt, long sleeve,etc)?

Let’s face it, there are just some dresses that don’t need any additions. Which asks the next question;

2) Can I throw a blouse on top?

I can guarantee you will recreate several looks by adding a piece under or over your Little Black Dress!

(Please keep in mind, I may add a coat, scarf or any other winter gear depending on the weather!)

UD Blog Post















UD Blog post 2.3

Blog post 2 pic



A-line sleeveless black dress similar here

Sweater is similar here

Black and Gold statement necklace similar here

Skinny Belt to create a waist similar here

Kate Spade Black wallet similar here

Black ankle bootie similar here

Brown Lace-Up Boots similar here

Long Sleeve Collard Shirt similar here

Quick Tip!  Pick  a dress that can be worn to parties, lunches, and events.  Then, alter it for the right occasion!

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MEGAN’S STORY Sat, 03 Jan 2015 21:27:28 +0000

I have known Megan for many years.  She is a fun, sweet, energetic wife, mom to three adorable little ones, and an amazing hair stylist (insert hair flip because she is MY hair stylist).  Last year Megan lost 100lbs, changing her lifestyle not to mention her appearance dramatically.  While she was happier and healthier, she had trouble dressing for her new body and had deep rooted confidence blocks.

I truly believe that if you look good on the outside you feel good on the inside, so I was so excited when she gave me the opportunity to “do my thing” and help her take a step towards her confident self by doing a closet audit.  I was even more excited when she agreed to let me film it and tell her story!

You can hear her inspirational story below!

Special thanks to Huffaker Films for filming and Makeup by Ceilidh for doing my makeup.

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EXPLORING AMERICAN HISTORY Fri, 02 Jan 2015 17:57:37 +0000

Now that the craziness of the holidays is over, it’s time to get back to a normal schedule but with the vision of a fresh start in the New Year 2015. Still remembering how we celebrated the Millennium it is insane how time flies. A lot has changed and I am blessed with a lot of things. Naturally we always want more but sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves of what we got.
As a 2015 resolution, I would like to be more proactive in everything I do. What is your plan?

What happened so far?
January 1st: Visited George Washingston’s Mount Vernon
It’s cool to see places were history was made!


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NYE PARTY LOOK Wed, 31 Dec 2014 13:40:07 +0000





KE OB14-2

Photos by Melissa Leigh Hansen Photography

Forever 21 coat similar here, Forever 21 beaded tank here, Zara faux leather leggings here, Ivanka Trump cutout booties similar here,  Snakeskin clutch similar here, Long stone earrings (made by me!) similar here

Well here we are! It’s New Year’s Eve and it’s time to figure out what to wear for that special party.  My suggestion for spicing up any look is to go for embellishments. Sequins, beads, velvet, leather, and lace are a few that I love and also make a statement.  I decided to go the sequin, bead, and leather route with this outfit.  This beaded top from Forever 21 really pops underneath this winter white coat.  After things warm up at the party, I plan on taking the coat off to reveal the sexy back.  The faux leather leggings are a nice balance to the exposed back of the top.  And again, I’m mixing black and navy, the chicest color combo on the planet. (See my post here on this color mix.) To finish off the look, I added these sexy cutout booties from Ivanka Trump. Are your ready to party in style for NYE? Here are some suggestions to turn up the heat.  All of these tops would look amazing under a leather jacket or blazer. Happy New Year from all of us at Urban Darling!


]]> 1

“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”   – Gustave Flaubert

FullSizeRender (7)

I believe that we are all meant to live with a purpose, and I am blessed to feel that I have found mine. I believe that the place you call “home” is what you make of it, and Dallas is my HOME. I believe we all have several passions to explore asides from our occupations. As for myself, giving back to humanity though community service and bringing out the best in people through fashion, are two passions that drive me to do what I do. I believe every experience is an opportunity for growth, to learn about ourselves, and improve with our failures. This is my first experience with blogging (ever), and I’m excited to see where it goes!

FullSizeRender (4)

My name is Vanessa Espinoza, and I am Texas born and raised! Being of Mexican heritage allows me to embrace both the American and Mexican cultures which adds a kick to my personality and style. Living in Dallas, in my perspective, is a special city. To me, I see it as the melting pot of the Southwest. There are endless amounts of ethnicities that reside in this beautiful city which gives it color and vibrancy just like our famous skyline. A very business savvy place with pockets of communities who hold strong family values, Dallas has a lot to offer to everyone (of course there would

FullSizeRender (1)

Through my blog posts, I hope to inspire you to build confidence by helping you develop your wardrobe to create your personal style.

Fun Facts

The accessory I can’t live without is….
A statement necklace! They dress UP any basic tee.

The fashion trend I dislike the most is….
Character print sweatshirts. yuck.

The fashion trend I like the most is…
Collared Shirts and Skinny Jeans (or straight leg jeans). Boy do I love this combo!

My Style Icon…
Zoe Saldana.  Not only is she beautiful and elegant, but she is also a strong, outspoken, charming and confident woman.

My personal style is….
Depends on the occasions which vary day by day. My closet in particular is a mixture of pieces; vintage, classy, prints, urban. However, if I had to place myself in a category, I would say that my look is usually Hipster Chic or Trendy.


Contact Information:
Instagram: vanessadarlingdallas
Facebook: Vanessa Darling
Twitter: @ve_ne554

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MERRY X-MAS Fri, 26 Dec 2014 18:59:51 +0000

First of, I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays! I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas dinner and enjoyed the festive time with your loved once. This year I am overjoyed to have my mom here. Since she lives in Germany that’s not always the case. We are keeping it pretty casual. Yesterday we went for a stroll in Washington D.C. Everyone needs to see the National Mall if they are visiting for the first time. Today we will be enjoying Old Town Alexandria and the National Harbor. I have to say, this year the holidays kind of slipped by on me. Between work and home, I didn’t even get into the X-mas spirit yet and now it’s already almost over. Well, now since I have couple of days off maybe the NYE excitement will hit me. We will be hosting a party at our place out of practical reasons. I can put my daughter to bed when she is tired, no DD is needed and we won’t have to spent lots of money by going out that day.
What are your plans for New Years Eve?


]]> 2

Wardrobe staples for the new year
The new year calls for a wardrobe refresh to take you out of a dressing rut and make 2015 a more stylish and versatile sartorial experience. This year I have covered staples like breton stripes, a masculine blazer, oxfords, and the trends that influenced the fashion scene from 60s silhouettes, denim trends, the blanket coat and shearling, fringe and sheer dressing. Here’s a distillation of the essential wardrobe pieces that will take you from season to season in an elegant, modern, and updated fashion.

What are the wardrobe essentials you’ll invest in for the new year? Please share in the comments.
Happy Holidays!
XO Sasha
Wear with separates to the office with a pointed toe heel or after work with jeans and sneaks. If you already own a black blazer then get the tuxedo jacket in white, it’s more festive but just as versatile for evening and casual looks.
Topshop ‘Mensy’ Blazer 169.99


Relaxed skinny jeans
The relaxed skinny hits the sweet spot between skintight and loose.
7 for All Mankind Relaxed Skinny Jeans $120.78

Chelsea boot

The classic Chelsea boot in patent leather looks chic with everything. Wear with a mini dress or skinny jeans.
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Chelsea Boot $398.30
Sasha Maks Vintage Dior Necklace
A chunky statement necklace is your go-to piece from t-shirts to strapless LBDs.
Sasha Maks Vintage Christian Dior Necklace $365

Robe coat
A luxe investment piece to last a lifetime. Wrap the robe style over a cocktail dress for a night out on the town, and top off patch denim over brunch.
Annie P Belted Wool Coat $418.00


Bucket bag
It’s all about the statement accessory. The bucket bag reaches It bag status.
Rebecca Minkoff Lexi Bucket Bag $375
Wrap mini skirt
Channel 60s French chanteuse and style icon, Francoise Hardy, in a wrap mini with an asymmetric hem. Wear the updated classic with an oversized sweater and Chelsea boots.
Topshop Asymmetrical Mini Skirt $59.99

Ankle strap heels
Go anywhere in style in dressy pointed toe flats without sacrificing comfort.
Belle by Sigerson Morrison Flat $195


A-Line dress
Go mod in an A-line dress. Wear with flats for day, and transition into night with 0ver-the-knee boots.
Topshop Blurred Jacquard A-Line Dress $70
High-tops, low-tops, or slip-ons the sneaker is major player on the fashion scene. Wear with a sweater dress, a mini skirt or pants.
J.Crew Nike Blazer Vintage Sneakers $100

You’ll be reaching for the statement sweatshirt several times a week. It makes getting dressed in the morning a breeze. Wear with destroyed denim or leather pants.
Foiled Sweatshirt $195

Snake Earrings

Take your pick from, whimsical animal motifs, over-the-top chandelier styles or cuff earrings. Will you dare rock the single earring trend?
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Snake Earrings $78

Moto jacket

The moto jacket in Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year–Marsala. Wear the cool-girl staple with an A-line dress and flats.
Anne Taylor Faux Leather Moto Jacket $198

The wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling have one goal: to connect you with your style.  Let us build a wardrobe you can count on.  


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HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM URBAN DARLING Wed, 24 Dec 2014 12:41:07 +0000

On behalf of myself and everyone at Urban Darling, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I have the love of fashion but my first love was music.  Before I became a mom and a wife, I was pursuing my dream of become a orchestral flutist.  This dream didn’t happen but my love for playing the flute has never changed. I play at my church and get such joy from performing.  I thought on this special day that I would share this joy.  Thank you for listening!


Ella Moss lace dress similar here, Jeffrey Campbell ankle strap heels similar here

]]> 4
NO MORE CRYING IN THE DRESSING ROOM: 11 AND 1/2 TIPS Sat, 20 Dec 2014 16:59:15 +0000

Tis the season for crazy shopping frenzies and overspending. I will not be partipating in either, I did my Christmas shopping the way I do all my shopping. With a plan.  If you have ever hired me for personal shopping you know that I ALWAYS have a plan and I NEVER go shopping without first having the outfit mostly planned in my head. Having a plan saves time, money and heart ache especially when you are clothes shopping.  You can’t always hire a personal shopper so here are some tips to help you score the perfect outfit and keep you from crying in the dressing room.

When I go shopping with a client we ALWAYS have a style board and a list of specific items. We ONLY look at things that are on our list and that fit our style board esthetic. We also ALWAYS have a budget and we NEVER go over.

The plan:

1. What occasion or event am I shopping for?

2. What will I be doing at the event? Will you be on stage? Above people? Will those people be able to see up your skirt?

3. How do I want to be portrayed when I walk into the room?

4. What is my budget? BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET

Tips before you go shopping:

5. Don’t shop when you are: tired, cranky, emotional, mad, hungry or hangry, or have an unrealistic time frame to find something.

6. Go as far to have ideas for specific items you will look at.  Pinterest is an awesome tool for this! You can check out my Pinterest board for outfit ideas.

7. Plan on trying things on. YES you have to.

8. Stay focused. Stick to your list, anything else can wait for another trip.

Trying things on:

They say that the dressing room is the lonliest place on earth.  You DO have to try things on but avoid that lonly feeling by spending as little time in there as possible!

9. Only try things on that you LOVE.

10. Be honest with yourself.

11. Phone a friend. An honest friend that will tell you if something is or isn’t working.


11.5. Don’t buy anything that you don’t LOVE. Yep even underwear.


]]> 0
SHOPPING AT DSW Fri, 19 Dec 2014 18:39:43 +0000

Yesterday’s plan was to meet my friend for lunch at La Madeleine’s but that changed as she discovered that her laptop was acting up in the morning. Fixing technology was the number one priority now.
Arriving at the new destination we now had to kill 3 hours before the “doctor” appointment.
What is there to do when you are in a shopping area? YUP!
DSW it is! I love shoes, can’t have enough of them. Are you the same way?
I always check their clearance racks first. If you get lucky you can get up to an additional 70% off. Who doesn’t like a bargain like that? Unfortunately I don’t always have that many options there since I am a size 5 in sandals and a 5.5 in boots but from time to time I find something and then it’s even more special. All the other sizer are a goldmine :-) And even if you don’t find anything on the clearance racks, don’t give up since they always have BIG DEAL items throughout the store. That’s how I got the Unisa booties that I am wearing below back in April. The Phyllis bootie is now only available at JC Penny in several sizes but DSW has the Pippah bootie that’s very similar by the same brand. I basically live in them since it got colder. Easy on and off, comfortable due to the low heel and stylish.


My look: Sweater by Joseph A. (similar here) / Cardigan by Ellen Tracy scored at T.J.Maxx (exact here)
Faux leather leggings via Forever 21 (sold out, similar here) / Pendent Necklace by Pierre Lang


This Micheal Kors Selma satchel is an early Xmas present from my hubby! At this point it’s very hard to find the Aqua color since it’s sold out everywhere. I only found it here and here. But I also like this fuchsia and blue.

These are my purchases from DSW before we enjoyed our lunch at Not Your Average Joes.

Till next Friday,
your Washington DC Darling Marina

]]> 1 URBAN CHIC CAMO Thu, 18 Dec 2014 17:16:06 +0000

I’m a new covert to the camo print. And I love how the abstract print can be worn just as you would a leopard print, in other words treat it as a neutral. To infuse this decidedly utilitarian pattern with urban chic, style it with luxe fabrics like suede and leather. A classic, gray single breasted coat elevates any look.

How do you like to wear a camouflage print? Please share in the comments.
XO Sasha

Camo shirt and suede skirt
Camo shirt and suede skirtCamo shirt and suede skirtCamo shirt and suede skirtCamo shirt and suede skirt

Stylist: Sasha Maksutenko
Location: Hayes Valley, San Francisco
Vibe: Camo + Suede Dressed up Camo

Shirt, Current Elliott here (similar here & here) / Skirt, Vintage, (similar here and here) / Coat, Vintage Krizia, (similar here and here) / Booties, Martha Davis (similar here and here) / Purse, Scabby Robot here, (similar here and here) / Gold tone pendant necklace, Sasha Maks Vintage contact (similar here and here).

The wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling have one goal: to connect you with your style.  Let us build a wardrobe you can count on.  

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