The New Urban Darling The internet's most trusted network of personal, professional, wardrobe stylists Tue, 21 Oct 2014 18:33:43 +0000 en-US hourly 1 SWEATER WEATHER Mon, 20 Oct 2014 18:21:17 +0000 The weather is finally turning cool here in So Cal!  September tends to be our hottest month, and the dry desert heat spills over into early October.  But now as the month is nearing its end, temperatures are dropping and you can feel a bit of fall in the air.  In my mind, if it hasn’t cooled down by Halloween something is wrong.  I love autumn leaves, Halloween pumpkins, and the cool crisp outdoor air.  Not to mention, I can finally start dressing for fall.  I’m in love with fall fashion – badass boots, statement making coats, and of course cozy soft sweaters.  I tend to add a few new sweaters to my wardrobe every fall.  In case you’re looking to do the same, here are my top picks from around the web.


Soft colors, slightly oversized, the right mix of cozy and fem.  This one is easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion.


A classic red cowl neck at a great price.  This sweater will serve you for many seasons to come.


Black and white and fuzzy is pretty much a no brainer!


I love the soft draping and subtle fringe detail.  Plus this sweater can be worn open or closed.


Everyone needs a fun printed sweater.  I love the shades of green and the simple silhouette.

]]> 2 CLIMATE CONTROL: TIPS FOR SEASON(LESS) DRESSING Sun, 19 Oct 2014 11:29:14 +0000 Ahhhh, Fall is in the air!  I know this because of the Sears & Roebuck sized fashion mags currently filling up my mailbox.  I can’t, however, say that it’s because of any real change in season.  Admittedly, the temp has dropped a whopping 10 degrees here , leaving us in the high 70’s, and it does give us the slightest hope of some good hair days ahead, but to say that it is truly Fall would be a stretch.


Try new lip & eye colors – I’m loving Plums this Fall

We’ve all experienced the letdown of seeing fashion forecasts for the upcoming season and then realizing that what we are seeing in stores and in magazines simply won’t due for the climate in which we live.  Our friends from the great north may experience this in the Spring when sandals and sleeveless abound and vice versa for the southern gals who crave heavy coats & scarves in the winter.

Rather than giving up (NOT an option) this is an opportunity to step outside the box a little bit and get creative.  Keep in mind that fashion is completely up to personal interpretation so take the images you are seeing and think of them more as a jumping off point.  Think about how you can take a look and then translate it into what is actually wearable for your situation.

So how do we overcome these wardrobe challenges without looking completely ridiculous?  Living in a subtropical climate, Fall is my biggest challenge and turning the A/C down to the lowest setting to pretend it’s a different season isn’t really very realistic.  (or so I’m told…)  Here are some ways that I’ll be adapting my wardrobe for “fall”.


Fall fabrics are a fantastic way of making the transition but with a sleeveless dress you all set for those warmer days.  (Find similar dress here)


Too hot for wool?  How about just selecting the shades of the season?  The breathable fabric is climate friendly but the darker colors and accessories are perfect for “feeling” the season and a departure from the lighter colors of summer.  (Find similar outfit here


I’m not really sure why loafers say “Fall” to me, but they always have.  Mix them up with jeans and the right colors and voila!  You’ve got a fresh fall look without looking out of place. (Scarf: Similar here | Jeans: Similar here | Jacket: Similar here | Loafers: Similar here)

If all else fails and you’re not up for a full on wardrobe remix, that’s okay.  Cosmetics and accessories are an absolute no brainer for a quick seasonal refresh.  They are the easiest and least expensive ways to add hints of the season when there are no other alternatives.  Why not try something new? A trendy mani/pedi if that’s your style – or just a hint of the color of the season for the more conservative fashionista.



(Lip Stain: Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain – Exact here | Eyeshadow: Lancome Mauve Cherie – Exact here | Nail Polish: OPI The Cable Carpool Lane – Exact here | Nicole OPI: Carri’D Away – Exact here)

Darlings, be sure to check our our FB page to see what I’m wearing for “fall” as I wind up my 30 Days of Style.  I’d love to know what you’re doing for the season in your neck of the woods!

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HALLOWEEN IN STYLE Sat, 18 Oct 2014 16:17:56 +0000 It is fun to dress up for Halloween but, I have noticed more often than not (with working in a costume shop in the past) most women would much rather wear a stylish outfit and just add an accessory to have their look more Halloween friendly. That way ladies stay more stylish on Halloween rather than cartoon costume crazy .  I am going to show you some cool Halloween friendly accessories to put the BOO! in your style.

SEXY HALLOWEEN STYLE: Go with your little black dress than add some devil horns, sexy stockings, or Bandelettes (like I chose to wear in red) to keep your sexy style but, with some Halloween fun!


PRETTY HALLOWEEN STYLE: When you want to keep it sweet and pretty for Halloween keep the little black dress than add a pretty mask with flowers or rhinestones on it.  You can also add basic black Bandelettes or some lacy stockings to punch up the pretty of your Halloween look while still staying stylish!


WILD ANIMAL HALLOWEEN STYLE: For the women that love to be animals on Halloween try a cute kitty mask or add a clip on tail with matching animal ears headband.  You are still able to walk on the wild side but, keep your fierce style with your little black dress.


FUNNY HALLOWEEN STYLE: For all of you jokers out there who love a good laugh on Halloween try add a pair of handcuffs as your bracelet and let everyone know you were the party animal that broke free.  You can also add a quirky hat like the glittered casino mini top hat pictured above.  Also it is fun to play with Halloween makeup add glitter for some sparkle or some glow in the dark cream shadow to your eyes or lips even and when the lights go out everyone will see how silly yet stylish you really are!


Stylist: Alicia Howell

Location: Ohio

Vibe: Halloween Fun!

So ladies, what will be your Halloween Style this year?! Let us know in the comments and share some fun Halloween ideas of your own!

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FALL BOOT GUIDE Fri, 17 Oct 2014 16:15:36 +0000 How excited are you about the fall season? What is your favorite thing about it? First thing that comes to my mind when I think of fall are the gorgeous colors on the trees. Magical and relaxing at the same time. But, it also means that I get to wake up my boots from their summer sleep. Out of the clear plastic boxes and onto my feet to get some fresh air. Are you with me on this one?
Since there is always room for a new addition, I am eyeballing these once to fill the spot this season.

LUG SOLE: This down to earth option is very much on trend. Choose a minimalist version for an everyday casual style and a chunky version for a cool street-style look. A lug-sole boot will look current with a  sporty bomber jacket.

OVER-THE-KNEE: Step up your game with a boot that requires confidence and the right styling. Play it down by wearing a flat sole or a thick, stacked heel in an autumnal hue. Balance out a sleek and sexy heel with a knit sweater dress.

LACE-UP: From a chic & ladylike stiletto for a night out to a combat boot for the weekend, there is a perfect pair of lace-up’s for all of us. The laces add a texture to the boots which makes them more interesting.

There are so many more options out there… The modern Chelseacomfortable stacked heelstrapped pointy-toe ankle… aahhh, decisions, decisions…

What is your go to boot style and will you be trying something new this year? Share in the comments below. Looking forward to hear from you!

The wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling have one goal: to connect you with your style.  Let us build a wardrobe you can count on.  


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TRENDY MONDAYS: EUROPEAN CHIC IN SAN FRANCISCO Thu, 16 Oct 2014 15:33:58 +0000 Maria and Monica of Trendy Mondays

Trendy Mondays COO Maria Del Puy and CEO Monica Espina.

Trendy Mondays, a new boutique located off of Union Square, is the vision of co-founders COO Maria Del Puy and CEO Monica Espina, to bring new European designers to San Francisco. Originally from Spain, both stylish women serve as buyers for the cosmopolitan 1100 square foot shop.  The boutique features up-and-coming and established Spanish fashion and accessories brands that include Oky ^ Coky, Poete, Custo Barcelona, Van- Dos, Jota+GE and Vaska.  Emerging SF fashion talent you’re in luck! To support the local fashion industry, Trendy Mondays will showcase a local designer on a monthly basis.

I met Maria about a year ago at a fashion event in San Francisco, it was exciting to sit down with her and chat about the chic new venture. Hailing from Bilbao, the elegant fashion stylist, has lived in San Francisco for five years, her background in personal styling  informs the buying strategy for the store, “It was my experience as Fashion Advisor and Stylist in San Francisco that helped me to learn about the necessities of the market, and being able to make the selection of designers and brands we bring”. We are planning to go to Spain for business once or twice per year. Hopefully, we will add different brands in the future, high and low to bring a handpicked selection of fresh and high-end finds from rising and established European designers.”

Launched as a online store in 2012, and with plans to expand with new boutiques in California and other states, Trendy Monday’s, modern, feminine and  look-everyday-amazing women’s fashion is something to celebrate in the local retail scene. Thanks to the charming entrepreneurs  you don’t have to travel 6000 miles to satisfy  your fashion appetite for European chic. 565 Sutter St, 415.318.6520, San Francisco, CA 94102.

Trendy Mondays San Francisco
Trendy Mondays San FranciscoTrendy Mondays San FranciscoTrendy Mondays San FranciscoTrendy Mondays San FranciscoTrendy Mondays San Francisco


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THE NEW NEUTRAL FOR FALL: SHADES OF WINE Wed, 15 Oct 2014 10:00:56 +0000

The rich color oxblood and the many different shades of it (burgundy, maroon, plum) are seen everywhere in the fashion industry right now.  These colors can function like a neutral and can really liven up any wardrobe this season.  I can’t help but think of the many varieties of wine when I see all these beautiful colors.  Instead of the typical LBD, why not go for a beautiful oxblood version? This color can flatter any skin tone and if you are not comfortable with wearing a whole look in these colors, go for an accessory.  I recently purchased a pair of plum colored skinnies by J Brand and I love that they are a departure from the typical denim jeans.  Drink in this new neutral for fall!



Photos by Melissa Leigh Hansen Photography

Forever 21 ombre sweater similar here,  J Brand dark plum skinny jeans here, Ivanka Trump flats similar here, Mellow World Trinity handbag here, Forever 21 tassel necklace similar here

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COLORFUL WINTER COATS Tue, 14 Oct 2014 16:22:07 +0000 IMG_4689




As the winter months are near I certainly am not too excited about pulling out my old navy or black coat out of the closet again, are you?.  So why not go for a vibrant Hue? While we all love neutrals,  a vibrant topper will brighten up the dreariest days and make whatever else you’re wearing feel instantly more special and not to mention your friends can easily spot you from a distance.  So go ahead and do wear a bright coat this winter, whether it be scarlet, taxicab yellow, hot pink, or purple, do spice things up a bit and be noticed.

STYLIST:  Jenny Vincent-Minkey

COAT: taxicab yellow coat from Ralph Lauren (similar styles available here , here,  here ).

The wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling have one goal: to connect you with your style.  Let us build a wardrobe you can count on.    




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Perspiration, Panels, and Pleasantries at my First Techweek Tue, 14 Oct 2014 15:50:09 +0000

As far as conventions go, Techweek is rather unconventional. Though I was focused on ensuring the runway show went smoothly, the experience was far more enjoyable than I had expected. Thanks to Jenny’s command of the styling and the flawless logistics management of Techweek’s field marshal, Art Arellanes (he’s what I imagine Patton would have been like if he worked in production), I was left with a bit of leeway to explore some of what Techweek had to offer.

In spite of how busy they were, Techweek’s personnel were very accommodating, encouraging me to participate in roundtables and inviting me to moderate a panel discussion on wearable technology that connected me with some interesting leaders in the industry. Jason Fass, the CEO of Zepp US, inadvertently sold me on his multi-sport Sensor somewhere between explaining that the device captured a thousand data points per second and suggesting it could improve my tennis game (which at my level of athletic hopelessness would be an extraordinary feat for such a beguilingly compact device). Hopefully I’ll scrounge up the time to test it out and give it a review.

Now if only it could make me taller…

The overall ambiance was more laid-back than I expected, with the VIP lounge replete with haute furnishings and custom cocktails courtesy of Ketel One (I would’ve expected a sponsorship from Red Bull at a tech conference, or at least something with caffeine in it). The dapper-casual attire of the Techweek team was also not what one would expect of a stereotypical “techie” and their signature pocket squares were a stylish touch. While the bustle was dialed up in the main expo area, the audio wasn’t overwhelming, in spite of the throng of attendees circulating between the LAUNCH stage, the main stage, and the myriad sponsor exhibits.

My favorite exhibit was actually hosted by American Airlines and featured their newly “dreamlined” domestic first-class offering. Fully lie-flat seats, ample workspace, and power to feed your devices were just a few of the niceties I noticed, though I didn’t linger in the seat too long as I’m prone to sudden naps. In addition to the well-appointed seats, the AA rep, Hunter, mentioned high-resolution touchscreens and premium Bose headphones would also be available to first-class passengers and proceeded to make a compelling case for defecting from my current carrier of choice, Virgin (which would’ve sold me if I actually traveled in first-class). AA’s business offerings have also been aggressively revamped, demonstrating that the carrier has awakened to the threat posed by upstarts like Virgin and is prepared to go toe-to-toe to win the millennial demographic. Since AA has more gates than Virgin, it’s very possible I’ll have cause to fly with them soon and will be sure to give updated impressions when that occurs.

AA’s new logo is sleeker than I am after three days of food carts – fortunately, the airline has added more space to every class of carriage.

There was a great deal of business savvy and brainpower on tap at the event and it was encouraging to see luminaries in tech and finance addressing issues such as gearing investment toward maximizing social benefit (or impact) rather than maximizing short-term profits. While I was only in NY for three days to oversee the runway show, L.A. is much more familiar territory and I plan to participate in this November’s Techweek from day 1.

Overall, I had a great time and am eager to see what the next event has in store. If you’re slated to be in L.A. from November 17-23, don’t hesitate to stop by Urban Darling’s exhibit and say hi (I’ll be there for a good chunk of the time). With the event over a month off, you can grab presale tickets at a steep discount via Techweek’s website, though check around and see if there are any coupon codes to sweeten the deal (I’ll update this if I spot one).

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JEWEL TONES AND APPLE ORCHARDS Sun, 12 Oct 2014 14:21:59 +0000 IMG_7441





Fall is one of my favorite times of year with bright orange, red and yellow leaves, crisp air and apple orchards. With winter just around the corner, the Twin Cities are buzzing with Oktoberfest, art shows, book shows and of course apple picking outings, so having an outfit that can transition from being outdoors to going out for a drink or two is a must. Bold jewel tones compliment the fall season perfectly, so as my friend Katy and I prepared for our day of fun, I chose to wear several rich hues in this warm layered outfit. The vintage navy cashmere cardigan is comfy and cozy but light enough on warmer fall days as it has 3/4 sleeves. Cardigans are staple sweaters in any wardrobe because they are the perfect layering piece year round. This skirt is a layered teal and navy velvet with pops of emerald green, deep burnt orange and soft cream. Cooler weather doesn’t mean you have to put away your skirts, instead opt out for heavier fabrics and tights. Bold berry shades are beautiful during the fall so I chose these fun opak tights for a rich pop of color, finishing off the look with a chunky turquoise bracelet and ring.

Skirt (similar here, similar here)

Cardigan- Stylist’s personal vintage (similar here, similar here)

Accessories- Tights (exact here), Ring- Stylist’s personal vintage (similar here), Bracelet- Stylist’s personal vintage (similar here)

Makeup-  Eyes (shadow here, liner here) , Lips (stick here, liner here)

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STYLIST IN SEATTLE Sat, 11 Oct 2014 12:34:36 +0000 Seattle is one of my favorite cities, I love the art, the energy, the smell of fresh fish and just the overall vibe.  I try to get there a couple times a year for both work and play.

This time I was there to be in the audience of CreativeLive, an online photography education resource (I am also a photographer for those that don’t know) While I was there to learn, I of course found time to shop and I was in need of some new jeans so off to the mall I went.  Jeans are one of those things that I don’t recommend buying online, you really need to try them on, see where the pockets, seams and everything else fall on your body and to compare with other pairs.  I always tell my styling clients “with the right pair of jeans and a the perfect hair cut you can take over the world” !!

While I did find the perfect pair of jeans, my hair was long over do for a cut and color.  To make matters worse I forgot my curling iron and the damp Seattle weather makes my hair go into what I call “lioness mode”.  Luckily I was in a workshop with some amazing, talented photographers and met Kristina of Kristina Houser Photography who was willing to put me in front of her camera despite my lioness mane.  Thank you Kristina, you brave soul!!!

My fav find besides the take over the world jeans was this studded motto jacket.  It is lightweight and perfect for the cool Seattle weather.

You can find my exact outfit in these links or similar items not from Torrid below. Exact from Torrid Jeans: HERE Shirt: HERE Jacket: HERE 








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FNO @ UNDENIABLE BOUTIQUE Fri, 10 Oct 2014 18:31:17 +0000 Recently I attended a Fashionista’s Night Out event at the super stylish Undeniable Boutique in Fairfax, VA. At the time of the event the store was visually decorated to showcase the evolution of fashion. I loved all the photography and the industrial touches throughout the store.


Undeniable Boutique is the perfect shopping destination if you want something different and unique. From retro to modern, from casual to sexy, from local to international designers, this local boutique offers something for every style and budget.


Congratulations to the lovely Alicia Russman (owner, seen in both pics above) who made her vision a success!
If you live in the Northern Virginia / DC area be sure to visit them to find your next fall/winter must have. For people outside the area, Alicia and the team constantly post new arrivals on their Facebook page where you can arrange shipments to your doorstep.


During the event I also had the pleasure of meeting Tracey (hottie in the middle) and the whole team from Style Me Bar. If you are a busy woman with no time to go to a salon then they can hook you up!


My friend and I had a great time! Thank you to everyone who made it happen!
Undeniable Boutique for hosting, AllyKat Photography for capturing the moments and DJ Lion L for the music.

My look: After several outfit changes I decided to go for the cool girl look :-)
Wearing: BCBG vest (similar on sale here), Forever 21 faux leather leggings (exact here), Philosophy by Republic top via Last Call (similar on sale here), Talbots T-strap heels (similar here), clutch via TJ Maxx (similar here)

The wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling have one goal: to connect you with your style.  Let us build a wardrobe you can count on.  

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FALL FASHION STATEMENT: COZY FALL KNITS Thu, 09 Oct 2014 15:44:17 +0000 Fall is here and San Francisco is in the midst of a very intense heat wave. But it’s hard to resist the cozy knits that are beckoning as soon as the temps plummet. As fashion lovers know, nothing beats fall and winter fashion! Tactile textures and enveloping shapes is the direction for autumn. Make a fashion statement in big sweaters and  knitted pants this season.
Scroll down for my fave picks. Keep warm and look amazing!

Sanctruary cable knit sweaterThe sweater/sweatshirt mash up is very modern and the asymmetrical zip adds a decorative edge.

Sanctuary Cable-Knit Sweatshirt $69 Macy’s

Asos mohair sweater
Playful, fuzzy and practical.

Asos Mohair Sweater in Hexagon Pattern $95.22 Asos

JOA oversized sweater
Who could resist this rich, intoxicating color?
JOA Ovesized Sweater in Wine Red $72 Bluefly

7 For All Mankind Skinny knit pantsSexy and comfortable.

7 For All Mankind Skinny-Leg $178 Neiman Marcus

Free People knit harem pantsCasual-cool and rich textured.
Free People Sweater Harem Pants $102.99

Trina Turk Zigzag wide leg knit pantsMissoni-esque chic.

Trina Turk Zigzag Wide Leg Pants $160 Neiman Marcus

How are you bundling up stylishly for fall? Please share in the comments below.

The wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling have one goal: to connect you with your style.  Let us build a wardrobe you can count on.  

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3 ACCESSORY ORGANIZERS FOR YOUR CLOSET Wed, 08 Oct 2014 10:00:06 +0000 IMG_5204This time of year has been so busy for me because of the many closet audits I am doing with my clients. With the beginning of Fall, everyone wants to get their wardrobe organized to make their lives stress free. (We at Urban Darling are very well-equipped to do this, so contact us!) During these sessions, I discover that many people have items like jewelry, scarves, and handbags piled in a corner, thrown in a bin, or just put in a place out of sight in their closet. What’s really important when getting dressed everyday is to be able to see everything you have in your closet in order to pull the look you are interested in creating. Fat chance of doing this if that amazing printed scarf you have is on the bottom of that bin way back in the corner of your closet.  Here are three organizers that I have in my own closet that keep your accessories organized and in plain view. As you can see, my closet is very narrow and I share it with my husband so it’s important to keep everything out in the open. All of these organizers were bought from The Container Store.  ( I can spend hours there! )

Acrylic Chest and Tray – I am obsessed with jewelry so I have lots of pieces to work with.  These acrylic items are perfect because I can see what’s in them and I’m able to find those perfect statement pieces to accentuate my look for the day.  A bonus with these is that they looks fabulous on your shelf.  I have my statement necklaces and bracelets in the chest while I have my rings in the tray on top.  One other jewelry organizer I recommend is the jewelry board by After the Leaves Fall shop on Etsy.  See my past post here to read more about the jewelry board.


Scarf Organizer – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into a closet audit and I’ve heard a client say that they didn’t realize that they had such beautiful scarves in their closet.  Having this at end of your hanger bar is the perfect way to see all of them.  Plus, they won’t get snagged because of the smooth finish of the hanger.


6-Section Shoe & Handbag Organizer – Besides my jewelry obsession, there is my handbag collection. I love clutches especially.  Clutches are little harder to locate because they are smaller and can be piled together which can make it difficult finding the perfect one to go with your date night outfit.  I put similar color clutches together to make it easier to find what I’m looking for.  And of course, you can always do shoes in it as well. I have the 12-pair shoes organizer specifically for my shoes.  Go here to see that one.


What type of organization tools do you use in your closet? Have a good rest of the week and call us if you need some help with your closet.  We are the experts!

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THE MARY MENDEZ DOLMAN DRESS Tue, 07 Oct 2014 21:12:45 +0000 IMG_4006









The Mary Mendez collection is a clothing line started in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2013. Mary Mendez is a Brooklyn born fashion designer who after many years of being in the fashion industry decided to venture out on her own. The line consists of luxury fabrics in soft fluid silhouettes that are meant to make women wearing them, look & feel beautiful, sophisticated and confident in anything that they do. They also have the versatility of wearing them casually during the day or add an extra jewel and great heel to dress it up for a night out.

I recently purchased this little silk dress from #Marymendez and I absolutely adore it.  I love its vibrant color and versatility and as seen above you can wear it in so many different ways and throughout all 4 season.  Dress it up or down, add layers for more coverage depending on the weather, the possibilities are many and it is entirely up to you how you choose to rock your #marymendez.  This is one purchase that will get you your money’s worth.

The dress is available for purchase at in solid colors and prints.

The wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling have one goal: to connect you with your style.  Let us build a wardrobe you can count on.    





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PACKING WITH PRECISION: 12 DAYS | 15 PIECES | 30+ COMBOS Sun, 05 Oct 2014 12:00:14 +0000 Admittedly, I’m a high maintenance packer when it comes to anywhere we’re going in a car.  I mean it’s kind of like a huge suitcase on wheels, right?!  If you’re driving, chances are that you’re going on vacay where you I, can completely justify 2 outfits a day (one for actually wearing on a designated day, and the other for if I’m not feeling the one I’d originally planned).


Flying, however, is a completely different beast and is definitely more realistic in the packing arena.  The truth is that we never actually wear all of those clothes we thought we couldn’t live without.  If you’ve had the opportunity to read my last post on Jet Set Packing, you know some of my must have carryon items for travel.  Now it’s time to get serious about what actually goes into my suitcase.

 So here’s my current scenario…I’m on a Workcation (real word in my world) where the climate is still quite hot and it a lot of rain is expected.  I’m on a buy trip for a gift shop so am doing a lot of traipsing through crowded & dusty markets, as well as attending in person meetings.  Sensible shoes are a must as is comfort clothing for the climate, culture and meetings.

So how did I pack to maximize my wardrobe while minimizing valuable real estate in my luggage for those extras I’ll be picking up along the way?  Remember, I want to have multiple options available even if it’s for only 12 days.


Planning is the key, but it doesn’t have to weigh you down with proper preparation and the right formula.  Here are my quick tips for successful packing:

  • Begin by checking the weather and thinking about the activities you will be doing (work, dinners out, casual outings, etc).   {TIP: Always check all the way up to the last minute as conditions change in an instant.}
  • Choose a color palette that will maximize versatility.  My preferences are black/navy, white, khaki & denim – they always look put together with only a few accessories and don’t call too much attention.
  • Though it may seem counterintuitive, pack  fewer tops and more bottoms to maximize combinations.  Think about it: 1 pair of jeans + 7 tops = 7 outfits where 3 bottoms + 4 tops = at LEAST 12 combos with fewer items packed.  Limit your shoes to 3 pairs.

So how was I able to give myself over 30 options with only 15 pieces?



Darlings, curious to know about the final combos I came up with on my trip?  Check out our Urban Darling FB page, where I’m snapping daily pics in October for my month of style, and let us know what you think!

Bottoms: Black/White Ponte Skirt – Target (Similar Here ) | Khaki Skirt – Talbots (Similar Here & Here) |Black Shorts – Target (Similar Here & Here) | Paisley Pants – AAFES (Similar Here & Here)  | Boyfriend Jeans – Talbots (Similar Here & HereTops: Chambray Shirt – Old Navy (Similar Here & Here) | Black & Purple Tanks – Target (Similar Here & Here) | Navy Tank AAFES (Similar Here & Here) | Black & White Tank – Forever 21  (Similar Here & Here)  Dress: LBD – GAP (Similar Here & Here)  Scarves: Black & White – Thailand Street Buy| Floral – Target Shoes: Bobs – AAFES (Exact Here

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TOP PICKS FROM ANN TAYLOR’S FALL SALE Fri, 03 Oct 2014 12:00:20 +0000 Ann Taylor is having a FAB FALL SALE right now. 60% OFF already reduces styles to be exact. I stumbled over it yesterday and thought I would share it with you all before it’s gone.
What I love about the brand is that all the pieces are timeless and can transition into many lifestyles. From work to play, from petite to tall, from classic to trendy… everyone can find something that they love. Here are my TOP 5 from the extended sale selection.

I can totally see myself in this shirtdress paired with this necklace as well.
Please share your favorite and how you would wear it in the comments below!
Till next Friday, Marina

The wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling have one goal: to connect you with your style. Let us build a wardrobe you can count on™.

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FALL RUNWAY INSPIRED: SHEARLING, FRINGE, AND SHEER DRESSING Thu, 02 Oct 2014 15:39:15 +0000 Shearling Trends Fall 2014

Seen on the Fall runways of Sacai, Prada and Burberry Prorsum and many others, the fuzzy, cozy, shearling coat can be found in every flavor. Oversizedcolor blocked, biker inspired or the more familiar 70s folk version. Whichever iteration piques your sartorial imagination, this chic outwear of choice will keep you warm in the cold weather months to come.
Fringe Trends Fall 2014

Add a key trend to your wardrobe this season with luxe fringe. Seen on clothing and accessories on the Fall 2014 runways at Valentino, Michael Kors and Lanvin, the sometimes extravagant embellishment proved sophisticated and wearable. Whether adding as an accent with a pair of booties or a belt, or embracing the trend in a coat, a western inspired jacket or a cozy poncho the eye-catching, tactile trend will add fringe benefits (I couldn’t resist) to your fall/winter ensembles.Runway Inspired Sheer Dresses

Dresses and skirts featuring sheer lace and panels where another big trend of note displayed on the runways at Givenchy, Prada, and Simone Rocha to name but a few. The diaphanous garments evoked a seductive glamour. To translate this trend for day choose the placement of sheer panels wisely, pick a shirt dress with sheer sleeves or a skirt with a sheer overlay.

For completely sheer garments, invest in a good quality camisole and  slip, choose nude to maintain the illusion of transparency. Wearing a tight fitting dress underneath a transparent dress will also do the trick.

Which runway  trend is going to refresh your closet this fall? Please share in the comments.
xx Sasha

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3 FAVORITE STORES REVEALED Wed, 01 Oct 2014 11:30:02 +0000  

L'agence dress from CUSP

L’agence studded halter dress from CUSP

One question I get asked from clients a lot is where do I love to shop.  I will shop anywhere (yes, I’m obsessed) but I do have my favorites.  Whether I peruse these retailer’s goods online or in store, I always seem to find something that stands out and makes a statement.  No matter what part of the country you are in, you can definitely browse these 3 sites and find something that will take your look to the next level. Here are my top 3 in no particular order.

CUSP – This store is an offshoot of Neiman Marcus.  They have six stores in the U.S. but are also online. They feature many contemporary designers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Milly, Splendid, and Theory as well as many others.  I shop at their downtown Chicago store from time to time and always discover lines that I have never heard of.  It’s a nice departure from your typical department stores.  This is the perfect place to find that party or cocktail dress for the holidays. Here are my fave party looks from their site.


Piperlime – This store, which is a part of the Gap corporation, is perfect for finding basics for your wardrobe.  I get almost all my denim from this site as well as blazers, blouses, and coats.  From time to time, I will find some amazing shoes as well. They do have a flagship store in New York which I hope to visit one day.  Here are some basics that will go the distance in your closet.


Pixie Market – I recently found out about this site from a blogger that I follow.  This site is for the girl that likes to step out of the box sometimes. Some items have some whimsy while others are very streamlined. Pixie Market carries many contrasting styles of clothing so there is something for everybody. The best part of their site is that most items are under $100! If you shop here, you won’t be caught wearing the same outfit as someone else at your next event or outing.


L’Agence dress here and similar here, Vince Camuto open-toed booties similar here

What are your favorite stores to shop? Any hidden gems that I need to know about? Let me know in the comments.

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SEPTEMBER IN NEW YORK Tue, 30 Sep 2014 18:04:15 +0000 Slide1Slide2Slide3If you are currently living in New York the weather probably has you so confused you literally don’t know what to wear.  One day it’s hot steamy and humid and the next cooler,  yet not cold enough to pull out the dreaded winter coat.  You’ve already put away your summer clothes so what now?

My advice is while the weather is doing its thing and still in transition mode, is to go for wear now fabrics and materials meaning the fabric may have the look and the feel of fall and thus is appropriate but it is technically for the now weather, the still hot weather you are experiencing now. Do layer so you are prepared when the temperature drops at night.

Above, I go for a chiffon printed floral dress and layer with a wool shawl collar sweater and a pair of boots.  The fabric is super light weight yet looks like fall.

The wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling have one goal: to connect you with your style.  Let us build a wardrobe you can count on.    



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WINTER WEDDING PLANNING Mon, 29 Sep 2014 20:21:22 +0000 I’m getting married this December.  My fiancé and I have known each other nearly 10 years now, and have been together most of that time, so I pretty much feel like I’m already married.  We’ve lived together for years and I typically refer to him as my husband because fiancé just seems silly.  That being said, I was not inclined to make a big show of our union.  In fact, I was ready to run off to Hawaii just the two of us and make it official.  My darling mother however (and grandmother and aunt and even my younger cousin) insisted on a wedding.  Since I’m quite close with my family and all the women have strong personalities to boot, I opted to accommodate this request on the grounds that the wedding would be small.  And thankfully it will be…

The night my hunny bun proposed.  It was December and we were staying at the Mission Inn in Riverside during the festival of lights.  The ring was custom made and inspired by a vintage love knot.  Our wedding will be exactly two years later.

The night my hunny bun proposed. It was December and we were staying at the Mission Inn in Riverside during the festival of lights. The ring was custom made and inspired by a vintage love knot. Our wedding will take place exactly two years later.

My fiancé was born and raised in the UK and all of his family still lives there…a very big family at that. Since we’re keeping it local here in So Cal, only a few key members from his side will be attending. Now I have a bit of family in LA, but most of my family lives in Florida…far enough away to warrant only immediate family in attendance.  I didn’t even want to bother with invitations (and actually still haven’t) though my mom insists I need to at least send out an acknowledgment.  Both and Wedding Paper Divas have some lovely options and I’m thinking something like this suits my style.


We scheduled for December as it was a convenient time for everyone to fly out.  Growing up in Florida and spending the last decade in LA, I’m a beachy palm tree kind of girl.  If anything, I imagined an outdoor wedding with bright tropical flowers.  In this case, since winter dictates the theme, I’m leaning in a different direction.  I’m still set on a small outdoor ceremony, and have settled on a vintage garden party vibe.  There hasn’t been a lot of planning for such a casual affair (or at least that’s the way I’m looking at it) so I’m allowing things to happen organically.  The venue isn’t set, though we do have a request in for the perfect space (an old colonial house with a cute garden and small banquet room)…just waiting on whether it will be available over the holidays.

Seaver House, Pomona College. My fiancé is a professor in the chem department, so the college campus is only fitting.

In the meantime, I did go dress shopping this past weekend with my mother, grandmother, and aunt.  My mom decided to fly out for the occasion (her idea not mine) though it was a very sweet gesture.  We were met with some success while out shopping in Beverly Hills.  Not sure that I’ve settled on the perfect dress just yet, though BHLDN and Bloomingdales both had some lovely options.  I definitely envision a slightly bohemian vintage inspired number versus anything modern or structured.  I want something ethereal to fit the overall atmosphere.  My mom found a stunning beaded metallic rose gold cocktail dress, which suits the theme wonderfully.  My grandmother and aunt also have their looks nailed down. No one will be matching, but the overall styling with be cohesive.  Think black, white, and shades of rose gold with lace, gems, and beaded elements.  Ornate and wintery but still elegant versus overdone.  I’ll be sure to post pictures after it all goes down!

Some of my favorite dresses via BHLDN.

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MADE IN MINNESOTA Sun, 28 Sep 2014 14:49:19 +0000 IMG_7274

BlackBlue is a shop in Saint Paul where one can still go to find incredibly well made shoes, sweaters, jeans, bags and more, many of which are still created with the tried and true methods of forgotten eras. These pieces are hand picked from various longstanding companies from around the globe including jeans from North Carolina, sweaters from Denmark,  and thick down coats from Canada. The staff is known for their denim knowledge as well as their vast understanding of high quality workmanship. Pairs of worn denim hang on the wall to show customers just how a pair of raw denim will wear, exhibiting the resiliency of loomed denim.


This shop carries brands such as Red Wing boots out of Red Wing, Minnesota where the company was founded in 1905. Many of these shoes are still made by hand and the beauty in the craftsmanship is bar none. I own two pairs of men’s Red Wing shoes and love them for their comfort, strength and style. They look fantastic with a pair of dark skinny jeans, yet I can easily throw them on with a pair of old levi’s and go for a hike, without my feet ever getting sore.


Minnesota is also home to the Duluth Pack out of Duluth, Minnesota where the company has been creating these sturdy canvas and leather bags since 1882. While the original packs were created for the portaging of the Boundary Waters backcountry in northern Minnesota, the company now also creates luggage, smaller travel packs, purses and much more. I own a smaller Duluth Pack purse and adore it. This canvas bag is sturdy and stylish with beautifully tanned leather straps that will never wear out.


J.W. Hulme Co. started in Saint Paul in 1905 where they are still creating pieces with American leather from around the country. These leathers are buttery soft yet extremely tough and will only become more beautiful with wear. If you ever get a chance to visit their facility in Saint Paul I highly recommend it. You will be able to take a peak at the craftsmen working hard on their pieces, seeing a craft that has become a rare art form. Last year I received one of their wallets for Christmas and over the past year the already deep colored leather has become an even deeper bourbon hue.


Every place has its unique shops and I’d love to hear about your favorite local spots and American made products!

Shoes: (exact here, similar here)

Duluth Pack: (exact here)

J.W. Hulme bags: (similar here)

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GOING TRIBAL: FALL TREND Sat, 27 Sep 2014 20:55:26 +0000 Match made in heaven! Blush Boutique recently moved in next door to my studio! When my model search winner Lacey, stopped by we decided to do a little shopping.  She needed a cute fall look that was functional, comfortable and versatile for a Mom on the go.  I absolutely love the tribal look that is so in this year and I gave her a couple ways to wear these great pieces.  She can easily throw on a pair of boots which are slightly more functional than the 6 inch heels I put her in for the photoshoot.  Now she has a complete look that can be worn multiple ways to fit her needs and the changing season.

Local Peeps you can go to Blush Boutique to get the look or shop the look below!!




2014-09-27_0005 2014-09-27_0003



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SHOP & SUPPORT BREAST CANCER AWARENESS and RESEARCH Fri, 26 Sep 2014 12:00:39 +0000 We all shop on regular bases, so why not support a good cause while doing so? That’s right!
I am not sure how to put everything in words but I think we all know how important SUPPORT is!

This can go in so many directions and not everyone does it the same way…
For some it might mean to be there for a loved one when they need them the most, for some it might be the urge to make a difference and for some it might be the satisfaction of doing something nice.

Whatever it might be, during the month of October we can all support the
Breast Cancer Research Foundation by shopping the pieces below!

BTW, each single item would make a great gifts as well ;-)
A sentimental value will make the giver and receiver feel amazing!

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FALL DENIM TRENDS + HOW TO WEAR THEM Thu, 25 Sep 2014 14:48:18 +0000 Fall Denim Trends

If you’re over skinny and boyfriend jeans, take you  denim game to the next level. The three denim trends  to rock for fall are patchwork jeans, the girlfriend jeans, and the 70s flare.

Don’t worry, patchwork jeans come in your beloved boyfriend or skinny silhouettes, if you can’t let go just yet. For versatility, choose styles that marry two or more washes together. Pair with sneakers or heels and wear with a solid color on top keep them from looking too busy.

The girlfriend jeans are  similar to the boyfriend jeans, but with a higher waist and a tapered silhouette. Style them with a fashion forward piece like a crop top, they will look equally well with a heel or a flat shoe. The look is laidback but cool.

Chanel effortless cool in a 70s flare silhouette, that will flatter a slim or curvy figure. Try a cropped flare if you’re petite. To balance the wide leg always wear with a platform.

What’s your favorite denim trend for fall? Please share in the comments below.
xx Sasha

The wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling have one goal: to connect you with your style. Let us build a wardrobe you can count on™.

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IS RALPH LAUREN’S TECH POLO SHIRT THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME? Wed, 24 Sep 2014 20:20:36 +0000 Sony_Walkman_WM-2

Originally published to LinkedIn on 09/18/2014

I am no historian. In fact, even my memory isn’t all that great. The history of what I ate for breakfast yesterday has already been relegated to the dustbin of the unrecorded past. That having been said, in light of Urban Darling’s recently announced partnership with Techweek, I’ve found myself contemplating the implications of Ralph Lauren’s new foray into wearable technology and its appropriate place in the context of an industry that has thus far been largely without context.

Wearable technology has been around for a long time. Having grown up in the 90’s my frame of reference begins with “Walkmans” on belt clips (see the svelte technological marvel pictured above) and light-up sneakers featuring LEDs that flashed with each step. A quick consult with Google references a designer named Diana Dew who was experimenting with electroluminescent clothing in the 60’s. Even as early as the late 1800’s it was a fashionable curiosity for women to wear evening gowns laced with light bulbs.

While these examples of wearable technology have largely faded into irrelevance, a growing crop of wearable devices is scrabbling to gain traction with a consumer base that has remained, for the most part, disinterested. Google’s Glass, while intriguing, is inaccessible for the vast majority of consumers and is more fascinating for its potential than for any existing application it may have. The tepid battery life has yet to be addressed; it’s more cumbersome than a standard pair of fashion sunglasses, and while the voice-activated camera has apparently been well-received by users, if I start talking to myself every time I snap a photo, they’ll throw me in a padded cell almost as quickly as I can drain the Glass’s battery.

More-promising has been the spate of “activity trackers” serving up gobs of data for wearers to analyze via their computers or smartphones, enabling them to understand their sleep, activity, and eating patterns. These small, often unobtrusive devices can usually be concealed in a pocket or a handbag, though are typically designed to be most accurate when worn around the wrist. While activity trackers have become progressively more-fashionable with each subsequent design (see the original FitBit Ultra vs the current-gen FitBit Flex), only a few companies, like Tory Burch and Misfit are working toward making the technology component invisible.

Even still, invisibility and integration are two different things. The Withings Activité shows significant promise in combining fashionable appearance with accessible functionality that isn’t overwhelming. The reactive glass, analog design, and ability to track your progress toward a customizable objective, are all integrated into a simple, yet elegant package. The watch also tracks far more data than it offers up from your wrist, syncing with your computer and mobile devices via Bluetooth to display a detailed account of your activity. Far from a panacea, the Activité is not yet available for sale and at a promised price of “<$500”, it hardly seems poised to capture the favor of the average consumer.

The BASIS activity tracker from Basis Science, Inc. is another watch-like activity tracker that ups the ante by including a heart-rate monitor in the device feature-set. It falls short, however, of being a viable replacement for offerings from Garmin and Polar which appeal to cyclists and die-hard fitness enthusiasts due to the ability of those devices to track heart-rate while the wearer is in motion, a feature the BASIS lacks. The BASIS is arguably more aesthetically appealing than its more feature-laden Polar and Garmin counterparts, but it’s still not going to win you any door prizes for most-fashionably accessorized.

The recently revealed Apple Watch is the first piece of wearable technology I’ve mentioned in this article that promises to be something beyond a simple activity tracker. Its purported ability to track a variety of health metrics, including heart-rate, coupled with its ability to actually provide the wearer with real-time feedback arguably elevates it to the level of a “diagnostic wearable.” With Apple’s history of bringing software developers into the fold, there will no doubt be apps that fully exploit the hardware’s potential, though how many people will be engaging in intense physical activity with their exposed $349 iGadget on their wrists remains to be seen (as does the question of the device’s durability). Moreover, being affixed to the wrist, the Apple watch is inherently limited in the amount of data it can gather and is more-susceptible to error than a less-localized diagnostic wearable would be.

Enter the Polo Tech shirt from Ralph Lauren. If Ralph Lauren’s promotional materials are to be believed, the shirt will gather data derived from your body’s shape and deliver that information to a compatible device, where it will be analyzed and subsequently used to offer real-time feedback and suggestions for calibrating your workout while you’re exercising. This distinction between simply aggregating data for later review and actually examining data to give real-time suggestions is what makes the Polo Tech such a (potentially) powerful and compelling diagnostic tool, particularly when compared against its “activity tracker” counterparts. A shirt that accurately tracks heart-rate, stress level, caloric output, and even respiration rate, could provide tangible benefit during every workout, rather than a mere aggregation of data to be analyzed and interpreted whenever you decide to examine the stats your activity tracker has compiled.

In addition to this impressive array of features, the Polo Tech shirt sacrifices nothing in terms of fashion. As far as activewear goes, it’s arguably more-fashionable than the majority of products in the space, whatever their level of technological sophistication. There are, however, shortcomings in the initial iteration of the shirt that will prevent it from gaining mass consumer appeal. Presumably to maintain diagnostic accuracy as much as to increase wearer performance, the Polo Tech is a compression shirt, meaning it’ll look most flattering on people who are already in-shape (I’d probably burn my calories for the day just trying to get it on). Also, the component of the shirt that allows sensor data to be synced with Bluetooth-enabled devices (iOS only at present) is not exactly hard to spot. The real potential of the Polo Tech is in its feature set and the real-estate it occupies. I know of few people with the kind of loyalty to their existing brand of undershirt that they would pass up a viable, cost-effective alternative with the stylishness and capability of the Polo Tech.

However, until any of these devices prove themselves indispensable, the humble wristwatch will remain the most successful piece of wearable technology ever created. Originating as an accessory designed for royalty in the early 1800’s, this simple mechanical timepiece has become a fashion mainstay that doggedly clings to our wrists in spite of our living in a world saturated with myriad technologies that can more accurately keep track of the time. As Ralph Lauren’s Polo Tech shirt continues to evolve, I can envision its functionality being integrated into garments in ways that make it increasingly easy-to-wear. Eventually, it may even be a viable replacement for the standard undershirt, with the added benefit of its seemingly intricate diagnostic functionality. My thinking may be antiquated, but I can’t yet see the future where Apple’s watch replaces the ones I currently wear on my wrist. I wonder if any of the executives at Apple feel the same, or if they even considered the thought (not that I’d recommend betting against a company with Apple’s track record).

Whatever the case, 2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year for the fashion-tech industry and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some of the wearable widgetry heading our way.

Brandon Esposito is the CEO of Urban Darling


RELATED: Check out Kathrine’s review of the Jawbone Up here.

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DENIM ON DENIM Tue, 23 Sep 2014 18:35:57 +0000 Slide1






Denim on Denim, while some claim this trend is a no no, I personally think if you do it right you’ll be the talk of the town.  The key is to go for different shades of denim instead of being matchy matchy.  There are endless of indigo washes to choose from and chances are you have a few tried-and-true-blues in your closet.  While they go with just about everything else, did you know that you can pair them up for a super cool, layered look?   See how I do the denim on denim trend above and get inspired to give it your own go..why not?

So ladies, please let us know how you mix and match your blues and do share in the comments below cause we’d love to know!

STYLIST: Jenny Vincent-Minkey

OUTFIT: denim jacket (similar styles available here ).  Denim vest, Gap .  Patchwork denim Jeans, Gap (similar style available and here and here).  Patchwork denim skirt, vintage (similar style available here and here).


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THE ULTIMATE PETITE SHOPPING GUIDE: FALL EDITION Mon, 22 Sep 2014 16:27:31 +0000 Being petite is not always easy. At exactly 5 feet tall and 98 pounds almost everything I buy needs tailoring, and trust me that’s a hassle!!  Imagine not being able to wear your brand new blazer or pair of jeans straight out of the shopping bag.  I usually have to wait a least a week for something to be altered, assuming I’ve dropped it off right away… Sometimes an item will go straight into my closet and months will go by before I dig it out again for tailoring.  Not exactly ideal.  That being said, more and more brands are starting to offer a broad selection of petite merchandise.  Not surprising considering an estimated 43% of the adult female population in the US qualifies as petite (i.e. 5’4 or under).  That number is huge and it makes my head spin a bit to think the average fit model is 5’8 when nearly half the female population is 5’4 or less.  I’m sooooo grateful to the brands that recognize petite women need clothes that fit!  The correct fit is particularly important as fall rolls around.  While the swimsuits, short shorts, and sundresses of summer might not necessitate petite sizing, your jeans and outerwear definitely do.  Here’s a run-through of my favorite petite lines, complete with a sample of fall offerings…

If your style is edgy and trend-driven, try ASOS, Bebe, and Topshop.  (ASOS and Topshop are both UK based, and honestly the British do petites really well.  Maybe it’s just Europe overall, but I always have an easier time shopping there.)

ASOS: Petite sizing is critical where jumpsuits are concerned...otherwise it's bound to be too long in the torso and the inseam.  Love this sleek and chic option from ASOS!

ASOS: Petite sizing is critical where jumpsuits are concerned…otherwise it’s bound to be too long in the torso and the inseam. Love this sleek and chic option from ASOS. They’re online only but offer free shipping and free return shipping, so there’s no risk in trying them out!!


For short girls, nothing is worse than leggings that bunch at the bottom.  The bunching effect will cause your legs to look even shorter!!  Not to mention, it's more difficult to tuck your leggings into boots with all the excess fabric.  I'm obsessed with these two petite options from Bebe!  They're sleek and sexy and perfect for fall/winter.

Bebe: For short gals, nothing is worse than leggings that bunch at the bottom. The bunching effect will cause your legs to look even shorter!! Not to mention, it’s more difficult to tuck leggings into boots with all the excess fabric. I’m obsessed with these two petite options from Bebe! They’re sleek and sexy and perfect for fall/winter…thinking I may have to buy them for myself :)


Topshop: A tailored blazer is one of those things that needs to fit well or it looks sloppy.  A petite size will ensure a better fit in the shoulders, sleeve length, and hem.  Topshop offers a good selection of petite jackets and blazers, including this modern blush interpretation.

Topshop: A tailored blazer is one of those items that needs to fit well or it looks sloppy. A petite size will ensure a better fit in the shoulders, sleeve length, and hem. Topshop offers a good selection of petite jackets and blazers, including this modern blush interpretation.


If your style is classic and fem, try Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, J. Crew, and WHBM.

Ann Taylor is great because they produce they're entire collection (i'm talking loads of stuff) in petite sizes.  I loooove this wine colored fit and flare dress with faux-leather piping.

Ann Taylor: Ann Taylor is great because they produce their entire collection (I’m talking loads of stuff) in petite sizes. I loooove this wine colored fit and flare dress with faux-leather piping.  The silhouette complements a petite frame, and it’s a fab option for the holiday season.


Banana Republic: It's nice to find a petite sweater.  When I try sweaters they're too often oversized and way too long.  Banana Republic offers a

Banana Republic: It’s nice to find a petite sweater. When I try sweaters they’re too often oversized and way too long. Banana Republic offers a good variety, including this classic merino wool version.  Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook recently collaborated with Banana Republic and provided her style tips for petite dressing!


J. Crew

J. Crew: A petite maxi is a must!  This stunning silk chiffon dress from J. Crew comes in a vast array of colors to suit your preference and complexion. Another great option for your formal affairs this coming holiday season.


White House Black Market: A trench coat (or any long coat) is hard to wear unless you find one perfectly proportioned to your petite frame. I’m drooling over this gorgeous camel coat from WHBM. It’s nicely tailored and the grommet detail adds a bit of edge. This one is definitely on my wishlist for fall.


Not to mention many affordable brands like American Eagle, Express, and Hollister offer a wide selection of jeans and pants in short inseams!!  Sooooo I’d love to hear from all of the petite readers out there…what’s your shopping experience like?  Where do you usually go for clothes that fit?

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STYLIST TIP: TRY IT, YOU JUST MAY LIKE IT Sun, 21 Sep 2014 12:00:18 +0000 One of the things that I hear the most when working with my clients is, “Wow, I never would have tried that ______ (dress, blouse, skirt) on, I can’t believe I like it!”.  At the risk of sounding cliche, the truth is that seeing really is believing.

So many times we discount what something will do for us because we don’t like the way it looks on the hanger.  Even as a stylist, who is more comfortable stretching her limits than the average Jane,  I can be momentarily duped into this mindset.  Here are some examples of things I might have passed up had I not tried them on.


This maxi romper screamed – no personality.  It looks limp and lifeless on the hanger and by all appearances has absolutely no structure – something that a curvy gal like me needs.  Curiosity got the best of me so I tried it on.  This was my result:


(Romper: Similar here | Shoes: Similar here | Necklace: Similar here)

Even worse than our judgement of how we think it might fit, we just don’t think we can pull “it” off.   When I saw this two piece romper, I had a pretty good idea that the top would work.  (STYLE TIP: an empire waist is great for offsetting a long torso to accentuate curves in the right places.)


What I didn’t like were the pants.  Not so much for how they looked but because of my insecurities: Are they too trendy? Are they age appropriate for a 45 year old?  Wearing those two pieces together?  Too baggy and lifeless with a cinched ankle?

I actually made fun of them on the hanger which,  of course, meant that I’d have to try them on to prove just how ridiculous this combo would look on me.  This is what happened:


 (Romper: Similar here | Shoes: Similar here | Necklace: Similar here)  

Darlings, as you can see, even I am guilty as charged…but I’m so glad that I tried them on!

We are our all own worst critics and often times we don’t allow ourselves the luxury of learning that we actually CAN pull “it” off and feel fabulous because we tried something new.

The point isn’t to try something so outside of your comfort zone that you feel ridiculous or uncomfortable.  The point is that you’ve been wanting  or needing a change so why not at least try something new?  What’s the worst than can happen?  You either will have absolute confirmation that you were right all along OR, like me, you just may find that little treasure that gives you the knock ‘em dead confidence that you were looking for.

STYLIST TIP: Challenge yourself today to try something new – I’d love to hear what you discover by trying.

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THREE WAYS TO WEAR: SCARF Sat, 20 Sep 2014 15:04:07 +0000 It is the beginning of Fall, time for fun with scarves! I am going to show you three different ways to wear your one scarf for three fun looks!

GLAMOROUS: Take your scarf  and lay it over the top of your head, than bring down each end to underneath your chin.  Do a pretty fold or knot until you feel the top of the scarf is secure around your head.  This will give you an amazing glamorous look.


CASUAL: For a casual look, take the scarf and drape around your neck with both end coming to the front of your chest.  Make simple knot and you have a casual look with your scarf. Also you can make the knot close or loose from your neck, it is all on your comfort level, have fun trying new ways to knot and switch up the look.


TRENDY: For a cool trendy look, I wanted to make a belt out of my scarf.  Simply wrap the scarf around your waist and make a pretty bow or knot on the front (back if you’d like) and you have a belt made out of your scarf!  It is also nice to cinch your waist for an hourglass effect.100_3238

What is your favorite way to wear a scarf ? Let us know in the comments!

Stylist: Alicia Howell

Vibe: Fun with Fall Scarf

Location: Ohio

Outfit: Dress, Unknown, similar here / Scarf, self-made, similar here

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STYLE GAME CHANGERS FOR FALL Fri, 19 Sep 2014 16:48:21 +0000 It’s getting chilly in the mornings, everything is moist and I feel like putting on a light jacket when I walk my daughter to the school bus. I believe it’s time to update the wardrobe for the fall season. I was thinking about pieces that would change my attitude during the time of layering. For me attitude/game changers are things that you put on and they instantly supercharge your confidence.

Cozy, stylish and cool at the same time. Love the pattern and leather detail!
Tip: make sure the silhouette is flattering on you. Avoid boxy cuts if you are petite.
current style via

2. DEEP PURPLE LIPS by Clinique
Super easy and budget friendly. Deep purple lips give you an instant mysterious, sexy vibe.
I personally use the Cubby Sticks and can only recommend them. Try several shades to find the one!
Tip: prep your lips with All About Lips for a smooth finish with bonus treatment effect.
current style via

3.  HOT PAIR OF HEELS by See By Chloe
These studded babes will add a little bit of rock-and-roll that will make you walk with your head up high.
Tip: turn up the oomph by wearing them with pattern tights for a night out.
hot deal via

We are all individuals with different likes and preferences! What are your style changers for fall?
Please share it with us in the comments below!

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