FASHION NEWS: Wardrobe Stylist Appreciation Day!

Have you hugged your stylist today?

Another year, another red-carpet event & a couple of days ago, “The 86th Academy Awards; The Oscars”
For days we watch in awe, the pre-shows, during show and after shows of these talented celebrities and all their hard work being recognized. But let’s be honest, it’s mostly ALL ABOUT THE FASHION!!!
There is INCREDIBLE talent behind the talent but we don’t get to see it because it is not recognized to often. The brilliant talent that comes from the Wardrobe Stylists. So often, the tireless work of the stylists are unseen an unrecognized.

The months of hard work and preparation that these stylists must prep for in order to ensure that the client they are representing looks beyond FABULOUS, GLAMOROUS AND AMAZING! The goal: To make the ever so popular platform of “BEST DRESSED”.

Making a best-dressed list during the awards show season can be a star making turn for an actor/actress.
From nominees to presenters to audience members, all the stars will be scrutinized for what they’re wearing and how they’re wearing it. And that’s where the brains and talent behind all their looks come in: Their trusted wardrobe stylists.

Agents, managers and publicists don’t hold all the power when it comes to A-list clients. Hollywood’s red-carpet wardrobe stylists have the potential to make or break an actress’ career based on their dress decisions.

For some, there is nothing as important as finding out the answer to that famous, “What are you wearing?” question; but for us—being the fashion voyeurs we are—there is nothing more fascinating than finding out how those choices came to be. Very rarely does the general public get an exclusive sneak peek into the making of the red carpet hits that catapult some to the best dressed list…and some to face the panel of E! Fashion Police. (And you better hope you are not the target for Joan Rivers’ jokes).

It’s been only half a decade since celebrity stylists really began stepping out from behind the camera to claim a piece of the spotlight generally reserved for their clients. As I began to do my research for my blog, I began to notice the very little to no recognition that stylist receive for the hard work they put in. I really think there is a misconception as to the serious hard work that a wardrobe stylist puts in. It’s not all “fun and shopping”, there is a lot of interning, taking jobs with no pay to build your name and brand, there is pressure in every step you take when helping someone with their image. The reality shows don’t necessarily show the entire “reality of styling”, especially styling a non-celebrity.

There is, however, extreme reward in simply knowing our clients are 100% satisfied with our work and that look in their eyes is PRICELESS!! Ofcourse I won’t take away the thanks owed to stylists like Rachel Zoe who has helped make the wardrobe stylist become more noticed due to her reality show. In the short time since Rachel Zoe first appeared in her own docudrama on Bravo in 2008 and her former assistant Brad Goreski splintered off from Team Zoe to star in his own series, a slew of other stylists have launched clothing lines and major collaborations, establishing that the age of the wardrobe stylist-as-brand is here to stay!

So with all that said, I wanted to take the time today and set tribute to all the stylists and wardrobe stylists and even aspiring stylists who have put in those long hours, are continuing to put in those long hours and going through the tough “industry trenches” to help other people feel and look their best! I claim this day as “Wardrobe Stylist Appreciation Day” so please join me in Thanking, Hugging, and showing some LOVE to all the stylists out there, including yours! And if you don’t have one, we are here for you at!



  1. Kathrine Eldridge says:

    I completely agree that a stylist can really help a star’s career skyrocket. I love your “Wardrobe Stylist Appreciation Day”! I give a virtual hug to all the wonderful stylists of UD!

  2. Lot’s of work behind the scenes! Definitely not only shopping!
    Thank you Lillyan for the appreciation day! Hugs from me as well!

  3. Lillyan, this was the sweetest blog post I have read on Urban Darling! Even though I am a day late on posting this…Happy Wardrobe Stylist Appreciation Day!~!~! You are so right in so many things you said, the stylist seems to always do all the hard work and even when their client shoots to fashion and style super stardom it usually comes with little recognition to the stylist. But like you said that is starting to change, and I hope it keeps changing :) That is a huge reason why I love Urban Darling it is really starting to show people the new age idea of what it means to be styled, and I really feel the mentorship program will help to change a piece of the fashion and style industry for upcoming and aspiring stylist on what it means to be educated in styling or as being a intern stylist. I feel for intern stylist that work their bootys off for free and never have anyone above them concerned to give them a small edge up in the industry after the intern has paid their dues. I really feel Urban Darling is starting to break down major barriers for stylists, aspiring stylist, interns, and anyone that reaches a hand out for help in style and fashion will definitely receive help with style and fashion one way or another through Urban Darling :) So again, Happy Wardrobe Stylist Appreciation Day to you Lillyan and to Luisa, you two reach back a hand to me through Urban Darling when I reach my hand out for help and advice, it means a lot to me and I will never forget it :)

    • Lillyan David says:

      Thank you ALL my darlings for your appreciation and support for our well deserved “Wardrobe Stylist Appreciation Day”!! We have all been through those tough trenches and still continue to for the love and passion of what we do!! I wish I could hug you all personally!! One day though!! Can’t wait for that!! Lots of love! Darling Lillyan

    • Lillyan David says:

      Alicia it’s people like you who inspire us!! We are so ever thankful for all your support and love! You are an amazing individual and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS know that we are all here for you at Urban Darling. Keep the dream alive my sweet friend! Good things are coming!! Love ya!!

  4. I love that! We def need to show love to the stylists :-). Completely agree this job is much more complex then “fun and shopping”. It is fun and we do shop, but it takes an enormous amount of work, dedication, and creativity. And the energy we focus on one person and one project pays off when you see the joy in your client’s eyes.
    Great post Lillyan! If no one else does it, let’s give ourselves a pat on the back, we know we earned it.

  5. HIGH FIVES ON THIS POST! You rock! This made my heart happy!

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