Falsies…Lashes that is!

One of the attributes that I wish I was a little more blessed with are my eyelashes.  Maybe your mascara just doesn’t get the volume you want, or maybe you curl and curl and you still feel like your lashes are invisible. If you have wimpy, short, sparse, thin lashes, or even if you just want your eyes to really stand out, there is an alternative to just mascara: false lashes. I know falsies can seem very intimidating at first but when done properly, it can actually take less time than applying mascara. Plus, it is something that has a lot of instant gratification because it can make such a big difference. I had the pleasure of working with a Bay Area MAkeup Artist, Delilah Montoya Owner of FANCY THAT FACE BEAUTY  for this lash tutorial!

Just as an overview of false lashes, they come in many styles and lengths. Lashes also come in real hair or synthetic hairs, and prices vary from a couple dollars to really fancy designer Shu Uemura lashes up to $100 per pair. I personally believe you can get great results from cheap lashes at $2-5 per pair. If you take good care of your lashes (cleaning, removing previous glue, repositioning the curve of the band, etc), you can wear them basically until it starts falling apart or losing its shape. For first timers, I recommend looking for shorter lashes as you want to get used to how it looks with your face first.

Another important thing to know about is false eyelash glue. Many lashes come with glue but I have MUCH MORE success using glue bought separately. I prefer the dark-colored LashGrip adhesive. It dries dark and blends in with your eyeliner. White glues must be colored over with eyeliner. One thing to note is that lash glue isn’t crazy sticky. Don’t worry though, it will stick! I always hear people saying to wait a while until it gets tacky and honestly that doesn’t work for me. I wait maybe 5 seconds and just go for it while it is still wet.

Now, on with the tutorial!

Ok, so the first step you need to do is curl your natural lashes. This will help to keep the falsies in place and blend with your natural lashes. Then apply a coat of mascara, this will help the Falsies stick to your natural lashes and keep them curled.

Next you want to measure the length of the false lashes compared to your eye. If you need to take some small scissors and cut the amount you want off from the outer edge. Many lashes taper in length and you want to keep the short, inner lashes because it looks more natural.

Next, apply the glue in a thin line on the band of the lashes. I try to make sure it is covering the outer and bottom edges because that is what will hit your lid and stick.

Here comes the hard part! Take the lashes and apply them as close as possible to your lash line. You can either apply the lashes to your lid (which is what I prefer) or you can glue on top of your lashes as long as it is very close to the roots. “I place one corner first, holding it down for a few seconds, then do the same for the other corner and middle. Try to adjust while the glue is still wet because it dries quickly. After the Falsies are stuck down I pinch my Falsies and natural lashes together for them to blend more seamlessly, that way you dont have to add mascara to the Falsies”-Delilah Montoya, MUA.

If you mess up, don’t give up! Just try again. It takes practice and is much easier the more you try.


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Written by Natalie Davis-Castro