Diane Keaton.

Diane Keaton has not only aged insanely gracefully over the years but  she also has been able to hold onto a style all her own for decades.   In recent times Keaton has stuck to her androgynous style, she became the androgynistic queen in the 70’s after she finished Annie Hall, but she’s added a few ultra fem touches over the years, i.e. pearls and floral skirts.

Diane Keaton is a fashion icon for various reasons.   She has established a style that’s all her own, which includes trousers, ties, turtlenecks and tailored vests.   In movies she often plays leading ladies with their very own fabulous style.    In Annie Hall her character’s style was almost exactly like her own, after all Woody Allen modeled the character after Diane- whose maiden name was Hall by the way.

In one of her recent movies, Because I said So, her character Daphne Wilder was completely opposite from Annie Hall.   She traded in her menswear inspired clothing for ultra fem outfits.   She skipped around the movie parading polka dots, long flowing skirts and pounds of jewelry hanging around her neck.

In First wives club, she rocked a white suit that made us want to obliterate the “no white after Labor Day rule.”   Whether in real life or on the big screen Diane Keaton has been a fashion icon for many years and my guess is she will be for many more to come.

written by Jessica Rosa-Robinson

Written by Urban Darling