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Darling University is a unique, comprehensive personal styling training program.  The program unfolds over a two month period, during which you are paired one-on-one with an experienced Urban Darling stylist.  Your stylist (i.e. mentor) will teach a carefully thought-out series of interactive lessons, and be on call to answer any questions you might have.  Following seven intensive training sessions, you’ll be met with three exciting challenge sessions to test your knowledge of what’s been taught.  The entire program is available both virtually or in-person (where applicable).  The program is rife with numerous added benefits, such as a styling certificate and professional reference, granted upon successful completion.


 What you’ll get:

~ Personalized, one-on-one mentoring with an experienced Urban Darling stylist ~
~ Two months of comprehensive training and testing ~
~ A certificate of completion and the opportunity to become an Urban Darling stylist ~

Please note that at present our Stylist In Chief, Luisa Lucia, is the only stylist available to teach the program.
You can explore our detailed overview, including a course outline and cost summary, here.


Check these stellar testimonials from real-life, actual mentees!

“Darling University has literally changed my life.  My mentor, Luisa Lucia, opened so many doors for me as a stylist.  Without her I would not be who or where I am today.  Luisa taught me how to take my skills as a stylist and turn them into a successful career.  The education Darling University provided has given me an amazing platform from which to grow.  The opportunities are endless!  I am truly thankful to Urban Darling CCO Luisa Lucia, and CEO Brandon Esposito, for shining a light on a small town girl’s dream. Because of Urban Darling I am now living my dream.”
– Alicia from Portsmouth, OH

“The Darling University Program is a program that will help you plant your fashion stylist seed and set you up for growth. Knowing that you have a deep passion for fashion is just the beginning. Darling University will help you obtain additional knowledge about what goes into styling and how you should arm yourself moving forward. The one-on-one time with your mentor is absolutely incredible. Most of the learning occurs during sessions, but your mentor is always available to you. I developed an irreplaceable relationship with my Darling University Mentor and I’m excited for my future in styling!”
– Dominique from San Antonio, TX

“The Darling University Training Program was a great experience and has led me to a new career. I have gained so much knowledge from my Urban Darling Mentor, Luisa Lucia, who has helped me build a foundation to grow and apply my skills. The best part about the program is that you can learn and participate from any location. The one-on-one time with your mentor is amazing – she is always available, and dedicated to your training. I couldn’t be any happier with the results of this program, and would recommend this to anyone aspiring to become a personal stylist.”
– Maria from Tombstone, AZ


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