Cowgirl Up

Last week I took a much needed short vacation to Sedona. While packing, I made sure to toss in my cowgirl accessories to be styled appropriately. The first two items were my favorite pair of rattlesnake-skin cowgirl boots and my turquoise adorned cowgirl hat. The cowgirl hat and boots are my two solid anchor fashion accessories and the remainder of my outfits for the trip were styled around those pieces.


I do try to make a point, well as much as possible… to pack light. A light black linen v-neck tank top can go with various outfits, so that was a must! For shopping during the day I coupled my sage cotton vest with my black leggings and denim mini skirt. The leggings help the detail of the cowgirl boots to be more of the focal point versus being muted against my olive skin tone. It was a bit warm to have leggings on for the day but a minor inconvenience in the name of fashion!


As the day cooled off and we got ready to go horseback riding, it was an easy fashion style switch to ditch the mini skirt and add ripped denim jeans to my outfit. Horseback riding in a mini skirt is certainly a fashion no-no!




If you do not currently own but are interested in adding cowgirl boots or a hat to your current wardrobe, here are a few tips:

There are many different heights of cowgirl boots; high, mid-calf, and ankle. I recommend mid-calf for the maximum amount of versatility for your first pair.

A plain leather boot is always a safe choice and can be paired with multiple outfits but obtaining a pair that is embossed with color or has detail such as snakeskin or rhinestones will make your cowgirl boots stand out and can still be styled with numerous outfits.

Another recommendation I would make is to go up a half-size in the boots that you choose, as your feet will swell throughout the day of wearing a tight leather boot. If they have a bit of room as well, it allows for a light sock or a insole insert to make the boot a bit more comfortable overall.

Cowgirl hats come in so many various colors but I would recommend finding a solid color, such as a tan or black that has adornments such as turquoise, stones, or fabric to give the hat specific detail.

Multi colored cowgirl hats are great but this can limit your outfit pairing options. If you have the perfect outfit for your multicolored cowgirl hat then go for it!

Here are some suggestions and links for your own cowgirl hat and boot collection!


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Wardrobe Stylist, Urban Darling – Phoenix

Written by Heather Strouse