Client Testimonials

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“I was referred to Urban Darling from my friend Adryenn Ashley and from the Ladies Who Launch e-mail profile, and dove right in. I was worried because I am not anywhere near a size 2 or 4 or even 12 right now, and always have a heck of a time shopping, so in the end I just have saved myself the misery.

I booked an appointment online – I was asked to prepare for questions, suggestions with photos that I found appealing (and to which I then stuck my nose in the air at….. I had no clue what I was getting into!). And then we met at Macy’s in the Stanford Shopping Center. In the big girls section. OK, Now that I’ve had my first pair of 100 buck jeans, I can officially say I will never go back. It’s worth it to spend the extra bucks to get something that fits like a million bucks, looks and feels great, and gets compliments immediately upon returning to work….

They have such a fantastic service. I got some awesome shoes, a “media outfit,” a “go to the bank to get that big ‘ol loan” outfit, some great casual outfits, and some suggestions for bags. I went out and got a great bag at Target that goes with everything else. $22. I have never ever ever been a go and get an “outfit” kind of gal, but Urban Darling worked their wonders and only let me walk out with clothes that could be worn with other clothes, clothes that I just loved, and clothes that looked great. It was an awesome experience. I dropped a load of cash, but the clothes are just so fantastic!!!

So this is the deal: if you have a bookkeeper to keep your numbers straight;, a housekeeper to clean that house; a hair stylist to do your hair before that big event (or in my case to keep the grey stripe from getting too scary), then why on earth don’t you have a personal shopper from Urban Darling?????? Go get ’em girls!”

~Sherry B.,
Client since 2008

“I highly recommend the team at Urban Darling! They have been on our fashion side for a few years now and I cannot say enough good things – actually I feel horrible that this is my first review!

My boss is a renowned speaker, author and business woman and she will ONLY use the team over at Urban Darling to help her with her business outfits – whether it be for meetings or stage presence – they are amazing at what they do.

I recently had to get some business outfits and Urban Darling really helped express my style and got me into things that I never would have picked out for myself – and I have SO many compliments.

I highly recommend Urban Darling to anyone!”

Client since 2009


“Simply Fabulous! From the first phone call to the closet audit to the shopping day, my Urban Darling experience was exactly what I wanted & needed. Their energy and enthusiasm immediately got me excited and made me glad I’d picked up the phone for my initial consultation. Urban Darling is all about finding each person’s individual style and the clothes that will make them be their best. I knew I’d found my fashion fairy godmothers when she started describing outfits and styles that made me say “That’s me!”
I opted for the mini closet audit (as I’d just purged many clothing items and few months prior) and a full shopping day. WOW! Urban Darling arrived at 9:00 am and by 11:00 am I had several bags of clothes ready to donate (and was happy to see it all go). I never felt pressured to get rid of anything – it just all made sense – and it felt great!

Urban Darlings are master shoppers. As soon as we hit the first store, they started grabbing from the racks, spying items I never would have noticed but, as it turned out, I loved! After 5 hours, I returned home with pants, tops, jackets and 4 snazzy new pairs of shoes – all that blended perfectly with the clothes I already owned, reflected my personal style and brought my wardrobe to life!

I highly recommend Urban Darling. Everyone needs a fashion fairy godmother.”

~Kristy D.,
Client since 2007

“I kept finding myself walking into my closet, sighing, and just standing there, staring at a tiny roomful of clothes I didn’t want to wear. When I saw an ad for Urban Darling, I decided I needed to give it a try. The whole idea was a little weird for me — I’m a logical, down-to-earth kind of girl and have never had a real focus on fashion, but that’s precisely why I needed some help!

Urban Darling arrived for my closet audit and immediately made me feel completely comfortable. They looked over my wardrobe, had me try on a ton of things, and shrewdly pinpointed one of my major problems: I’d gone from being a student to being a doctor in the last few months, and I was still used to dressing like a student. It’s a weird transition to make in a number of ways, but I had never really considered the wardrobe part. They put together a few work outfits from stuff I already had (but never wore), and I was amazed at how great they worked.

Then we had to talk about “date clothes.” I’d been single for a while and was planning a trip to see an old friend I had a huge crush on… They really helped me figure out what would look good and what was appropriate for what kind of date. They was so matter-of-fact and so accepting about what was flattering on me and what *wasn’t* — I didn’t even feel self conscious about my relatively generous booty! Our shopping day a couple weeks before my big, exciting trip was the icing on the cake. Not only did I come home with some damn sexy shoes and some great outfits, I also felt like I had picked up some very effective tools to use always to help me avoid buying clothes that really don’t work on me and to put together outfits that look fabulous. When I went on my much anticipated trip, I felt like a million bucks!
Another thing I really appreciated about Urban Darling is their sensitivity to my special shopping needs! I’m vegan, so finding cute non-leather shoes, non-wool coats, and other animal friendly fashion can be a real chore. Urban Darling spent a lot of time researching places that cater to my kind, so she was ready with suggestions before we even got started.

I’ve benefited immensely from this experience. And now, when I walk into my closet, I just have a hard time deciding which fabulous outfit I get to wear today!”

~Sharla, 5/20/2009

“Urban Darling transformed me from mom jeans and sweats into feeling good and looking good in everything in my closet. I started working with UD after I had my first baby, I was 30 lbs heavier than I’d ever been and hated everything in my closet and about my body. Through the closet audit and a shopping spree (on a budget, I might add) I was able to have an entire closet full of clothes that I absolutely loved! By feeling good again it gave me confidence to walk into a meeting with a client with my head held high and look as good as I felt. After my second baby I did the whole process again and it was another transformative experience. I no longer relish in what my body used to by, but enjoy it for what it now is because I have clothes that make me feel good.”

~Holly Devito,
Client since 2010

“I very much owe you the testimonal: “Urban Darling is the best investment service that I have ever made. The Urban Darling crew came in and helped me get my current wardrobe under control with helping me find my style and they were also able to help me realize that I can wear pencil skirts and dresses and now I am hooked! The Urban Darling team is worth their weight in style!”

~M. F.,
Client since 2010