Alexander Wang for H&M

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a luxury customer or a mass customer. Everyone, at least that I know, works out, is always running around, and has a use for these clothes.” Alexander Wang’s collection for H&M complete Lookbook was released last week. The anticipation has been building for this designer collab since it was announced […]


Topshop Rodeo Pattern Sweater

The weather is finally turning cool here in So Cal!  September tends to be our hottest month, and the dry desert heat spills over into early October.  But now as the month is nearing its end, temperatures are dropping and you can feel a bit of fall in the air.  In my mind, if it […]



How excited are you about the fall season? What is your favorite thing about it? First thing that comes to my mind when I think of fall are the gorgeous colors on the trees. Magical and relaxing at the same time. But, it also means that I get to wake up my boots from their summer sleep. Out […]