Freestyle Friday – Closet Audit Revelations


This spring season has been a busy one for me because of the many closet audits I have done for clients. I really enjoy helping them feel more confident with their wardrobe during this process.  Most of the time I hear things like, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” and “I feel so much lighter […]

Wardrobe Staples & Style Tips: The Nude Pump

Nude Pumps

Wardrobe Staple: Nude Pumps by luisalucia If you know me at all, you know that shoes are my number one obsession.  If you asked me to the name the shoe every woman should have in her closet I would come up a list of ten.  I myself own over 100 pairs and can somehow justify […]

Food For Thought: Stylish at Ninety

My Grandmother, Vita

I chatted with my grandmother last week.  She’s turning 90 this year and has always been a huge inspiration to me.  Though she lives in Los Angeles, she grew up in NYC and is a true New Yorker as far as style is concerned.  She can’t stand the ultra casual LA vibe…people think it’s appropriate […]

Wardrobe Staples: A Fabulous Handbag


Ok Ladies, Let’s talk about something very,very near and dear to my heart: Handbags. I don’t know about you, but it is safe to say I am obsessed. I think every wardrobe should have a handbag that a woman has longed for, maybe even dreamed about owning, and every time she sees it sitting in […]

Fashion News: Wearable – Now Stylish! – Technology

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 4.37.09 PM

For me and countless others, it started in 2012 with the Nike + Fuelband — hoping to spur on greater fitness levels by tracking our activity, we donned what one could loosely call ‘bracelets’ to track our steps. The problem with the Fuelband, Fitbit, the Jawbone Up, and other trackers is that they are not […]

Trend Of The Week: Pastel


Trend of the Week: Pastel by luisalucia featuring studded handbags   I adore soft pastel colors come spring.  The palette is bright and cheerful but still slightly subdued. Pastels make for an elegant, sophisticated look, versus neons for example, which have the potential to look juvenile.  At the same time, it’s easy to add some […]